Google Health – What Is It?

We’ve all heard the stories about electronic medical records and how beneficial they will be. The idea being to pour everyone’s medical records, and everything else about them apparently, into a massive data base.

On the surface this might seem like a good idea. BUT just how safe would our information be? How might it be used? Who might get access to it?

Here’s just a few snippets from the article. It is a long one, but well worth the time to read.

After reading this piece from Junkfood Science yesterday, I am re-thinking quite a few things. This is an eye-opening, if not frightening, piece you will want to read and learn more about.

Google Health update — A new Google World

Thursday, the CEO of Google, Inc. spoke publicly for the first time about what they’ve been designing and building with Google’s new Health project. For those who understand doublespeak and what’s been going on, it was as Dr. John Crippen, a physician in the UK, wrote: “Google is really frightening. [Unlike the NHS centralized data collection effort] they will get it right from the beginning.”

This is not about our health or convenience. This is a vast private-government partnership to create the world’s largest ever database of genetic, medical and personal lifestyle information, that can and will be used against us.



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