Sex Scandal or Cover Up?

I read News With Views a lot. They have quite a few regular contributors, some I like, some I don’t. Many of their contributors have some good things to say but lose me the minute they attach God and/or church to it.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and belief (still at least) so that’s not my problem. I just get turned off completely by religious people as far to many of them border on fanatical in my opinion. I also have a problem with people who think that religion has to play some important role in every thing that occurs. Faith and belief are one thing, I have faith and a belief. My faith and belief just don’t include churches, temples, mosques, rabbis, priests, pastors or any other religious building or leader.

But I digress. Chuck Baldwin (www. is a regular contributor to NWVs. I usually just pass over his stuff as it is too loaded with his religious fervor. Today, however, he had a really good piece which asked a really good question. I kept waiting for the religious angle to come into play, but it really didn’t, which was refreshing. I did bold and italicize the question.

Thoughts On The Spitzer Sex Scandal
by Chuck Baldwin
March 14, 2008

By now everyone in the information world knows about the sex scandal that forced New York Governor Eliot Spitzer out of office. For those who have been on Mars the past few days, Governor Spitzer was caught in an FBI wiretap probe involving an expensive prostitution service. Apparently, the governor has been utilizing these prostitution services for some ten years and has spent tens of thousands of dollars for his numerous trysts. The sting that caught him involved a banking institution alerting federal authorities (as they do millions–yes millions–of times every year) to “suspicious” financial transactions between Spitzer and the call girl service, The Emperors Club VIP. At the time of this writing, no criminal charges have been filed against Spitzer. (They seldom are in these cases.) Obviously, the embarrassment of the revelation forced Spitzer to resign.

Should Governor Spitzer have resigned? Of course. Elected officials who practice adultery betray more than their families; they betray the trust of the people who elected them. In the old days, adultery would even have disqualified a person from military or government promotion–perhaps even their very position. Adultery is the cause of countless divorces and the source of many children’s and teenagers’ societal malfunction. It is a curse on our country. No one abhors adultery more than I do.

That said, there is a nagging question in the back of my mind, Why did the hammer fall on Governor Spitzer now?


So, why was Governor Spitzer “outed”? I do not have the answer to that question, but, mark it down, somebody in Washington, D.C. has the answer. Somebody–or a group of somebodies–decided that Eliot Spitzer had to go. Of that I am sure. I wish I knew who they were, and I wish I knew the reason why. But, believe me, there was a reason.

There is an old saying inside the Beltway, “When it comes to politics, there are no accidents or coincidences.” There is a reason for everything that goes on in Washington, D.C. That is something you can take to the old proverbial bank. It’s just that unimportant people such as you and me are not privy to what those reasons are.

You can read the FULL STORY HERE.

The minute the news about Spitzer broke my first thought…..ok my second thought because my first thought was that it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy……what are they trying to distract us from now.

Well let’s look as some of the news that didn’t really make the news the past week or so, was barely mentioned at all, or that they want you to just not notice too much.

Just to name a few, and I’m sure it could have been to downplay any of these, or some of them, or all of them. But I did notice that the news media focused most of its attention on the sex scandal. Like anyone really gives a crap about the sexcapades of anyone else. But you really do have to wonder who the hell Spitzer pissed off (not to mention how) to make them want to take him down that way.


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