Blackwater Contract Renewed

You have to wonder what this administration is thinking sometimes. Last year there was an incident (or perhaps a couple of incidents) where Blackwater soldiers opened fire killing Iraqi civilians. The Iraqi government revoked Blackwater’s license to operate in Iraq at that time while they were investigating the incident.

So when I read Common Dreams today, I see that the U.S. has renewed Blackwater’s contract. You have to wonder why OUR tax dollars are being spent to pay mercenaries to fight an illegal war bush started.

The Iraqis are not pleased with this little bit of news, and I can’t say that I blame them. We were once a strong and proud country………today we seem to be nothing more than bullies, trying to force OUR culture on the world.

Iraqis Angered by Renewal of Blackwater Contract

by Khalid Al-Ansary

BAGHDAD – Iraqis expressed anger on Saturday at news the United States had renewed the contract of Blackwater, a private security firm blamed for killing up to 17 people in a shooting incident last year.

“Renewing this contract means we will see this sort of thing again in the streets,” Abbas Hasoun, a grocer, said. “I wish we could turn the page on this, but keeping this company here means bloodshed will continue.”

A traffic policeman who said he was questioned in Turkey by the FBI about the shooting was patrolling on Saturday the same busy traffic circle where the incident took place.

“I went to Turkey and testified about what I saw, but all my efforts were in vain when I heard the news,” said the policeman who asked that his name not be published for security reasons.

The FBI is investigating whether Blackwater employees broke the law during the shooting last September when Blackwater staff, apparently believing they were under attack, fired into cars in heavy traffic, killing civilians.

In spite of the criminal probe, the State Department announced on Friday the firm’s contract to protect U.S. personnel in Baghdad would be renewed.



Then I came across this piece in the same Common Dreams Newsletter. It’s not bad enough we have American Military Soldiers over there, but we have to have civilian contractors adding to the chaos as well?

US Military Charges Civilian Contractor in Iraq

BAGHDAD – The United States military announced on Saturday it had charged a civilian contractor in Iraq under U.S. military law for the first time.0405 02 1 2

Alaa Mohammad Ali is accused of stabbing another contractor, the military said in a statement. It did not specify his nationality.

The statement said he was the first contractor charged under an amendment passed by Congress in 2006, which governs military trials for contractors accompanying U.S. troops.

Ali has been held by U.S. military authorities since February and will face his first pre-trial hearing on April 10. He will be given the same rights as a U.S. service member facing military court, the statement said.

The legal status of contractors in Iraq has been the subject of substantial controversy, especially since last September when contractors from the U.S. firm Blackwater were accused of killing 17 people in a shooting incident in Baghdad.

The FBI is investigating whether Blackwater employees broke any laws in that incident, which angered the Iraqi government.


It’s no wonder America is no longer looked upon in good favor. bush has done more to destroy this country and her reputation than any other president. He can’t be gone soon enough.

Everyday on the news you hear about the number of American Soldiers killed in Iraq. What you never hear is the number of Iraqi non-combatant civilians killed in Iraq. And the latter number is far, far greater than our losses.

All these lives, American and Iraqi, lost. For what? So bush can control some oil?

It’s disgusting!


~ by swfreedomlover on April 7, 2008.

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