Update On The Mississippi Food Police Bill

Thank Goddess some folks still have some sense of decency and common sense! The bill presented in the Mississippi House that would basically ban the obese from eating out FAILED!

As reported in the Sun Herald on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2008:

Obesity bill earned a big, fat ‘no!’

House Bill 282, though short-lived, was a doozy. It had people perturbed from Pinola to Poughkeepsie. It drew national media attention. A Florida-based, organized campaign was promptly launched against it.

All that, and it never even cleared committee. It wasn’t even taken seriously by the people who authored it.

The bill, quite simply, would have banned fat people from Mississippi restaurants.

Aaaaieee! Talk about hitting a nerve. People cursed the bill’s authors. People called the state Legislature all sorts of things. People fussed at me for writing about it. People fussed at me for not writing more about it.

One woman noted, “I realize that you are not responsible for coming up with this absurdity called House Bill 282, but I couldn’t stop myself…” from venting her spleen to me. She also insinuated, not so subtly, that much of the state Legislature would fall under the category of obese, from what she’s seen.

While most of the messages were about what you would expect on such a bill, one really grabbed my attention. It was from a man in Brazil, who used the House Bill 282 lemon to make some lemonade. He has started a drive in his country to provide free fruit trees in public areas, so that people can grab a healthy snack as they go about their business.

He explained, “Fruits have around four times more water content than cookies and easily satisfy hunger taking less energy. Refrigerators full of fruits easily beat junkies.”

So there you have it. Problem identified, thank you Legislature; problem solved.

Instead of watching with envy while their skinny friends eat at a restaurant in which they’re not allowed, obese people can gather out in the median and eat some fruit!

But seriously, folks, HB 282 is now officially dead, may it rest in peace. My e-mail box runneth over. Now, on to other news.

Now let’s just hope that’s the end of that nonsense. However, I’m not holding my breath. Someone with a bug up their butt will find a way to start this again using the same small baby step incrementation that the Tobacco Control Cartel used to get to where we are today with smoking.


~ by swfreedomlover on February 11, 2008.

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