When Good Intentions Aren’t So Good…

This post shows what happens when nosy-bodies cannot let well enough alone, and insist that anyone not living by their standards are a danger to themselves if not others. I got permission from the woman who posted it as a comment on another blog a couple of months ago, to share it here. Thanks Jalestra!

The evils people who supposedly “care” for others visit upon those they continue to torment.

I used to live in a little out of the way spot just outside of town. In this spot lived the Wells (those nice dope cookers), Evelyn 1 and her son Tommy, and Evelyn 2.

We were the only folks down there. Evelyn 2 lived at the other end of the street so we bracketed the other two. Wells’ across the road, Evelyn 1 and son between us.

The houses down here are generational houses. My great great grandfather built my house, Evelyn 1’s (60 something) father hers, Evelyn 2’s father built hers, you get the idea.

Anyhow, we lived pretty normally, though quietly, down there. The only off thing (other than the smell of dope cooking in the morning) was Evelyn 2. She lived in this huge house alone. No family. No electricity, no running water. 80-something years old, still driving a car that was probably the same age I was LOL. Now, I went down the block every morning and every night and knocked on the door until she answered (unless I saw her out and about during the day). She HAD water, just not running water, city stuff. She had her well. Now, I mean an OLD well, not like my “well” that was modernized and all. I mean, like you see in picturesque scenes. She had no need or want for those things. Not even gas. She cooked on an old fashioned wood stove and kept warm the same way.

I knew how she lived, but she was happy and as long as she wasn’t hurt I was content to leave her alone, except to check on her (no phone either LOL). We lived like this for YEARS. FBI busted our friendly neighborhood dope cookers, but other than that, those of us on the nice side of the street watched each others property, each other, and left well enough alone.

The year before I moved out, somehow or another, somebody with entirely too much time on their hands found out how Evelyn 2 was living. Within 3 months they had taken her and put her in some nursing home. They took her car and her home. She had no family, and instead of going into the house, perhaps at the very friggin least, selling some of her stuff (much of it antiques older than MY mom) to support her in a GOOD nursing home, they just mowed down the house and everything in it and Evelyn 2 had become the state’s “problem”.

She didn’t last a year, and she was, I can’t say depressed, she was just devastated the whole time. Like, she couldn’t believe where her life was at. I was there the day they came and picked her up “for her own good”. I argued with the representative, who looked down on ME for allowing her to live that way. Wanted to know why we didn’t turn her in years ago. I told her unfortunately, in our area, we took care of one another and left each other our own happiness. We didn’t see the need to foist our lifestyles on everyone else.

I have few regrets in life, but not being as smart then as I am now is a huge one. Maybe I could have done something to help Evelyn 2.

Those that professed to “care” so much never asked Evelyn what she wanted, didn’t consider how she grew up and that she was obviously more than capable of caring for herself in that fashion. They took a vibrant woman who still drove her own car, carried her own well water, and even managed to help ME out sometimes when I needed the old way of doing things and turned her into a depressed, lonely, and quickly dead, woman. But it taught me a major lesson…sometimes, if you really care, you need to keep your nose out of other people’s business. Sometimes your “caring” is actually the worst thing you can do for a person and you don’t know how evil your intentions will turn out…

This story is a good lesson to remember whenever we feel the need to “care” about what another is doing. Just because someone’s lifestyle isn’t on par with ours, doesn’t mean they are in any danger, or dangerous to us.


~ by swfreedomlover on January 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “When Good Intentions Aren’t So Good…”

  1. OMG! What a horrible, horrible thing to have done to that woman. I hope whoever did this incurs the wrath of Karma for it. They don’t deserve to live after what they did to that woman.

  2. Unfortunately that is what happens when one person thinks they know best what is better for another.

    When I was a child we were taught NOT to be nosy-bodies (and that is exactly what busy-bodies and do-gooders are). We were taught to be sure that another person really was in danger before intruding into their life.

    Wonder when that stopped being the norm?

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