What Is This “Universal Health Care” ?

The main issue all the candidates are spouting is “health care”. The main issue the media claims is everyone’s priority when choosing a candidate is “health care”. The media also reports that those making more than $75,000/year are choosing (note the key word here is choosing) NOT to buy health insurance because they find it too expensive. OK, I can buy that, to a degree. Someone making $75k/year is in a job where their employer probably offers health insurance. So what is their excuse then?

Setting that aside, lets get back to this “universal health care” that all the candidates are supporting in one fashion or another. Talk to people, real people, from Britain and Canada and ask them how well “universal health care” works for them.

Here’s an article you should read before basing your election choice on one issue only:


By Tom DeWeese
February 5, 2008

The great debate on medical care is taking place in this year’s presidential campaign. Much is made of the fact that care costs too much and that government isn’t doing enough to provide coverage for the poor and elderly. Be careful – you may regret ever-encouraging government – controlled medicine.

Case in point, this report from England (Don’t treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors) where full government health care is “provided” free to every citizen. For years, free market advocates like myself have had to endure lectures from our little socialist friends about the glories of “free” health care. We keep pointing out that nothing is free – and now the folks in England may be paying for that health care with their lives – literally.

When government gets overburdened and revenues don’t keep up with all the grand plans of a horde of politicians, someone has to feel the pain. Today, England’s treasury can’t keep up with the massive costs of health care. So the bureaucrats, such fiscally responsible folks – just serving the people, you understand – have decided the best way to cut costs is to stop providing health care to those who are too old or those who leave “unhealthy lives.” Of course, government gets to decide who they are.

It’s important to note here that the reason health care cost so much today is because government got involved in health care in the first place. It mostly started for the United States back in the 1960’s under Lyndon Johnson’s “compassionate” policy of universal health care. From that time a visit to the doctor went from costing a few dollars to hundreds, affordable only through insurance payments. It’s no coincidence that the quality of health care also started to go down as the costs soared. Socialized medicine does not work. Period.

The force driving this policy today is a sinister policy called Sustainable Development as outlined in a UN document called Agenda 21. Sustainable Development is a horrific mix of socialism and fascism that is now taking over the world. It’s unhealthy for the economy, your private property and your health as Sustainable Medicine begins to take over your local hospital and family doctor. (SUSTAINABLE MEDICINE + SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT = DUTY TO DIE) Decisions on quality care will not be made by them but by mindless, faceless government agencies who feel not an ounce of passion for your elderly mom or your ailing son.

Welcome to the new utopia of Sustainable Development now being brought to you by the U.S. Congress, the President, your state legislature and your city council. Remember their compassionate promises to make your life better under Sustainable Development as you watch your loved ones die because they have been refused health care.

By the way, this wouldn’t happen in a free market where you would make the decisions about your health care. But of course, that’s not politically correct.

© 2008 Tom DeWeese – All Rights Reserved

Click here to read about Britain’s National Heath Service (NHS) thoughts on cutting the systems health care costs by denying care to the elderly and unhealthy.

Click here, here, here and here to read about Sustainable Development.

Click here and here to read about Sustainable Medicine.


~ by swfreedomlover on February 5, 2008.

10 Responses to “What Is This “Universal Health Care” ?”

  1. Here are some nice simple statistics. First, check the list of countries ranked by life expectancy.


    Then check this list of countries ranked by infant mortality.


    When you are done searching way down the lists for the United States, well below any other country you mentioned in your post, consider this.

    Corporations are literally required by law to maximize shareholder profit above all else. This is the law in the United States. Any CEO that does not follow this requirement may be sued and/or removed by the board of directors and/or shareholders.

    Health insurance companies are, big surprise, corporations.

    This means that, quite literally, they are legally obligated to avoid providing care for their insureds at every possible opportunity. Not to do so would require complex arguments about competition with other corporations. However, what has happened over the years is that these companies have competed with each other to drop coverage and increase rates at every opportunity.

