Wake Up, Or You Will Die Homeless and Hungry

This is a must read for any and all people who cherish and love their Country and freedom. I’m including links on the bottom to many different things mentioned in his article.

It’s time that WE THE PEOPLE wake up and start defending what our founding fathers left us. It’s time we actually start living the Constitution, and not just spouting it when the circumstance suits our personal purpose.


By Andrew C. Wallace
February 13, 2008

Most people are just like those in Nazi Germany under Hitler, some see the evil affecting others, but will ignore it until too late, but a majority of Americans are as uninformed as a box of rocks because they rely on the controlled media propaganda for information. Our media is really amazing, run by Liberals who do not have a clue that their liberal leaders are communists and their corporate employers are Fascists, with no loyalty to any country. The constitutional right of a free press was to insure Americans the information they must have to remain free, but our media is nothing more than the propaganda arms of owners in the “Chain of Command for Treason” who are in the process of enslaving us and taking our sovereignty. Two of our primary defenses against usurpation are the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the Right to Freedom of Speech. Both of these rights are under serious attack right now and could be instantly denied by traitors in government using existing unconstitutional policy.

Your Enemy is the “Chain of Command for Treason”-CCT, consisting of Elites and their Foundations, who control the Corporations and Media, who in turn control our Government with the direction of their think tank and shadow government, The Council for Foreign Relations, CFR et al. Elites are mostly the progeny of wealth, a few have earned or stolen their own money, many of the forebears were ruthless and very active supporters of Fascism and Communism as are the leaders of both parties today. These statements are not subject to question, there is just too much documented evidence to support them. Today’s leaders of the CCT and their supporters have been taught from birth that they are superior to average Americans who are only ignorant and common people born to be their slaves. No Question, we will be their slaves if they take away our Sovereignty. The ultimate objective of the CCT leadership is Power, Wealth and a One World Government with them as the unelected despots.


We are still not totally dominated, so we are being allowed to participate in a Sham Election because the CCT fears “We the People” as we are the most heavily armed population in the world, and have the internet to inform people at no cost. The media as part of the CCT is as effective at propaganda as Hitler ever was. This Election is so important, and flawed in so many ways that you should read the following experts on the subject: Devvy Kidd, Frosty Wooldridge, Alan Stang, and Dave Daubenmire in NewsWithViews, dated 2-7-08. The CCT owned media does not perform the constitutional function of a free press and is losing consumers to the internet. Because of this, the internet as we know it is not likely to survive as reported by Brent Jessop in “Pentagon: The internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy “weapons system” in “Global Research, 2-2-08” Jessop reviews a Department of Defense document released by freedom of information act titled: “Information Operation Roadmap Part 3, 30 Oct 2003”in which they propose to destroy the internet as we know it, DOD” is blunt about the fact that an internet, with the potential for free speech, is in direct opposition to their goals.” If you can’t believe Jessop, read the damn government document yourself. In simple terms we must take back our country using the rule of law before they take away the internet and our guns, or as God is my witness, we will all die homeless hungry and in pain as slaves.

Read the FULL STORY here.

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