The Reason You Shouldn’t Trust ‘Studies’

I’ve often wondered about all the studies that come out that are reported on. Then they started issuing press releases on these studies, many times before they are even peer-reviewed (not that such review is any less biased or can be trusted either) and published.

Needless to say when they started coming out with the studies on global warming and obesity and everything else………………I raise an eyebrow and wonder.

Mainstream media is no help these days for true investigative reporting no longer exists. They report what their corporate owners tell them to report and contradictions are NOT allowed.

Here’s a study that Junkfood Science has disected so that the average lay person can understand just how they manipulate thing to get the results they want and then report them totally out of context, to scare you into obedience. This time it’s trying to tell you that fat women stay in the hospital longer than “fit” women after having a baby. Apparently it turns out that the extra length of time amounts to all of about 2 HOURS……as IF fat women are responsible for how long it takes to get discharged or traffic congestion waiting for a ride home?

Another blank missile fired at fat pregnant women

The story has circulated around the world, reporting that a new study supposedly found “obese” pregnant women have hospital stays 4.1 days longer than “normal” weight women, putting a “financial strain on the healthcare system.”

We have now gone beyond any ability to have reasoned discussions about fat. Anyone can make the most exaggerated claim and no one questions it because “everybody knows” obesity is so deadly.

4.1 days (?!?)


What’s more appalling is the sheer arrogance that these people issuing this nonsense believe that most of us have no intelligence or ability to understand what we see and experience in real life. It is insulting how they treat us like idiots. Even the ads on TV do the same thing.

In June of 2006 the former Surgeon General, Richard Carmona (whose now heavily involved in the war on obesity), issued a press release on smoking and second-hand smoke (SHS), declaring that there is NO safe level of SHS. YET, if you bothered to check the 727 pages behind that press release (and it is publically available and you don’t need to be a scientist or professional to understand the conclusions at the end of each section), the actual report itself, you would find that this was NOT a new study but a cherry picked compilation of old studies, including an EPA report that the courts have dismissed because the EPA didn’t follow it’s own rules and lowered the standard required to come up with their conclusions. IF anyone bothered to check the 727 pages, they would have seen the conclusions at the end of each chapter and noted that at least 85% of the conclusions DO NOT SUPPORT the press release. At least 85% of those conclusions all state the same thing “the evidence in inconclusive (or insufficient) to infer causation”.

I now look at everything with a question. I figure nothing is as safe OR as bad as is being claimed. As usual, the truth always lies somewhere in the middle.

It’s pretty pathetic when you can’t trust studies and reports, or even your own government. THIS is where we are at today. How much longer are we really going to tolerate such incompetence and lies? How much hatred is being promoted with these “reports”? Not only promoted but apparently encouraged.

Here’s a fact for you from my own life. I’m the only one in my office of 8 who smokes, uses salt excessively, eats red meat regularly, eats junk food regularly, sits in the sun (not overdoing it) and is overweight. Everyone else there is vegitarian, vegan, or just watches what they eat for “health” reasons. I’m also the only one in my office of 8 who isn’t running to the doctor on a regular basis with one ailment or another. Personally, I’m the healthiest person in my office. I will also add that I’m the oldest at 55 and the next oldest to me is 37.

Obviously the new definition of “healthy” is getting sick all the time and needing a doctor. I prefer my way, since it’s proven to work for me, thankuverymuch.

~ by swfreedomlover on April 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Reason You Shouldn’t Trust ‘Studies’”

  1. Priceless ending and definition of the new “healthy!!!”

  2. Hi there Sandy, nice to see you again! Glad you liked that. Every time one of them gets ill, I tell them you need to take up smoking at least………hehehehehe Pisses them off to no end that I’m healthier than they are. And they don’t even move the car until I buckle my seat belt………….IN THE BACK SEAT!! I laugh at them. It’s amazing I survived my childhood at all. We didn’t have seat belts then, not even in the front seat, no child seats in cars either. No helmets when bike riding, no helmets, knee pads, elbow pads when roller skating………and we did all that in the street too, not some special park or location. And the go carts we made out of old roller skates, no brakes on a hill in the city with someone watching for cars at the bottom……….THOSE were fun days. Kids today have no clue how to entertain themselves since their lives are managed from birth.

    Yep, I’ll stick to MY idea of healthy………LOL

  3. Jeez, I had the flu and I wasn’t in the hospital 4 days longer, let alone the overweight part.

    I’ve worked in a hospital and the only women who stayed longer than normal were those that had some complication. Usually related to the birth itself, hemorrhaging, emergency c-section (and not many of those really), stuff that has nothing to do with anything a person can control. Unless they are going to tell me ripping innards and breach births are caused by obesity?

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