Might This Be Coming Our Way Too?

We all know how the UK is big on surveillance cameras all over the place. And in all fairness, the US is working hard to catch up in that area. At lest they seem to be here in Arizona as more and more cameras pop up on more and more intersections. It’s all to the monitor the traffic and stop law-breakers, of course.

But I really have to wonder about this:


REVELLERS entering town centre pubs and clubs tonight may be tested for drugs with new high-tech equipment.

The ‘drug itemiser’, Thames Valley Police’s state-of-the-art £40,000 drug busting kit, scans punters’ hands for traces of illegal substances from cannabis to heroin.

The machine, which can pick up the tiniest morsels of drugs, will be piloted in a number of the town’s venues this evening.
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If pub goers return a positive reading they will be banned from entering the premises for the evening but not arrested.

While part of me understands this, I have to stop and ask myself “What’s next”? Where do we draw the line? How far will we allow our liberty to be taken from us before we protest?

Here in the USA, the question is, “how far will we allow the government to go before we the people take back the control that our constitution guarantees us, instead of letting the government control us to these Orwellian depths?


~ by swfreedomlover on December 10, 2007.

One Response to “Might This Be Coming Our Way Too?”

  1. I hear you!!!! It seems thought that we live in a nation of sheep, they won’t wake up either. Until they do, “WE THE PEOPLE” doesn’t exist. I keep telling people to wake up but they are so complacent, so dulled that I have to wonder if they are being drugged without their knowledge……. I just don’t understand WHY they don’t see what is happening to them, us and the nation. I do not need my legislators to tell me how to live, what to do, nor how to treat others. I figure my common sense is good. So why are we in a minority?

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