Forced Vaccinations

We all had to have some vaccinations as children. First as infants then again when we started school. There is a growing concern these days about the safety of such vaccinations.

This story however, is simply outrageous, considering the other health concerns surrounding these vaccinations and the force used on the parents.

State and County officials in Maryland have announced they will send parents to jail if they don’t submit their children to forced vaccinations. State Attorney General Glenn F. Ivey has announced he is willing to criminalize parents if they don’t bring them to the courthouse to have them injected, on the spot, with vaccines that contain methyl mercury — a highly toxic nerve chemical that causes brain damage and is linked to autism.

What makes this story even more disgusting is this:

It is worth noting that Mr. Ivey refuses to vaccinate his own children with the same vaccines he compelled thousands of children to be shot with on November 17, 2007. Despite his own understanding of their dangers, he forced other people’s kids to be vaccinated literally at the point of a gun.

Ominously, the presiding judge, observing the distress of the children said, “It’s cute. It’s like their parents dragging them to church.” Was it cute? Their parents were threatened with jail time and continuing fines if they did not allow this dangerous assault on their children’s bodies. Many of the kids vaccinated in this roundup were already fully vaccinated but the Prince George’s County School System admitted they had lost their records! Despite the increased hazard to these kids (more mercury, multiple dangerous and unnecessary vaccinations), they were included in the roundup and vaccinated again anyway. The kicker: according to Mike Adams’ NewsTarget, there is, in fact, no Maryland law requiring vaccination and there is an exemption which parents were not adequately informed about before their children were exposed to known hazards through forced inoculation.

I’m so very glad my son is an adult now. I’d hate to be the parent of a young school-aged child these days.


~ by swfreedomlover on December 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Forced Vaccinations”

  1. I would imagine that Mr. Ivey is taking kickbacks from the drug company that made the vaccines. There is no other explanation for this.

    Daily our freedoms are being eroded. I’d say it was something in the water they are chemically dosing us with that makes most people so docile that they cannot think for themselves any more. Were it my child involved I would have organized a protest for all the parents where my child attended school and made this so VERY PUBLIC that Mr.Ivey would have had to back down!

    I support the Constitution of America. I will fight tooth and nail to keep it in force.

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  3. Thanks for posting about Health Freedom and Compulsory Vaccination. Natural Solutions Foundation is working to stop atrocities like the Maryland and, more recently, NJ incidents. I urge everyone to go to the NSF web site and join the eAlert list — alone we are voiceless; together we are powerful!

    Ralph Fucetola JD
    Trustee, NSF

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