Where to Start?

That is the question here for me. How to start? That is even harder to answer. So I guess I’ll just start with how I reached the point I am at now.

I’ve spent most of my life with my eyes closed to the world at large, focusing only on getting myself and my family through each day. I am not necessarily proud of the fact that I’ve been rather apathetic my whole life, but it’s a fact of my life. I’m just grateful, I think, that I finally woke from my stupor.

I was turning 50 back in 2003, and found myself excited about that fact. Like something inside of me just knew this was a turning point in my life (especially since 45 damn near killed me, literally). Since then it’s been a slow journey, but always moving forward just the same. Not just politically and socially, but spiritually as well. Sometimes I just overwhelm myself with all that I’m trying to learn and do, all at the same time.

What really woke me up was the “war on smoking”. This is a very personal issue for me, as I am a smoker, and have been since the age of 15. When I started reading blogs, pro-smoking sites, anti-smoking sites I realized that this “war on smoking” wasn’t about smoking at all. Every time my non-smoking sister would start in about how she couldn’t wait for the bans to start, I tried to explain how IF that happened, there would be no stopping every special interest group out there from crusading for their personal cause.

This blog is not about smoking or not smoking however, this blog is about everything else that I see happening. This blog is about how I see our constitution being trampled to death, our “freedoms” being slowly (and sneakily) stripped away from us. Our rights to live our lives as we want; free to make our own choices; are being taken away by special interest groups wanting all of us to submit to their will and live our lives according to their preferences.

Already we are rapidly moving along with the “war on obesity” “calorie/nutritional counts on restaurant menus. Now, I don’t know about you, BUT I don’t consider eating at fast food restaurants to be healthy, nutritional, or low-calorie. For that matter, I don’t consider eating out to be a time to worry about what I’m eating. Maybe because I don’t eat out often, when I do eat out, nutrition and calories be damned.

Some schools have banned the game of tag because it involves chasing others. While offering healthier more nutritious foods in the school cafeteria is not a bad thing, some schools even ban certain treats, to the point that parents cannot send cupcakes into the child’s class on their birthday for everyone to enjoy.

I saw all this coming years ago. I didn’t want to believe it actually could happen. Not here, not in America, the land of the free and home of the brave.

What boggles the brain even more, is how so many people are so blind to what is happening. I didn’t quite understand it at first, until I realized that the “smoking issue” was just the first step. What better way to get the people used to legalized discrimination , loss of freedom to choose, submitting to a common group think, than to go after a minority of people who enjoy a legal product that many people just didn’t like the smell of. It’s been a slow and insidious movement, and is now at the front door of every person. They have their foot in now, and are about to burst right on in to our private spaces.

What has happened to the country I was born in? THIS is NOT the same America I grew up in. There was more tolerance when I was growing up than there is today.


~ by swfreedomlover on November 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Where to Start?”

  1. Like you, I spent most of my life with my head in the sand, just trying to get me and mine through each day as best I could. I’ve always found politics to be unutterably boring and too complicated. I think it’s been made that way on purpose, to keep us off-balance. I hated hated HATED the seatbelt law, but I didn’t put two and two together. It didn’t become clear to me until I started looking into how to stop smoking bans, nearly two years ago. Through the forums, blogs, and places like FORCES, I found out what it’s really about–MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. Even so, the intelligent people on those forums, blogs, and websites had to connect all the dots for me. LOL

    These are scary times, and if something doesn’t happen soon to turn it around, I fear for this country.

    Good luck with your blog! I’ll be checking in. Maybe with more blogs, forums, etc., the word will spread and “We the People” will finally wake up and take back our country!

  2. I agree with you both. We do live in dangerous times. I am truly glad that I lived most of my life in the freedom of this country, now, I’m not so sure. At 55 yrs old, I am simply too old to just ‘adjust’. I will fight this with all I have they will have one craky ofd lady to deal with.

  3. I guess it all has to do with human beings; after all we are individuals who choose, except for a very few, to live in communities (families, cities, states, countries). Such form of living implies proximity, from very close (families) to almost none existent (some individual living in a country on the other side of the planet).
    Some form of natural behavior exists, tacit rules of respect between individuals, which work usually well for small groups. Natural leaders take on the chief roll and the remaining individuals all find a rank in the community’s hierarchy. All works well until another natural leader is born and decides to challenge the chief… Comes a time of transition, the old chief is booted out and a new one takes over, in most cases there are no changes to the “rules”, tradition is maintained and the community lives on. For larger groups, rules are written and some form of enforcement is applied to keep the community in peace.
    In all cases, there will always be a struggle between individual wrights and conformance to the community’s rules. In democracy, which can not be imposed to other societies by the way, there exist mechanisms by which individuals, or groups, can request modifications to the rules in order to suit them better or, to reflect the community’s evolution.
    Should individual wrights prevail over the community’s good or should the individuals strictly conform to the community’s rules; that is the question. “Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated”…

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