    So, the result is that we pay 16% of our GDP on health care. The next highest spender in the world is Germany at 11% of their GDP. Now search the rankings by life expectancy and infant mortality again. Find another developed democratic nation in the world with worse statistics than ours. When you can’t, unless you consider Israel to be democratic, then check whether all of the countries with better health care than ours have nationalized health care.

    They do.

    Then, as a last exercise, imagine whether an incompetent government official whose job is TO provide health care will provide better health care than a competent corporate executive whose job is NOT TO provide health care. Your call.

  2. That’s all interesting….however, what good is living longer than anyone else if your quality of life sucks? I know people in both Canada and the UK and they have nothing nice to say about their healthcare system other than it’s free, though not really free for all working people pay major taxes to fund it. And while on the surface it’s a good idea, can you really trust the government with it? I can’t. And I certainly don’t want them telling me how to live either and they will indeed.

    But that’s just me.

  3. Well, I have not heard anything like that from Canadians. And, when my mother went to France for brain surgery, she had a halo screwed into her skull and was told, “We don’t have anything planned for you today. Why don’t you go into town and have a nice lunch?”

    Here, hospitals are as bad as prisons and would never let you leave to have a nice lunch without checking out against doctor’s orders and waiving all rights to sue, even for gross negligence.

  4. There’s good and bad to every system, I’m sure. However, my biggest worry, and the way things are going these days I’d say it’s a pretty legit worry, is that the government will then assume the right to dictate HOW we live.

    I for one, do not wish to have the government or anyone else for that matter, telling me what I can and can’t eat, drink, etc. I don’t want to be told what activities I may or may not participate in.

    Living is risky, that’s the whole point. But we each need to be free to choose the risks we take.

  5. swfreedomlover,

    I understand and appreciate the worry. Unfortunately, my bigger worry right now is corporations telling us who can live.

    Further, even those allowed to live are given far too much medical attention that is ineffective, risky, and costly.

    Did you know that the U.S. is just 5% of world population but takes 56% of the world’s medication? This can’t be good. We’re all walking chemistry experiments … if we’re lucky enough to have health insurance.

  6. Yes, I was aware of that. Our government is controlled by the corporations which is why I don’t trust them at all. I agree with your concerns. It is why I am working on natural remedies now, versus depending on pharmaceuticals, even OTC ones. Why do you think they are trying to get herbs under FDA control? They want to label them dangerous and forbid their sale OR ONLY allow a pharma-copy of the herb by prescription. Keep an eye on CODEX. The EU is already causing havoc with herbs and herbal medicine and the move is well under way here to follow suit.

    I’m even starting to stop buying cleaning products and using natural ingredients instead. My mother has sworn by Vinegar for years for a multitude of cleaning problems.

    I never get flu shots either. As a coffee drinking, salt eating, fat eating, smoker, I’m healthier than all my co-workers, most who are vegetarians, don’t smoke, watch their diet, etc.

    My smoking may shorten my life a little, but if it’s the years that I’d be drooling all over myself in a nursing home, what the hey, someone else can have those years, I’m willing to take that risk that I’ll die sooner.

    I’m 55 now, I have no regrets should I die tomorrow.

  7. but if it’s the years that I’d be drooling all over myself in a nursing home–

    Smoking takes ten years off your life. Well it’s the ten worst years, isn’t it folks? It’s the ones at the end! It’s the wheelchair, kidney dialysis, adult diaper fucking years. You can have those years! We don’t want ’em, alright? –Denis Leary

  8. AMEN!!! Jales

    I’d rather live a short, fun life, full of quality; than a long boring life just to say I lived long.

    Quality over quantity any day for me!

  9. AKA “I live life, I don’t avoid death”. Don’t remember where I saw that, but it sums it up perfectly. LOL

  10. That’s a great quote Jales……I love it!!!

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