Bush Is Disgracing America And Americans

WHY is he allowed to continue? WHY is he still in the White House? HOW can anyone stand behind this lying tyrant? Hitler must be sitting on his shoulder egging him on. I think it’s Hitler that he’s mistaken for God speaking to him. As bad as Sadaam Husein was, at least he was openly ‘in your face’ with it. This one that claims to be the leader of the free world is sneaky, deceptive and manipulative. He is even worse than those he condemns.

Bush The Torturer, The Tyrant, The Disgrace

by Pierre Tristam

On Saturday, Mr. Bush vetoed a bill that would have outlawed the CIA’s use of torture in interrogations (a bill, it should be noted, John McCain, alleged opponent of torture, voted against). He had the temerity, our Dear Leader, to begin his official endorsement of torture in his radio address this morning with these words: “Good morning.” Good for him and his kind of delusional sadists, maybe. Not so good for this country, whose reputation today takes one more plunk toward the abyss of rogue and less than ordinary nations. Not so good for the rest of the world, either, whose nations have been disbelievingly howling, in Babels of translations, that most American of plaints: “Say it ain’t so.” This spring training for terrorist-interrogators (for torture is terrorism at its distilled worst), it very much is so. The United States is officially, proudly, the land of torturers. It’s true that the United States has been at this for years. But the difference here is not only that the president is endorsing torture, but that he’s doing it so openly and willfully. It isn’t arrogance anymore. It isn’t even hubris. Arrogance and hubris suggest that at least some awareness that public perceptions still matter. In Bush’s mind, perceptions are for the birds. This is pure tyranny. His statement embracing torture, a study in mendacity, is worth a line-by-line look.

“This week,” he began, “I addressed the Department of Homeland Security on its fifth anniversary and thanked the men and women who work tirelessly to keep us safe.” Really? As of last May 1, Homeland Security, the Washington Post reported, “had 138 vacancies among its top 575 positions, with the greatest voids reported in its policy, legal and intelligence sections, as well as in immigration agencies, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Coast Guard.” It got so bad that a panicky report was sent to the House committee overseeing the department-the department led, as we unfortunately know, by the intrepidly dismal Michael Chertoff, who captained the agency through its finest hour: its spectatorship of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath.


Where America could once stand tall and proud, she now has to hang her head in shame and TRY to revive her good name and standing in the world.

WE THE PEOPLE need to take back control of the government. They are answerable to us; they need to be held accountable to us.

Hillary Clinton was asked a question about torture at one of the debates. Personally, I think her answer was rather vague. She left wiggle room.

Question: Let’s say we were to capture the #3 man in Al Qaida, and we know there’s a bomb about to go off, and we have 3 days, and we know this guy knows where it is. Should there be a presidential exception to allow torture in that kind of situation?

Answer: As a matter of policy it cannot be American policy, period. There is very little evidence that it works. Now, there are a lot of other things that we need to be doing that I wish we were: better intelligence; working to have more allies. But these hypotheticals are very dangerous because they open a great big hole in what should be an attitude that our country and our president takes toward the appropriate treatment of everyone. And I think it’s dangerous to go down this path.

Source: 2007 Democratic primary debate at Dartmouth College, September 6, 2007

Click on this link and scroll down to the section titled: Torture cannot be American policy, period.

I agree with her on that. However, the question was “should there be a presidential exception?” and her answer leaves room for such presidential “exceptions”. She never said yes or no to the actual question. In fact, she basically did not answer the question. Therefore I don’t believe she is totally against torture, just that it should not be our policy. Yeah, no kidding it shouldn’t be our policy and there also shouldn’t be exceptions. PERIOD. Too bad she never answered the question. Unfortunately I’m sure there are a few fools who believe she did answer it and think she IS against torture. Obviously nothing could be further from the truth.

Using the same link, just change the name from Hillary_Clinton to Barack_Obama and scroll down to see this:

America cannot sanction torture; no loopholes or exceptions

America cannot sanction torture. It’s a very straightforward principle, and one that we should abide by. Now, I will do whatever it takes to keep America safe. And there are going to be all sorts of hypotheticals & emergency situations & I will make that judgment at that time. But what we cannot do is have the president state, as a matter of policy, that there is a loophole or an exception where we would sanction torture. I think that diminishes us and it sends the wrong message to the world. Source: 2007 Democratic primary debate at Dartmouth College Sep 6, 2007

It’s nice to know someone doesn’t believe the president is above the law, even if I have no intention of voting for him. Of course, then there is always the issue of politicians having a really bad habit of never doing what they say on the campaign trail. So who really knows?

Interesting though that I don’t find the same question asked of the Republicans.


~ by swfreedomlover on March 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “Bush Is Disgracing America And Americans”

  1. Even if, indeed ,it were possible to remove GW Bush from office, would it be worth the time, effort, money and bad will generated given how soon his presidency will die a natural death?

    I agree that GW Bush is probably the only President in our history who truly deserved to be impeached . In fact I , personally think that he should be taken out and shot but that ain’t gonna happen.

    So get over it.

  2. Bad will it would generate? You don’t think the man has generated enough bad will already?

    I’ll get over it as soon as his administration is gone.

    I mean, really, a girl’s gotta have a dream yanno….LOL

  3. It seems kind of pointless to ask McCain this question. As a man that was imprisoned and tortured for 5 years,they could believe his response is a “gimme”. Quite frankly, Clinton does nothing BUT leave herself wriggle room all over the place. Her policies on parenting terrify me more than her policies on war. A woman who didn’t raise her own child making demands on how I raise mine???

    I think Clinton is just a left leaning Bush. She’ll do the same crap, plus some democrat shit that will fuck us up just as bad as Bush.

  4. I think about the only good thing bush has done is awakened a whole lot of people to exactly how against the constitution the government operates. My hope is that the “people” will demand accountability from anyone else residing in the white house as well as from the other two branches of government.

    There was an article on Common Dreams yesterday about McCains flip-flopping on the whole torture thing. How a former POW could flip-flop on this is beyond my comprehension. He’s just kissing bush’s ass (eeewwwwww) since bush is endorsing him. But I wouldn’t trust him anymore than any of the others either, and less now that the bush is in his corner.

  5. I agree that “there is always the issue of politicians having a really bad habit of never doing what they say on the campaign trail”. Therefore, it is up to you, American voters with a conscience, to constantly remind them what the did say, why you vote for them, and what is good and decent. In short: elect to end torture at http://www.humanrightsfirst.org/us_law/etn/elect08/

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