Flu Shot…….or Not?

I’ve never had a flu shot. The original reason I never bothered with them was my dislike/almost fear of needles when I was younger. I just couldn’t see the sense in voluntarily torturing myself by getting an injection to prevent something I rarely got to begin with.

As I got older, I got over my dislike/fear of needles and realized that I had no need of a flu shot as I never got the flu. I’ve had the flu all of twice in the past 35 years. I never bothered to have my son vaccinated against the flu either as he was a healthy child, and like his mother, not prone to catching every single bug that was making the rounds. We seem to have a really good immune system in my family. When he was in high school, he allowed them to bully him into a flu shot in his Junior year. That was the first time he ever got the flu, and the last, as he swore off flu shots after that.

So, I have to wonder, just how effective these things really are, as it seems to me that everyone I’ve ever known to get a flu shot actually GETS the flu. I’ve heard it’s a milder version, but hell….they STILL got sick. And let me tell you, they absolutely hate that I don’t get the flu. Some of my best friends have spewed the nastiness names at me for that…..LOL But I still love them and they still love me.

There is now some question (besides my own that is) as to the effectiveness of flu shots:

“Over the past 25 years, the proportion of those aged 65 years or more who receive flu shots has climbed from 15% to 65% in the US. Previous research that compared death rates in vaccinated and unvaccinated groups of elderly people concluded that flu vaccination reduces all winter deaths by 50%. Yet current estimates of winter death causes suggest that flu-related mortality has actually risen since 1980.

Simonsen’s team took into account an ageing population and the exceptional virulence of a flu strain prevalent in the 1990s. When her team analyzed the available data for causes of death in the elderly during the past 25 years, she says that about 10% of winter deaths could be attributable to influenza, and more during the “pandemics” of the 1990s. The older study estimating 50% reduction of deaths in the winter was evidently “overestimating the mortality benefit of vaccination.” This is because the “endpoint” in these studies (death) wasn’t limited to death from the flu. Many winter deaths in the elderly are from pneumonia, and getting a flu shot would have no bearing on preventing death from pneumonia.

More older folks were getting flu shots, yet more of them were dying of the flu. It doesn’t add up.”


~ by swfreedomlover on November 28, 2007.

One Response to “Flu Shot…….or Not?”

  1. I can’t even remember the last time I had the flu it has been that many years ago. Last time I remember it was when I was a kid, I’m over 50 now. But then I’m a smoker and while everyone “claims” that smokers go to the doctor way more than anyone else, I say it is just the other way around. I think smoking IMPROVES my immune system’s response to all those nasties out there. I rarely get sick. And when I do, it passes quickly. Want to stay well? Start smoking, LOL!

    Again, it appears to me that “junk science” is responsible for skewered results and “dis-information”. What “They” want to you believe, they can make up the data for. Just my two-cents…

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