So…..You Want A National Health Care System?

While the idea of a single payer national health care system sounds like a good idea, and contrary to Michael Moore’s “Sicko” endorsement of such a system, people I talk with in Canada and the UK really don’t have too much good to say about their system. The biggest complaint are the extraordinarily long waiting times for appointments or surgeries.

Technically, it’s not even free for they pay heavily in taxes into the system (if you work that is). It’s really only free IF you aren’t working and are living off the taxpayers to start with.

I don’t understand long wait times for surgery when cancer is involved, or tumors for that matter. My sister was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She had a biopsy done and it was confirmed malignant. OK, this was all done in short order, so it’s good right? Well that was last month (February). Her surgery to remove the cancer and thyroid is scheduled for the end of April. That’s a 10 week wait. For the record, my sister lives in NYC, has worked all her life, has private health insurance through her job. I personally think that is a ridiculous wait for surgery when you are talking about cancer or tumors. I can understand it if the surgery you are talking about is to correct a hammertoe or bunion, or just some plastic surgery, or even the gastric bypass surgery. But tumors and cancer? I think not.

However, I don’t know all the details around my sister’s doctor and hospital so I suppose I shouldn’t be so harsh. But if this can happen when you have private insurance, just imagine when it’s the government running things.

Take a look at this video from Canada and then tell me you still want to vote for any of the candidates “universal” health plans:


~ by swfreedomlover on March 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “So…..You Want A National Health Care System?”

  1. The things you said are the truth. Universal Healthy is more myth that fact, something that seems to be good on paper but not so feasible when it comes time to implement it in reality. Those bench marks in Canada are a big negative and should be more widely known across the country.

    Question thought, do you know how effective nations who have a Universal Health System in it but allow a private one to stay as well?

  2. ‘Thanks’ to communism, my country has had NHCS for decades. Now that we’re living in a democracy, with have both NHCS and private insurance available to us. The standards are high and the fact that healthcare is available (actually, it’s illegal not to have health insurance) to everyone is priceless. The only problem is the atittude of doctors and other medical professionals working within the system. They feel underappreciated, underpaid and tend to take it out on the patients…

  3. Great post. People think the with a national plan that health insurance quotes will be low or free. The reality is someone will have pick up the bill

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