So, What is the Purpose of this Blog?

I have been considering doing a blog for a long time now. Why I didn’t start it earlier is for a number of reasons. The main one being that I somehow felt I had to have some kind of authoritative knowledge about whatever I was posting. I have come to realize that I don’t need to know all the ins and outs in order to post about things I feel strongly about. That I can simply voice my opinion and direct others to the sources of my information.

OK, I’ll also confess here and now that the reason I started this when I did was because of some incentive my firm was offering. They decided to have a blogging contest and encouraged all of us to create a blog and gave us in-house “tips” on blogging. They didn’t restrict it to being work related either. They encouraged us to blog about things we are passionate about. I mulled this over in my mind for a couple of weeks, and knowing that the only thing I was really passionate about these days was the state of the world. The fear mongering I see happening, the scare tactics we are bombarded with daily, and what I see to be the slow, subtle loss of our basic liberties. And don’t even get me started on my feelings for this Administration in Washington.

One of the things that was mentioned was that our blogs be consistent in content. In looking over mine, I realize that it seems to be inconsistent. I mean that my posts don’t focus on one topic only, like pets, or food, etc. However, the one constant in my various posts is what I refer to as the “nanny-state”. We seem to suddenly be turning over control of our lives to elected officials who are supposed to be working FOR us and not controlling us. One area seems to lead to another which leads to yet another. And so on it goes.

Our founding fathers were wise when they drew up the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. They set us up as a Republic, not a democracy. They understood that in a true democracy, the majority rules. Which basically amounts to “tyranny of majority” or “mob rule”. Yes, we vote and the majority wins, however, when we do that in passing laws, the majority is in essence, stripping the minority of some basic rights. This was never obvious to me until the past few years.

And I will admit, it was only in the passing of smoking bans in most places that I saw it. Smokers basically sat back and accepted the restrictions as they occured, because they made sense to us and were reasonable. However, the latest trend of smoking bans, basically strips PRIVATE property owners of their “right” to create the business they want. More and more restaurants were going smoke free of their own free will, or in response to local demand. That is how a free market is supposed to work. Everyone then has a choice of where to work or what hospitality venue to patronize.

Smoking bans remove that choice, from everyone. Smokers can no longer choose between smoking and non-smoking; non-smokers no longer need to make that choice; and business owners aren’t allowed to choose to allow smoking or not. They call it a level playing field, but a free market functions and thrives when choices are available, when the demands of the locals are met. Smoking bans strip the right to choose from private business owners, and stips a minority of their right to free assembly by making them feel unwelcome in forcing them to not only go outside to light up, but in many cases to pretty much just go stand in the alley by the dumpster to smoke.

The health and safety angle doesn’t work for me either. IF smoking and exposure to SHS were truly as deadly as is being claimed today, then someone needs to tell all us baby boomers we should be dead already. Someone also needs to explain to me how it is that children born today are so ill and have such weak immune systems. Back in the days when baby boomers were born approximately 50% of the population smoked and smoking was done everywhere, including elevators, plains, movies, stores. There was NO smoke-free place unless you lived in a house where no one ever smoked. Yet we were born, healthy and with fewer ailments than what plagues the children being born today. And if someone hates the smell of tobacco smoke so much, or is sensitive to it, WHY on earth would they CHOOSE to work in a smoky place, let alone patronize one?

This got me to thinking back on other laws, especially those that are thrown in my face when discussing laws that supposedly keep us safe. The major one being the seat belt laws. Take a closer look at that law. The law only demands seat belts in personal motor vehicles, the law only tickets violators of seat belt laws in personal motor vehicles. Airplanes have seat belts and they insist you buckle up during take-off and landing. But have you ever witnessed anyone being ticketed for NOT buckling up then? I haven’t, and I’ve even left mine unbuckled at times too.

There are NO seat belts in mass transit either. Buses and trains have no seat belts AND passengers ARE allowed to stand while they are in motion. So someone needs to explain that to me as well. Because the only excuse I can come up with is that the seat belt law was just one of the first steps into controlling our personal choices…..remember, the law is only directed at private motor vehicles.

Therefore, it is these inconsistencies that bother me and that drive my passion. It is for the slow, insidious way I see our Constitution being trampled upon and shredded.

THIS is the pupose of my blog, to voice my concern, outrage, passion. Hopefully I can reach a few people in the process and get them to THINK, outside of the daily dose of fear we are now being fed.

The short story is that while I seem to be all over the place, the truth is that everything is connected, even when the connection isn’t clearly visible.


~ by swfreedomlover on December 16, 2007.

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