The Election And Big Money

Have you ever wondered if your vote really counted? I know I have, especially on those elections where it seemed like everyone was voting against the one who won……like both times George W. Bush won.

I’ve also never understood why it was so important that a candidate raises millions of dollars. Granted, they need to pay for their advertising, help, etc on the campaign trail, but the importance put on the amount of money each raises has always caused me to wonder.

Here’s a view on that you might want to consider.

PART 1 of 2

By Jon Christian Ryter
February 3, 2008

Baseball uses designated hitters and runners. Politics—at least since 1912—has used its own designated winner and losers. Baseball teams use designated hitters and runners to strengthen the odds that they will win the game. Politics designates the winner and losers for the same reason. Only in politics, the stakes are much higher with the major players coughing up the hundreds of millions of dollars needed to play a few hands in America’s greatest past-time. And, that past-time ain’t baseball. It’s politics. Politics with international implications. And, the stakes have never been bigger than they are this year.

At stake is world government. Not just anyone will promise the world’s most powerful bankers, industrialists and merchant princes that they are willing to surrender American sovereignty . They must have enough lack of moral character to actually be willing to sell out the people of the United States of America for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow—like Bill and Hillary Clinton did when they signed NAFTA into law, or what George W. Bush did when he signed CAFTA into law. Since the Clintons have already been tested under fire and have been proven willing to surrender America’s job base for money and power, Hillary Clinton became the defacto media-ordained front-runner in the 2008 Race for the White House before the race even began. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

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PART 2 of 2

By Jon Christian Ryter
February 3, 2008

Only time will tell whether Hillary or Obama is the designated winner although the Rockefeller-controlled banks: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase began funding Obama as well as Hillary and McCain just before the New Hampshire vote. On top of that, several of Hillary’s most important fundraisers jumped ship and joined Obama—including two of them close enough to the Clintons to have slept in the Lincoln Bedroom) When you want to know what a candidate will do if he or she wins the White House, don’t listen to their rhetoric since it is merely political hype. Look at their contributors. Since each of those donors expect to gain far more than they gave, you can see the agenda that will come from that White House when you look at the financial focus of those contributors.

Thus far, (to the best of my knowledge) Obama has not tapped DLA Piper—Hillary Clinton’s top money source. Nor has he tapped a couple of very important financial resources Hillary shares with McCain. DLA Piper is a high technology company with offices located throughout the Asia, Europe, the United States—and, most important, in the Middle East. Blank Rome LLP and Greenberg Traurig LLP. bankrolled both McCain and Clinton. Blank Rome, specializes in IRS regulations. They are McCain’s primary money source. Greenberg Traurig specializes in international law. If Obama continues his South Carolina trend on Super Tuesday, DLA Piper, Blank Rome and Greenberg-Traurig will be writing checks with his name on them.

McCain is the designated loser. And, yes, all three understand their role in the Election of 2008. But only McCain is resigned to his fate.I guess he’s just happy to play. A viewer of Fox News’ The Big Story emailed host John Gibson on Wednesday, Jan. 30. The emailer commented that McCain’s win in Florida on Tuesday, Jan. 29 was evidence that the Republicans were going to lose in November. Big Story co-host Heather Nauert, Gibson’s blonde bimbo sidekick (who apparently is not on the show for her political prowness), poophahed the comments of the emailer by saying McCain would likely pull votes from the moderates and independents on election day, suggesting that added together, the conservative, moderate and independent vote would put McCain over the top. Sadly, with McCain heading the GOP ticket, the conservative voter will very likely sit out the election since a vote for McCain is a vote for liberal government. And, of course, they won’t vote for either Clinton or Obama. The only votes McCain will get are those from anti-black, anti-feminist Democrats, and from centrist Republicans—providing they are pro-abortion businessmen who want an influx of illegal aliens in America and, of course, who also want their taxes increased.

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