Beware Georgia Kids….Nanny Has Arrived

If I were a parent in Georgia, I’d be seriously looking for a private tutor for my child. Or for a new state to live in (and forget California).

When did government start getting the idea that they could legislate our lifesyles, our activities, our eating? A better question is what the hell is wrong with everyone for NOT marching against all this government intrusion?

I can’t believe some of the comments on this article. That people have gotten so lazy and stupid as to actually think the government has ANY right to dictate our body mass is appalling.

Senators weigh in on kids’ obesity
Associated Press
Saturday, March 01, 2008

ATLANTA — The state Senate on Friday passed legislation aimed at curbing childhood obesity in Georgia by weighing students twice a year in order to track the state’s population of overweight pupils.

he legislation sparked heated debate between supporters, who said it’s needed to rein in the explosion of obese children in Georgia, and opponents, who labeled it a “nanny state” bill.

The measure passed 37-13.

It mandates that schools obtain the body mass index of each student and provide that confidential data only to the child’s parents or guardian. Body mass index is a health indicator calculated using height and weight.

The data would be provided to the state Board of Education, and the averages would be posted on each school district’s Web site for the public to see.


Are they serious? the CONFIDENTIAL data will ONLY be given to the child’s parents or guardian. In the next sentence, apparently this is NOT true for they will also give the data to the State Board of Ed who will then post it on their district’s website.

Now, in order for the State to monitor the childhood obesity problem in Georgia, I’m guessing the Board of Ed is going to have to turn that data over to the State’s health department.

WHAT happened to providing “confidential data only to the child’s parent or guardian”? I don’t care if all that’s public are the averages. The state has NO business doing this. NONE. I don’t even have a young child in school and this makes my blood boil.

Children don’t have enough pressure to deal with these days? Eating disorders among children are on the rise, and now it’s also hitting the boys. Why? Because we are so focused on what is considered “healthy” that we ignore the mental and emotional damage we are causing children.

Yes, a nice body is pleasant to view, however, a trim, fit, thin body isn’t necessarily a healthy one either. There are plenty of overweight people and even some bordering on obese (and in my book obese is 100 lbs over your ideal weight and body frame and NOT 30 lbs over it like the governement wants you to believe), who are quite healthy. So what if they can’t run a mile, or are out of breath after climbing 5 flights of stairs…………that doesn’t necessarily mean they are not healthy.

I think what’s really needed is a good clear definition of the word “healthy”. For example, in my office, I’m considered NOT healthy because I eat meat, use salt freely, eat fatty foods and smoke. I’m also the only one carrying excess weight (about 35-40 lbs excess). Yet, I’m the only one who never has to run to the doctor. I’m the only one who doesn’t get the flu or suffer severe allergies. I’m the only one who’s never called in sick. Well not quite never, there was once last year when I had a touch of food poisoning. Meanwhile they all take turns with some stomach ailment, allergy, cold, what-have-you and are at their doctor on a regular basis several times a year. And it seems to take them forever to get over whatever is ailing them. So who’s really healthy in my office? Myself or my non-smoking, non-meat/salt/fat eating coworkers? Personally, I think it’s me. But maybe I’m just being biased……..LOL

I can almost hear the litigation lawyers in Georgia rubbing their hands already with gleeful anticipation over the passage of this bill.

What the hell is going on in this country?

~ by swfreedomlover on March 8, 2008.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree :o)

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