Is Iran Going to be the Next WMD?

I just don’t know what to believe anymore. It’s a pretty sad day indeed when one doesn’t trust a word that their government says. The latest incident in the Strait of Hormuz is a prime example. What’s worse is we have two governments, who hate each other (or at least act as if they do), with two different stories playing the old “he said, she said” game. It’s bad enough when kids do it, disgusting when adults doit, and downright pathetic when governments do it.
Unfortunately, I don’t believe our side of it. I feel that Bush is itching for a fight with Iran, he’s been working up to it over the past few months if you listen to him speak; and this would be just the ticket for him to issue an ulitimatum. What worries me most is that he wouldn’t hesitate to take us into war with Iran; and I don’t see anyone trying to stop him either.

The BBC reports:

Iranian state-run TV has broadcast video it says shows a controversial naval stand-off between Revolutionary Guards patrols and US warships.
There is no sign of threatening behaviour by the Iranian boats, as alleged by US officials who said their actions were dangerous and provocative.
The confrontation has further inflamed tensions between arch-foes Iran and the United States.
US President George W Bush is currently on a tour of the Middle East which will tackle what the Americans see as the threat posed by Iran to regional stability.

Then there’s this from the Huffington Post:

It’s a Fake
The Pentagon’s version of the encounter in the Strait of Hormuz on Sunday morning, involving U.S. Navy warships and Iranian Revolutionary Guard patrol boats is, at the very least highly suspicious. On Tuesday, the Navy released video footage and an audiotape to back its claims that the Iranian boats acted in a threatening and provocative manner, but neither the video nor the audio are particularly convincing as proof that Iran had hostile intentions. The video, which shows what is claimed are Iranian boats speeding around U.S. ships, doesn’t show any of the boats hurtling directly towards any of the navy ships, nor does it show what the Pentagon claimed the Iranians then did, namely dropped “white boxes” in the water. (I would have opened fire at those, wouldn’t you?) The audio tape is even less convincing, mainly because the person speaking doesn’t have an Iranian accent and moreover, sounds more like Boris Karloff in a horror movie than a sailor in the elite branch of Iran’s military.

In reading the comments on the Huffington Post (bottom of the page there) there are quite a few references to a similar incident that occurred in the past and is referred to as the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This apparently was an incident of similar questions/motives that many feel gave President the Johnson the ammunition to prolong the Viet Nam war. More about this here.

Watching all this is nerve-wracking as I don’t trust Bush to be reasonable. My fear is that we will be at war with Iran before the elections, and I fear what that will mean. If we can just get through the next 12 months without any more incidences, we MIGHT stand a chance of recovery.


~ by swfreedomlover on January 10, 2008.

One Response to “Is Iran Going to be the Next WMD?”

  1. Unfortunately Bush is not a reasonable man let alone a worthy President. His policies have gone so far against America, Her People, and the Constitution that I fear he will declare a state of emergency over this and so do what no other President has done before him, Force US TO LET HIM BE OUR DICTATOR! Why there are so many gutless wonders in Congress beats me! But hey, I’m just WE THE PEOPLE!

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