Killjoys Want To Ban ‘Happy Meals’

Sometimes it feels as if we are in a race here. First we do something stupid and senseless, then the UK does something equally or more stupid and senseless, then we try to out-do them, and so on and so on. Though I admit England is lightyears ahead of us in terms of surveillance cameras all over the place (talk about big brother), even going so far as having them talk to you should you do something it doesn’t like (like trying to cross against the light, dropping a piece of paper accidentally). And some would love to see them used here, as in England if not more so.

Now that the war on fat is steam-rolling ahead at full speed Liverpool, England has decided to take the plunge and try to actually ban some real food………ok so it’s really real fast food, but you know what I mean…”it’s for the children” afterall………LOL

Happy meal ban to be pursued by councillors

LIVERPOOL councillors last night agreed to try and stop the sale of McDonald’s Happy Meals over fears they are damaging childrens health.

Councillors agreed unanimously to promote a private bill forbidding the sale of “junk food” with free toys.

If the by-law is successful, it will become the first of its kind in the UK. The plan was put before the Children’s Services select committee, who blamed fast food and high street names including Burger King and Wimpey for making children obese.

Cllr Paul Twigger, who presented a childhood obesity panel final report, said: “We want to look at some restrictions on not just Happy Meals, but Mars, Burger King and Wimpey and the like, because offering gimmicks with food is unethical.


Unethical? While the toys in a Happy Meal may very well be a ‘gimmick’, it’s hardly a dangerous one. I was always under the impression that parents, not the government, chose what to feed their kids.

This just gets more and more pathetic every day. It’s almost as if “they” (those in charge) get some kind of thrill from controlling every aspect of our lives. It appears that if it’s fun, if it tastes good, and if you enjoy doing it…..they will ban it. And they think there’s a lot of road rage on the highways now? ROFLMAO

This will be one to keep an eye, because you can bet your booty someone in the U.S. is thinking the same exact thing.

WHAT is going on these days indeed!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


~ by swfreedomlover on April 4, 2008.

5 Responses to “Killjoys Want To Ban ‘Happy Meals’”

  1. I found your post while I was googling “ban Happy Meal Toys.” I feel the need to provide some counterpoint here. I’m from the US, a parent and am sick and tired of plastic crap from China (or anywhere else for that matter) being peddled to kids. We DON”T do Happy Meals unless we are desperate for a meal on the go and then we usually ask them to leave out the toy. We are also trying to teach our daughters that having more Polly Pockets, LIttlest Pets, Barbies, Bratz, etc. are NOT the way to happiness — but it is a chore from hell when you can’t even feed your kids without being inundated with commercial gimmes. The plastic, disposable, cheap toys are just one more way we are raising a country of gluttons – and some common sense SHOULD prevail. Who needs more plastic to throw away and clog our waterways? Ugh – all plastic that is non-essential SHOULD be banned – this includes the shopping bags, plastic food containers, etc.. Doing so has nothing to do with freedom – it has to do with stopping corporate idiots from mass producing more crap that a) no one needs and b) is poison from the point of production to the point of consumption and disposal. I’m FOR kids having a few good quality toys, enjoying creative expression and imagination, and lots of freedom, but I am against corporate idiots who think the only way to *freedom* is by mass producing more CRAP in the name of “consumer choice”. Why can’t we use our science and intelligence for actually improving people’s lives instead of polluting them?

  2. I happen to agree with your view here. My point is that IF parents don’t want their children to have them, just say NO. It worked for our parent when we were growing up, it still works (I used it with my own son). IF people stopped buying them OR do like you and tell them to leave the cheap toys out, THEN they might get the message. MY whole issue is this pandora’s box that is opening more and more.

    Where do you stop? Where do you draw the line? We are already seeing people screaming the word BAN IT, just because they don’t like it.

    We need to be free to make our own choices, to teach our children they can’t have everything they want. We need to teach our children to make intelligent and informed decisions, and they don’t learn that IF you remove all “unfavorable” things from them.

    So while I agree with your points, I must also disagree for I don’t see how over-regulation and heavy-handed government laws allow any room for FREE CHOICE.

  3. I’m a liberal and a Democrat, and even *I* think this is going way too far. Don’t want your kids to be fat? Don’t take them to McD’s! It’s just that simple! What ever happened to personal responsibility?
    I don’t eat at McD’s, nor would I feed it to children, but reading this kind of makes me want to go get a Big Mac just because I can. (For the time being, anyway)

  4. They’re not proposing to ban fast food, they’re proposing to ban the marketing practice of enticing children to eat their food (or rather, to nag their parents into buying their food) through the offer of free toys. Parents can still choose to feed their children non-stop burgers and fries, if that’s their desire; they just won’t have to deal with the added and wholly unnecessary irritation of a whiny child begging to be taken to McDonald’s because she wants a shiny bauble rather than (or in addition to) the food.

    Happy Meals and the like are, in essence, marketing aimed DIRECTLY at children, and it is indeed unethical even by your own standards, as it attempts to circumvent the role of parents as the legitimate primary protectors of and gatekeepers to their children. You are of course correct that, ultimately, parents and not government choose what to feed their kids. All the more reason, then, that fast food companies ought to be targeting their marketing to the parent and not the child.

  5. How? Don’t parents know how to say NO anymore? Damn!

    Sorry, but in the end they will go after the fast food. Then it will be whatever food they deem bad for you.

    You miss the whole point.

    Personal responsibility is what is being abolished here. IF nobody ate the stuff, it wouldn’t exist. If parents stood up to their kids and did their job, there’d be no problem.

    As a mother, I can assure you that my son never pestered me after I said NO.

    As for marketing to the children, when they stop using the children as emotional blackmail to push draconian personal agendas, then I’ll demand they stop marketing to them to.

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