Forced Voluntary Compliance

There’s a lot of talk about Real ID these days. I admit to having mixed feelings on the subject. Mixed feelings or not, my sense of freedom and liberty override my seeing both sides of the equation and wanting the least intrusive, retaining my right to live free and make my own choices without being under the watchful eye of anyone else.

On the one hand, I can see the sense of a central database with our information. You are rushed to the hospital, unconscious, with your ID card the hospital can not only find out who you are, but your medical history also, which would probably drastically lower the risk of them giving you a medication you are highly allergic to.

On the other hand, I’m not comfortable with this whole “papers” idea. Granted, our information is out there already in dozens of places. Anyone over the age of 1 has their information all over the place. You need to use your social security number to open a bank account, when applying for insurance, getting a loan, going to school, etc. The regulations for the Real ID are left open for the government to add whatever they want to the list of uses. That means you could end up needing to show it just to buy your groceries.

Have you seen that commercial on TV where the guy is trying to order a pizza and the pizza place knows all about him from the computer database and advises him that his weight is on the high side and shouldn’t he re-think that extra cheese on his pie? I’ve always said, IF someone can think it up for a movie, show, book, commercial, ad, then it IS possible to eventually happen in real life.

Yet, somehow the whole idea of all of that information being in one place, under the control of people who have already proven they can’t organize and control themselves out of a paper bag, worries me.

I also see these things being equipped with RFID chips, being able to track our every movement. Do I really need anyone to know how many times a day I use the bathroom and to what extent? Do I really need anyone to know how many different stores I might be buying my evil potato chips in? Do I really need anyone knowing what my daily diet consists of? Sounds outrageous I know, but given the way things are going now with the “food police” requiring calorie/nutritional labeling of restaurant menus in NYC ; Chicago banning Foie gras ; Mississippi trying to push a bill forbidding restaurants from serving the obese based on criteria the state will develop, and restaurants found in violation by serving an obese person WILL be fined; I don’t think my suspicions are all that outrageous at all.

The argument of “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about” is a weak argument indeed. Don’t get me wrong, I used to believe that statement myself. However, I realized one day that the opposite is equally true; IF I’m not doing anything wrong, WHY do I need to be treated like a criminal in the first place?

Once again, these things being done, supposedly to keep us safe from terrorists; do not do what they propose to do, all they do is restrict law-abiding innocent citizens even further.

Here’s an article on REAL ID you might be interested in.

Welcome to Amerika. With its recent issuance of rules for implementing the “Real ID” law – the requirement that states issue driver’s licenses according to federal dictates and link the information to a nationwide database – the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has taken another page from the Soviets’ playbook. Stalin required Russian citizens to carry an internal passport ostensibly because “counterrevolutionaries” posed a threat. Amerikans will be required to show their papers to prove they aren’t terrorists or illegal immigrants.
Seventeen states have passed legislation or resolutions opposing Real ID, and 19 other states have such actions pending because they recognize what Congress did not: If this law is actually implemented, it will mean the end of privacy and freedom.
And don’t forget that Congress foolishly gave the Secret Service authority to control national events such as Super Bowls and presidential inaugurations. Merely to watch a football game, Amerikans will have to show their papers.
Perhaps the most alarming aspect of Real ID is that it transfers to the government ultimate control over citizens’ movements. The ID card of a citizen not in good standing could have a hold put on it, just like a credit card can. If your ID card is declined, you will be unable to travel, access your money, get a job, enter buildings, or go about the basic routines of life until you have restored favor with your government.

Read FULL STORY here.

And don’t be fooled by the “voluntary” idea the feds are throwing out there……it isn’t voluntary. Just because they don’t make it a federal law, doesn’t mean we won’t all be ‘forced’ into compliance. The fact that you’ll need it just to enter any government building (and National Parks now, since DoH added that in) will ‘force’ you to ‘voluntarily’ comply. How insulting that they think us so stupid that we can’t see this. They know they’d never get it to work by passing a federal law for it, so they sneak it in a back door and think we won’t notice. And I’m supposed to trust these people? Not in my world.

Interesting also is that Russia used to refer to itself as the Motherland; Germany under Hitler as the Fatherland; and now we have America, under Bush referring to itself as the Homeland. Just something to think about.

Oh, we’re not alone in this either. The UK has been watching their citizens via street cams for a long time and are also moving to a “National ID” card system. See HERE for that story.

These things are pushed under the guise of “keeping us safe”. Is a little false sense of security really worth losing your liberty and freedom? I don’t think so.


~ by swfreedomlover on February 2, 2008.

One Response to “Forced Voluntary Compliance”

  1. I’m reading John Ashcroft’s book, Never Again. (Fortunately, I got it at the Dollar Store,so I only wasted 97 cents. I got Joe Lieberman’s book there as well, but that was a waste of the entire dollar.)

    He makes the “If you’re not doing anything wrong…” argument. This is simply wrong. I don’t have to be doing anything wrong to want my privacy protected. I’m not doing anything wrong if I talk to an AA sponsor, my attorney or my priest, but I don’t want any ‘loyal Bushie’ listening to my conversations. I’m not doing anything wrong if I send a sexually explicit e-mail to my spouse, and I still demand my right of privacy.

    Mr. Ashcroft also excuses torture, illegal arrest and detention and other un-Constitutional because the tactics ‘work’ when the standard has always been whether or not the activity is legal or not.

    Keep givin’em hell. Maybe even file a grievance.


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