A Question of Ethics

I was reading this article in NaturalNews and all I can say is I’m glad I no longer have young children.

I tried looking for some other documented information about this and didn’t find any. However, the way things are going these days, this doesn’t really seem far-fetched at all.

Doctors Interrogate Children as Informants on Parents’ Behavior
Monday, March 03, 2008 by: David Gutierrez

(NaturalNews) Encouraged by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), pediatricians across the United States have begun questioning children about their parents’ habits, in some cases even filing police reports based on this information, according to an opinion article published in the Boston Herald.

Article author Michael Graham recounts that his own children were asked by their doctor whether their parents used drugs and alcohol, owned guns, or were abusive. The doctor did not seek parental permission before asking the questions, nor did he inform them that they were being asked; Graham and his wife found out only after their children came home from the visits.


I’m sure there are those who will say this is a good thing, it will help kids who might be being abused at home. Really? How often do abused kids actually tell someone else? Think about that a moment.

Then of course there’s always the “good intentions run amok” sysndrome. And I consider this to be just that.

Say you’re a parent who enjoys a glass of wine with your meal every night, or after dinner. Just one glass. The doctor asks your child about your drinking habits, and your child trusting the doctor says yes, every night. Do you really believe the doctor might dig further into what or how much? The doctor might do that, but then what if your child innocently says that all he/she knows about is what he/she sees at dinner every night? Do you see where this could go? Do you like the idea that Child Protective Services (or whatever they are called in your area) could come to your door, with police back up, and invade your home to investigate? Are you really willing to risk losing your child over a glass of wine every night with dinner just because someone else thinks you are abusing your child by doing that? Because that is what you are allowing if you let them use your own children to spy on you.

And contrary to what others may try to say, we have a Constitutional right to own guns in this country. So as far as I’m concerned, that is none of the doctor’s or anyone elses business.

Personally I think it is disgusting that children are being used to

  1. snitch on their parents (this is so Hitler-like its not funny) and
  2. being used to try to force parents into behaving the way someone else wants them to.

Haven’t you noticed that “the children” is the battle cry for just about everything these days? It’s enough to make you hate kids. It’s enough to make you think that all should be sterilized so there are no kids to be used as weapons against “free will”.

As far as I’m concerned, emotional blackmail is the weapon of tyrants and control freaks to steal your free will from you. And if you let them, then you deserve whatever comes your way.

This just crosses the line in my book. A doctor does not have the right to ask these questions of a child, especially without the parents present unless there are obvious signs of abuse visible on the child. And even then, they need to tread lightly.

As for me, I refuse to bow down to bullies, and I consider these things to be on the line of what Hitler did in Germany back in the 1930’s and 40’s. Don’t believe me? Try reading, it’s eye-opening when you realize history is repeating itself.

How did we ever reach this point where the “Land of the Free” is suddenly turned into such a nanny-state? OR, what have they really put in the water to turn us all (well not all but most anyway) into such passive sheep?

Update: I found out this story appeared in the Boston Herald back on October 4, 2007. While the article itself is now archived and the archives don’t seem to pull it up, here is the link to the comments associated with this piece. I feel better now having some kind of verification of this.


~ by swfreedomlover on March 4, 2008.

One Response to “A Question of Ethics”

  1. I hear you! Damn glad I don’t have young children either. Could be hazardous to your health! But good for the medical professionals that will make a profit off the drugs Big Pharma gives them.

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