Quietly Subduing the People into Submission. For the [fill in your favorite victim/cause here] of course.

Here’s an interesting piece on how Liberty gets stolen from us. All under the guise of the environment, public health, and my favorite “for the children”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for respecting nature and the environment; for controlling contagious disease outbreaks; for protecting children from real and serious harm and injury; but there has to be a point where the line in the sand doesn’t get crossed.

I hated the seat belt law when it first came to be, and when I asked back then “what’s next” I was laughed at.

I was laughed at when they first made it law that flights up to 2 hours had to be smoke free. I suggested then that it wouldn’t stop there and was laughed at. Look where that is today and it’s not even slowing down. The last frontiers for smoking, the outdoors, your private car, your home are next and have already started.

I find it hypocritical to tell an 18 year old that they are now legally considered adults, allowed to vote, join the military and go to war, get a job, get married, sign legal contracts; and then tell them they are not old enough, until they are 21, to smoke, drink, go to a bar, etc.

New laws are nothing more than testing the waters to see how far they (the government) can go.

For anyone who still laughs at those of us who continually ask “what’s next”; we’ve been proven right so far. Will it take them coming into your home and dictating to you for you to see that?

Here’s the next thing on the agenda, for the environment of course. However if you really read the packaging, you would notice that it practically requires a HazMet team to come to your home if you break one of these new CFS lights. And that’s after you start having migraines from them. I hate flourescent lighting as it bothers my eyes….and now they want to force me to use it in my home also – the only refuge I have to rest my eyes. I’d say that I’m lucky I don’t live in California, but unfortunately, in this matter, it doesn’t matter thanks to GWBush.

WALTER WILLIAMS: Stealing liberty by increments
President Bush signed an energy bill last month that will ban the sale of Edison’s incandescent bulb, starting with the 100-watt bulb in 2012 and ending with the 40-watt bulb by 2014. You say, “Hey, Williams, what’s wrong with saving energy, reducing our carbon footprint and stopping global warming?” Before you get too enthused over governmental energy-saving efforts, you might ponder what’s down the road.

The California Energy Commission recently proposed amendments to its standards for energy efficiency. Its standards include a requirement that any new or modified heating or air-conditioning system must include a programmable communicating thermostat (PCT) whose settings can be controlled remotely by government authorities. A thermostat czar, sitting in Sacramento, would be empowered to reduce the heating or cooling of your house during what he deems as an “emergency event.”

Should you disagree with the czar’s temperature setting for your house, the commission is one step ahead of you: “The PCT shall not allow customer changes to thermostat settings during emergency events.” In other words, the thermostat must be configured in a way that doesn’t allow the customer to override the czar’s decision.

Some people might agree with this level of government control over their lives, but if these amendments become law, you can bet there are other intrusive energy-saving proposals waiting in the wing. For now, California’s energy communists simply are testing how much intrusiveness Californians peaceably will accept. I can imagine the state Energy Commission requiring remotely controlled main circuit-breaker boxes that control all of the electricity coming into your house. That would enable the energy czar to manage your electricity use.

Say you’re preparing a big dinner. The energy czar might decide that you don’t need so much heat in the rest of the house. Or, preparing a big dinner might mean the energy czar would turn off the energy to your washing machine and dryer while the electric stove is on.

There’s no end to what the energy czar could do, particularly if he enlists the aid of the Department of Health Services. Getting six to eight hours of sleep each night is healthy; good health lowers health costs. So why not make it possible for the energy czar to turn the lights off at a certain hour? The Department of Education knows children should do their homework after school rather than sit playing video games or watching television. The energy czar could improve education outcomes simply by turning off the television or at least turning off all non-educational programs.

You say, “Williams, you must be mad. All that would never happen.” That’s the same charge one might have made back in the 1960s, when the anti-tobacco movement started, if someone predicted that the day would come when some cities, such as Calabasas, Calif., would outlaw smoking on public streets. If someone had predicted that there’d be bans on restaurants serving foie gras; citations for driving without a seat belt; and school bans on children having peanut-butter sandwiches in their lunch boxes, I’m sure people would have said that would never happen.

California’s Energy Commission, along with its legislature, has the power to mandate that all heating and cooling devices have programmable communicating thermostats by 2009. After all, it’s never too early to start saving energy or prepare for an “emergency event.” The reason they won’t is they would encounter too much political resistance. Their agenda is far more achievable using techniques dear to all tyrants: There’s less resistance if liberty is taken away a little bit at a time.

Walter Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University.


~ by swfreedomlover on January 14, 2008.

One Response to “Quietly Subduing the People into Submission. For the [fill in your favorite victim/cause here] of course.”

  1. I’ve been shaking my head for so many years wondering WHERE are the ones I grew up with who protested the Vietnam War? Why aren’t we up in arms as our country is taken from us and we are led into Nazi Germany? What is wrong with the water? Are people being drugged into complacency? This is my bet. They don’t want us thinking anymore and are working on that one, just haven’t figured out HOW to make that illegal yet. But I’m SURE they will, given enough time……..

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