Cheese Sandwich Health Warnings

I’m sure by now you all think I’m the crazy one. Right? I know you do…….LOL That’s ok though. Ten years ago I would have thought someone like me was crazy too.

Well, I promise you, it’s NOT me. However, considering how most people are just sitting back and accepting all this insanity, I sometimes wonder. These days, I really don’t care much what anyone else thinks of me either (must be something that comes with age because once I turned 50 I felt free), because I am comfortable with myself and me and my God/Goddess are the only opinions I need to worry about.

From the UK I bring you the latest in the fight against obesity (which never existed until they lowered the BMI):


Monday March 3,2008
By Ian Fletcher

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DAIRY foods like cheese and butter could soon have to carry cigarette-style warnings in a bid to slash Britain’s soaring levels of obesity and heart disease.

The Government’s Food Standards Agency is said to be considering using shock tactics to persuade Britons to cut down on their consumption of saturated fats.

Any crackdown could target a wide range of regular snack staples, such as cheese sandwiches and buttered toast, which the watchdogs warn are high in the fats.


I’m almost speechless. This is obscene. Of course it would never enter their pea-brains that obesity and heart disease are on the rise because of all the stress these clowns are causing with all their chicken-little-the-sky-is-falling fear mongering. Hell living in fear is enough to kill one and all.

I knew it would come to this the minute everyone drank the tobacco control movement’s kool-aid. I knew it would never stop with smoking, because it was never about smoking and/or health.

We are on the verge of losing the freedoms guaranteed us in the Constitution, and everyone’s just sitting back thinking this is alright.

As Captain Kirk used to say on Star Trek “Beam me up, Scotty”.

The world’s gone mad, and I believe I’ll go stock up on some bread, butter and cheese………..oh and my beloved Ruffles Original Potato Chips…………LOL.


~ by swfreedomlover on March 9, 2008.

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