He’s The Uniter, The Decider, Now Interpreter….

Should we just call him King George? This man truly believes he is above the law. He definitely doesn’t believe in the Constitution, after all, he is the one who called it “just a goddamned piece of paper”. Nice from someone who swore an oath on the bible (so much for him being a good christian or whatever) to protect and uphold that “goddamned piece of paper”.

Found on CommonDreams.org:

Published on Wednesday, February 6, 2008 by Inter Press Service

He’s a Uniter, Decider, and Now, Interpreter
by William Fisher

NEW YORK — When George W. Bush signed the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act into law last week, he again thumbed his nose at Congress by taking a second now-familiar step: he issued a ’signing statement’ — a declaration that effectively asserts his authority to ignore parts of the law he disagrees with.

His action brought harsh criticism from dozens of legal scholars and advocacy groups who point out that U.S. presidents have the authority under the Constitution to veto or approve acts of Congress — but not to modify them.

Bush’s latest signing statement declares his right to ignore sections of the law establishing a commission to investigate U.S. contractor fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan, expanding whistleblower protections, requiring that U.S. intelligence agencies respond to congressional requests for documents, banning funding for permanent bases in Iraq, and prohibiting funding of any actions that exercise U.S. control over Iraq’s oil revenues.
From the inception of the republic until 2000, presidents produced fewer than 600 signing statements. Since 2001, President Bush has objected on constitutional grounds to sections of more than 750 laws.

Prof. Peter Shane of Ohio State University law school believes the current Bush administration is creating faux law. He told IPS, ‘The Bush Administration’s repeated utterance of its constitutional philosophy shapes executive branch behavior by solidifying allegiance to norms of hostility to external accountability.’

‘Like the torture memo or the rationalizations for warrantless NSA wiretapping of domestic telephone calls, the Bush 43 signing statements embody both a disregard for the institutional authorities of the other branches — especially Congress — and a disregard for the necessity to ground legal claims in plausible law. They are best understood as an attempt to invent law, and as an exploitation of Congress’s unwillingness, at least while in Republican hands, to allow the administration’s more extreme theories of presidential authority to go unchallenged,’ he said.

© 2008 Inter Press Service

All I want to know is why this man is still sitting in the White House? He and his administration have done more damage to this country internally as well as externally. And our congressmen and sentors aren’t much better for sitting back and allowing it.


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  1. King George Bush???? OFF With his head!

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