Sterilizing Young Girls?

I just read the most disgusting thing. While I understand the reasoning behind it, and can see some sense to it…………it still disgusted me…..not to mention how it raised my perfectly normal blood pressure to the boiling point.

What was even more disgusting are the comments at the end of the article. What was absolutely appalling were the women who were cheering this on also…..obviously they’ve had their children and don’t have daughters. It’s absolutely amazing how people have NO problem with controlling others’ lives and other people’s children. I wonder how they would react IF they were personally affected somehow.

Before I continue, let me say right here that I am NOT a man-hater. I happen to love men. What I DO hate are double standards.

What disgusted me the most was that this piece talks ONLY about girls. Sterilize, temporarily, young girls with a “jab or insert” for long-term contraception that will cut down on the rate of teenage pregnancy and abortion. NOWHERE in this article is it mentioned, or pointed out, that girls cannot get pregnant without a boy’s help. NOWHERE in this article is it pointed out the males are the most promiscuous (well it is once but not in a negative sense). NOWHERE in this article is it mentioned that males should also be sexually responsible.

The day they start legislating the teaching of boys to be sexually responsible; to control their hormones and penis’; the day they start legislating the male penis and insist on sterilizing them (temporarily of course), jabbing them with a chemical or inserting foreign objects into the their body is the day I might consider the idea of legislating the female body. Until then, I notice it is the main CAUSE of pregnancy (males) that is ignored while once again putting the full burden of responsibility and possible harm from these techniques on the female and the female ONLY.

From the Daily Mail in the UK:

Why we should sterilise teenage girls … temporarily at least
Last updated at 01:18am on 15th February 2008

Last week, an intriguing proposition was mooted by Government minister Dawn Primarolo.

Teenage girls, she said, could be steered towards what is described as “long-term contraception”.

This is now possible thanks to the development of contraceptive jabs and implants which can last up to five years.

In other words, there is a way of effectively sterilising girls for a lengthy period of time.

At what age? Well, doesn’t 12 until 17 sound rather sensible?

This would have the advantage of bringing down the teenage pregnancy rate, so high in this country it makes us a disgrace among the nations – the worst offenders in Europe.

The abortion rate would fall sharply. And silly young girls could get on with the education that is meant to produce serious, responsible taxpayers, not benefit recipients.

Now, many people will see this modest proposal as little short of horrific – nothing less than state interference in our reproductive lives.

But think about it: it might not be such a bad idea.

We are moving into a science fiction age in which life itself can be created in a test tube, and it seems that, before long, perfect babies could be bred at will, largely free of hereditary disease and illness.

So, in my view, there is little point any more in feeling shock-horror at the idea of mass sterilisation.



~ by swfreedomlover on February 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sterilizing Young Girls?”

  1. Since it is the male gender that thinks about sex twice a minute from the time he hits puberty, (and maybe even younger who actually knows), it would seem to me that the author of the article is totally misguided or insane. Now, if she proposed sterilizing the males, temporarily of course, I think we might have something here.

    It angers me that time and again they blame Women for what men do, even in cases of rape. When will we stop blaming the wrong gender? Men are the cause of the ills in the world, not women! And I love men too! But most of them are too stupid and too irresponsible to be left alone!

  2. The article disgusted me as much as it disgusted you. It even brought me to tears, the unfairness of the whole situation is unbelievable.

    Being a teenage girl myself (i’m 16) it seems the writer assumes ALL teenage girls are uncontrolable cock loving sluts. I am a virgin and I plan to stay a virgin untill I get married because that is what I believe in. I know not all girls have this mentality and accidents do happen, but putting all the burden on the females is unspeakable. It’s disgusting and unjustified.

    If we even get a -choice- I might try and think twice about this insane idea, but we don’t. It’s talking about FORCED sterilization, has the writer lost her mind? It takes two to tango. She wants to force her own pesonal viewpoint on the rest of the world.

    Just because the culture where she comes from treats women who become pregnant out of wedlock like dirt, doesn’t mean we should reenact their cruel and barbaric behaviour towards women (who sometimes can’t even help it that they got pregnant e.g. RAPE). “You were disgraced, soiled goods: the child was removed, no one would marry you.”

    Such stupid and blind behaviour. Are they forgetting that the woman didn’t fertilize herself…? What punishment does the guy get? Most likely, no punishment at all, he walks free, no life of harship or shame what so ever while the woman suffers. It is, and I repeat, DISGUSTING!

    Like I already mentioned, accidents happen. I think the idea of “temporary sterilization” is dangerous, because things don’t always go as planned i’m afraid it could cause unplanned (obviously, like the pregnancies) permanent damage! Did Fay even stop to think about THAT?

    Furthermore, girls are fertilized by the seed the guys are carrying, we just happen to carry the actual product. If the seed doesn’t fertilize, the product won’t be made. They have the sperm, their tubes should be tied!

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