Short On The Mark Must See Clip

I just saw this clip from that is from a movie directed by Robert Redford in 2007. I have to look for this movie now as I want to see it in its entirety.

This particular piece is on the mark for where we are today. We need to get our collective heads out of the sand and stop “Rome from Burning”.

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This is a great scene from “Lions For Lambs”, a 2007 film directed by Robert Redford.I felt it spoke to the Americans who have yet to see or understand the crossroads our nation is at. The fork in the road can take us in many different directions, but there is only one clear path which will lead us to peace, prosperity and freedom.Wake up AmericaVote Ron Paul for President

~ by swfreedomlover on February 16, 2008.

One Response to “Short On The Mark Must See Clip”

  1. That’s a great clip! Love that last line “At least you did something”. Been trying to say that to my husband for YEARS.

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