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I read a great piece this morning that I just have to share. I can’t say that I’ve seen anyone spell out what is happening so clearly as this.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, and I hope it helps you see clearer the direction this country is being forced to go. Yes, I said “forced”, for that is what is happening, whether you choose to admit it, see it, or acknowledge it or not.

I encourage you to click on the link at the end to read the whole article.





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March 24, 2008

Fighting the Left’s Control Agenda

You might be asking, especially if you don’t care about incandescent versus compact fluorescent, or don’t smoke, or don’t drive, why any of this is a big deal. These don’t seem to be such major encroachments, after all. And there are benefits from these outcomes. But incidental noble ends do not and cannot justify, and therefore must be separated from, the immoral means.

Nothing is more precious than liberty – the right and freedom to make choices for oneself and fully accept responsibility for the consequences. That the end of government control may ultimately prove beneficial in some respects – which happens nowhere near as often as liberals like to think or would have you believe – is not the point. The point is that once you allow government to presume to choose for you how your life shall be lived, in any detail, in principle your freedom is gone. And that is more detrimental, by far, than any other superficial gain is desirable

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