Bush Not The Only One Itching For A Fight

In the spirit of fair play, I suppose it would be appropriate to also express that I feel Iran would love nothing more than a fight with the U.S.

What is it with these men that they have to resort to such tactics rather than actually acting like the intelligent adults they are supposed to be and TALKING? Fighting should never be the first resort, only the last and only when there is NO way around it.

From Common Dreams:

Iran Says US Aids Rebels at Its Borders

by Borzou Daragahi

BAGHDAD – A series of conflicts with insurgent groups along Iran’s borders may be impelling Tehran to back its own allies in Iraq in what it regards as a proxy war with the U.S., according to security experts and officials in the U.S., Iran and Iraq.0415 06

Dozens of Iranian officials, members of the security forces and insurgents belonging to Kurdish, Arab Iranian and Baluch groups have died in the fighting in recent years. It now appears to be heating up once again after an unusually cold and snowy winter.

In recent weeks, Iranians have begun the now-routine bombardment of suspected rebel Iranian Kurd positions in northern Iraq, and guerrillas have claimed incursions into northwestern Iran.

Some Iranians blamed Sunni Arab radicals for an explosion Saturday that killed 12 and injured 202 at a gathering where a preacher criticized the Wahhabi form of Islam that inspires Osama bin Laden.

None of the groups appear to pose a serious threat to Iran, but Tehran regards them as Washington’s allies in an effort to pressure it to scale back its nuclear program and withhold support for militant groups fighting Israel. American and Iraqi officials in turn accuse Iran of supporting Shiite Muslim militias and other militant groups in Iraq to keep the U.S. preoccupied and the Baghdad government weak.

Although a U.S. intelligence estimate in December undercut claims that Iran has a secret nuclear weapons program and appeared to lower the possibility of a direct military conflict over Iran’s uranium enrichment operations, tensions over Iraq have increased. U.S. officials accuse Iran of backing Shiite militias close to cleric Muqtada Sadr that fought Iraqi government forces to a standstill in Basra and Baghdad two weeks ago.

Tempting assets

Read the FULL STORY here.

It’s enough to make you want to grab each by the ear and then bitch-slap some manners and sense into them. Though at least in bush’s case I doubt that would work, for it requires the person to have a functioning brain.

As one of the commenters on Common Dreams, expressing my very thoughts, wrote: “Anyone care to place bets on which month in the coming future will feature 24/7 news reports on what history will deem to have been the false flag event that started the US-Iran war? Let’s make it simpler: before or after the first week of November?”


~ by swfreedomlover on April 16, 2008.

One Response to “Bush Not The Only One Itching For A Fight”

  1. DAMN! Loved the piece! Ha! Bitch slap them! Now that is something I can get behind! hehehehehe

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