Is The FDA Attacking Women?

What does the FDA have against good, natural remedies and medicine? OH, I know………….the drug companies can’t patent them and bleed us dry for them.

Wellness Resources reported

The FDA Attacks Women – Declares Estriol Illegal
Monday, January 14, 2008

Byron Richards, CCN

In a shocking and blatant attack on women, the FDA has declared estriol illegal. This move is designed to stop compounding pharmacies from making bio-identical hormone creams and will also stop over-the-counter estriol-containing creams from being sold to women. The FDA has no report of any problem from these creams. It is acting on a complaint from Wyeth (the makers of estrogen-containing horse urine extract and Centrum vitamins). Millions of women are adversely affected.

Estriol is the friendly estrogen, widely studied and used in Europe. It is a potent brain antioxidant, needed for circulatory health, as well as being the main estrogen that helps vaginal dryness and urinary tract thinning after menopause. Unlike estradiol that is needed to run menstrual cycles and whose levels fluctuate during the month, estriol production is consistent (about 2 mg a day) over the course of a woman’s life. The only exception is pregnancy, when the levels quadruple to protect the developing nervous system of the baby. Even after menopause the ovaries keep making estriol and the decline in their ability to do so speeds the aging process. It is very difficult to ever have a calm mood when there is a lack of estriol, ask any woman who has had a complete hysterectomy (doctors never bother replacing estriol).

No drug company is interested in a patent estriol as it comes from a natural source. Drug companies only want horse urine extract on the market, a drug with many kinds of horse-estrogens that are not found in the human body at all! The FDA somehow thinks this is good for women.

This is part of an overall FDA campaign to go after natural hormones derived from natural substances. DHEA is next on the FDA hit list. After that numerous other dietary supplements will follow. Maybe the wrath of women can put an end to FDA tyranny.

Given the FDA’s track record lately, I wouldn’t trust them to walk my dog (and I don’t even have a dog).


~ by swfreedomlover on January 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Is The FDA Attacking Women?”

  1. The FDA has been waging a war againt bioidentical hormones with a recent series of statements.

    All of this was prompted by a citizen’s petition from Wyeth, the maker of synthetic hormone, prempro, a drug found to cause cancer and heart disease in the WHI study published in JAMA July 2002.

    Wyeth has lost 2 billion in sales since millions of women have switched away from their product to compounded bioidentical hormones, a safer and more effective alternative.

    Wyeth wants to use the FDA to eliminate its competition.

    The problem is that the FDA does not regulate compounded bioidentical hormones, the states do the regulation.

    To read more, Click Here:

    Jeffrey Dach MD

  2. I’ve said it before, the Government is corrupt! We need a good house-cleaning! Let’s put these men in prison where they deserve to be and take the money they got from the drug companies and make a few things right again.

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