Fear Mongering At It’s Finest or The Perfect Diversion

I was having thoughts since yesterday about the latest school shooting. It suddenly went through my head “what IF these shootings are NOT random, but well planned acts by others to push gun control laws that would UN-arm the American people”. Then today I read an opinion by Marty Kaplan, on the Huffington Post that basically suggested the same thing, only for a different reason.

Friday morning, President Bush came out of a meeting with Republican Congressional leaders and blasted House Democrats for not performing precisely the kind of fellatio on his FISA bill that he had requested. His statement was designed to get Democrats-are-soft-on-terror into the news cycle as he headed off on Air Force I to Africa. It worked: the cable nets covered it live. And then, CNN cut away to DeKalb, Illinois, where, we were told, “CNN correspondents have fanned out” to explore every conceivable aspect of the tragedy of the shooter-suicide.
The two stories waging an unequal fight for airtime come together in this: the Illinois shooter proved a key point about terrorism. Random, horrifying violence attracts cameras like carrion attracts vultures. Every time George W. Bush whines petulantly about Democrats not pleasuring him exactly the way he demands, the power of his fear-mongering derives from the same media ecosystem that empowers all terrorists, whether at Ground Zero or Cole Hall.

I have to admit that yesterday and this morning were the first times I’d actually seen Bush speak with feeling and passion. Of course, it was just his anger at not getting what he wants handed to him on a silver platter, but hey…………..it was at least animated, which is more than his talks ever are.

The man was spitting nails practically that the House will NOT grant him the right to spy on just anyone without a warrant, and will NOT allow those accomplices to this breach of ourConstitution (the telecommunications companies) off the hook for handing over OUR personal information without a warrant. I mean Bush is so pissed about this he gave another press conference this morning chastising the House for taking it’s 12-day break without handing him his free pass. I should have counted the number of times he used the words/phrases “terrorists”, “protecting the people”, “hindering terrorist surveillance”. I mean it would have comical if it hadn’t been so pathetically obvious that he was making sure WE the people remained afraid and blamed the House rather than himself.

And CNN……………..Damn but those people know how to beat a dead horse, not to mention how to numb us to what is happening with their constant and repetitive harping on the latest school shooting.

Don’t get me wrong, these things are horrible. But I swear, do we really need to hear from a hundred different people who saw nothing about how they felt? I don’t need them to say what I know: that I’d be scared. Do we really need them to try and GUESS what led up to it? Unless the gunman left a detailed note telling his reason, everything else is just that…………a GUESS.

I don’t know what makes people do these things, but I have noticed a trend…..they all seem to be “troubled” somehow and “on medication” and all always manage to kill themselves before being taken.

If you really listen to these reports, you can see how they are really trying to make you afraid, fearful, etc. They dwell on it, constantly. Someone should tell the media that beating dead horses is not nice. In fact, isn’t it illegal?

So, yes, I can see how events like this play into the deceit, the corruption and the basic treason this administration is famous for. And the media is just as bad, though being they are all Corporate owned, it’s no surprise.

I saw last night on CommonDreams.org a release from the National Lawyers Guild (and trust me, I have a grain more trust in lawyers than I do this administration), about FISA.

The National Lawyers Guild Condemns Senate Grant of Immunity to Lawbreaking Telecommunications Companies

NEW YORK – February 14 – Responding to fear-mongering by the Bush administration, the Senate voted on February 12 to give retroactive immunity to the telecommunications companies that have turned over our telephone and Internet communications to the government. These companies have violated several laws, including the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), Title III, the Communications Act, and the Stored Communications Act, as well as the First and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution.

The Bush administration has been illegally engaging in warrantless surveillance since early 2001, through its “Terrorist Surveillance Program.” Over 40 lawsuits against the telecommunications companies challenging the legality of the program are pending.

On the eve of Congress’s Labor Day recess last year, the Bush administration had rammed that the “Protect America Act” through a Congress still fearful of appearing soft on terror. It was a 6-month fix to the 1978 FISA, which didn’t anticipate that foreign intelligence communications would one day run through Internet providers in the United States. But the temporary law went further than simply fixing that glitch in FISA; it granted immunity to telecommunications companies that provided consumer telephone and computer data to the government.

The day before the Senate took up this issue, Vice President Dick Cheney invoked the memory of September 11, 2001 twelve times in his address to the Heritage Foundation, and urged Congress to make the Act permanent. In the face of lawsuits against the telecom companies, Attorney General Michael Mukasey described the need for the companies to defend against litigation as “an enormous burden.” Indeed, defending these lawsuits has likely cut in to their enormous profits.

Although President George W. Bush claims that making the Act permanent was critical to keeping us safe, he threatens to veto the bill unless it includes the immunity provision. Apparently protecting corporate profits trumps national security.

The House of Representatives passed a bill without immunity for the telecoms. The two bills will have to be harmonized. The National Lawyers Guild urges Congress to adopt the House version that omits immunity. Litigation against the telecommunications companies is the only remaining avenue of accountability for the administration’s lawbreaking.

Founded in 1937 as an alternative to the American Bar Association, which did not admit people of color, the National Lawyers Guild is the oldest and largest public interest/human rights bar organization in the United States. Its headquarters are in New York and it has chapters in every state.

Wake up America! When they break down your door it will already be too late!


~ by swfreedomlover on February 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “Fear Mongering At It’s Finest or The Perfect Diversion”

  1. I think we should all personally march on Washington DC and let our leaders know WHO they work for. This is NOT gw’s kingdom but the United States of America! And we prosecute criminals here even if the gutless wonders in Congress and the Senate have forgotten that!

  2. Most excellent! Thanks for sharing! I’ll be sure to start to do just as the article says. And the links are great! Keep up the great work!

  3. Y’know, it DOES seem cold hearted to object to how CNN harps on this crap, but jeez. First of all, the news isn’t about “how Joe Blow feels”. It’s supposed to be “this is exactly what happened”. If folks need to be told how horrifying and terrible it is, they have bigger problems than you’ll fix with another illiterate moron crying on screen. Second of all, ok, I could handle a few minutes of “how terrible it is”, except it’s DAYS or WEEKS. Third of all, you cannot put school shootings on the same level as Britney Spears’ nervous breakdown and be taken seriously. I mean really.

    As far as surveillance? It’s going to happen. There’s nothing we can do about it, because the majority of America is too stupid to see what’s going on or too materialistic to care.

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