What is this new right to never be offended? Part II

Sorry this time of year really raises my ‘irked’ factor when it comes to Political Correctness.

Let’s consider again the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

First, I am fully aware that Congress has not made any laws prohibiting religion, etc. However, laws or no laws, our First Amendment is being trampled somewhat, and we need to be reminded of some facets of this amendment.

While the United States has no ‘established’ religion (contrary to what some people want to make us believe – there is NO ‘national religion’, thankfully), we have the right to the “free exercise thereof” of our preferred religion, or lack thereof. It doesn’t matter if that belief is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Wicca, etc., or from aliens in outer space. We have the right to freely exercise our belief.

So I have to wonder then why athiests would love nothing more than to see all mention of religion and religious expression censored to the point that they never, ever have to hear about it, see it, etc.? Granted, it is their right, but their right would then be censorship on the rights of others. Why do other faiths want any outward expression of Christianity hidden and censored, while at the same time demanding theirs be openly expressed and represented, or that they be allowed the time for their holy days and/or prayer times? Why not include all? THAT to me would be the more PC thing to do. Except then, I guess, the athiests would be offended. Geeeeze talk about rocks and hard places. For the record, I was raised Catholic. I have considered myself somewhat agnostic for more than 35 years now, and lean more towards the so-called Pagan practices than anything else.

My real problem with all this PC stuff at this time of year is the fact that while Christmas is generally associated as a Christian Holy Day (no, I’m not even going to get into what this time of year was long before Christians took it over); it is also a secular holiday that everyone can and most do, celebrate. It has become MORE of a secular holiday over the past century. It is a time of peace and good will. At least that is what I always feel an abundance of at this time of the year.

That Christmas has become so commercialized is proof of just how secular a holiday it really is. Most people, I believe, view Christmas more as a ‘tradition’ than a religious holy day. It is celebrated around the world, in every country. I know plenty of Jewish people, Muslims and athiests, who also celebrate it, because of the joyfulness of the season, and because it really is a worldwide tradition. And it is a tradition that stems all the way back to times before organized religions existed.

And don’t you just hate it when they start advertising and decorating the stores before Thanksgiving………..and sometimes even before Halloween? That’s just overkill in my book. I loved the 1 month long decorations, anything before Thanksgiving and I want to scream!

So forgive me if I get offended by people actually finding it offensive to be wished a “Merry Christmas”, or by the sight of a Christmas Tree all decorated with festive lights and ornaments. Forgive me if I get offended that you find offense over a celebration that is not religious in its origins to begin with. Why don’t these people who are so offended by this, try to get their favorite decorations included also? Why do they not just offer up their own greeting in response? WHY take offense? Since when is wishing someone good cheer offensive?

Better yet, WHY should I have to NOT enjoy my tradition as openly as I have since my birth, just because some don’t like it?

Should I wish you a Merry Christmas, don’t take offense, and if you do, kindly remember that this is MY tradition and I do have the right to express it, just as you do yours, and I am not being insulting when I share my good feelings with you.

I do believe if people would just go back to being tolerant again, we wouldn’t need all this censorship. Sometimes I really do miss the good old days, when no one took offense when another practiced their traditions, cultures, beliefs. We used to share them with each other back then.

These days I find myself offended that I cannot openly express myself for fear of offending another.

At what point am I allowed to not be offended?


~ by swfreedomlover on December 2, 2007.

5 Responses to “What is this new right to never be offended? Part II”

  1. I covered this from a bit different point of view myself. However, I came at it from the other side…that damn “War on Christmas” “christians” start in on every friggin year. A little info on the other side of this is, none of us really had a problem with Merry Christmas and of course Christians celebrating Christmas as they wanted to, until they started getting mad because some people chose to use Happy Holidays or celebrate in their own way. Quite frankly, I firmly believe that if they would do their thing and shut up and let us do ours, then all would be happy. It’s just every single year they start yelling and crying because the president sent out Happy Holiday cards instead of Merry Christmas cards, or a store decided to use Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. I wouldn’t go so far as to say the rest of us want it hid, but we do wish it’d be fair. If you want the nativity scene up on public property, then we want menorrahs and yule logs and kwanza whatevers (i’m so ignorant on Kwanza) up too. So we aren’t, as a government, pushing a certain religious celebration over others’. I don’t see why Christmas carols in school can’t be in a play with Jewish religious songs, Kwanza, Pagan, etc. It all comes down to the same thing in the end: Love your fellow man, be giving. Why can’t we all just be glad THAT’s what we’re celebrating instead of arguing about words every friggin year AGAIN??

    Hehe, not trying to rant, I promise. Just trying to show the other side. But, while I definitely agree that Merry Christmas is not offensive, I DO see a problem with a group bullying stores and politicians because THEY choose to use “Holiday Trees” or “Christmas Trees”, “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”. Either way, there doesn’t need a law over any of it. http://www.lc.org/index.cfm?PID=14102&AlertID=759

    *runs away before L comes after me* 😉

  2. I couldn’t agree more Jalestra. Why CAN’T all be included? Especially since we all seem to celebrate the holiday anyway. I fail to see why the season of peace, love and giving has to be turned into a “mine, mine, mine” *mimicking Bill Cosby’s take on this in his house* tug of war.

    I will say though that I do believe in separation of church and state, and government/public buildings should not be having “religious” displays. But lights and wreaths I don’t see a problem with.

    It’s all this PC stuff that’s caused the problems if you ask me. We all used to get along just fine until someone decided that everyone had a right to never be offended.

    And now I’M the one whose offended………..LOL

    Season’s Greetings?!!!!!

  3. You said that much better than I did! LOL

  4. Lynda, it’s too bad you’re all the way out there.
    We could do some serious damage to the TC religion if we sat down at a table together.

  5. This was awesome! And while I am of the Wiccan persuasion, I still enjoy the Holidays, regardless of WHO wants to nay-say me! I’ll just tell the to get a life! Let me live mine. After all, Christians stole Christmas from us! They just changed the names of everything, made up a few things, and called it Christmas. Who cares?

    As for the stores, I make sure I comment to them just how disrespectful they are. Not that they care, but I do. I like to enjoy my holidays AS THEY COME, not have it shoved down my throat. You can’t hardly find any Thanksgiving decorations, the stores are in too much of a hurry to start the next holiday.

    I am with you loud and proud!

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