The Problem With Labels

I read a piece on News With Views this morning that is really bothering me. What disturbs me the most about this piece is the labeling of an entire group of people because of the actions of a few sick ones.


By Cliff Kincaid

April 20, 2008

It was big news that the Pope said that he was ashamed that the Catholic Church had pedophiles in its midst. But there is much more to the story. The media ignore the well-documented fact, which the Pope understands, that the pedophile problem was a function of homosexual men infiltrating the church as priests.

We should remind the news-consuming public of the facts about the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. I wrote about this in 2004 when The National Review Board for the Protection of Children and Young People, established by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, released its report on the crisis. Members of the board were reluctant to talk about the real problem publicly, but it is identified back on page 80 of the report, where they say that “…we must call attention to the homosexual behavior that characterized the vast majority of the cases of abuse observed in recent decades. That eighty-one percent of the reported victims of child sex abuse by Catholic clergy were boys shows that the crisis was characterized by homosexual behavior.”

At the time, the Washington Times headlined this finding in a front-page story, “Gay priests cited for 81% of abuse.” By contrast, the New York Times, which functions as a virtual house organ of the homosexual rights lobby, played down this finding, relegating it to paragraph 15 in a February 27 story.

The report said, “In some areas, the large number of homosexual priests or candidates had the effect of discouraging heterosexual men from seeking to enter the priesthood. In the 1970s and 1980s, in particular, there developed at certain seminaries a ‘gay subculture,’ and at these seminaries, according to several witnesses, homosexual liaisons occurred among students or between students and teachers. Such subcultures existed or exist in certain dioceses or orders as well. The Board believes that the failure to take disciplinary action against such conduct contributed to an atmosphere in which sexual abuse of adolescent boys by priests was more likely.”

However, rather than urge the church to keep homosexuals out of the priesthood, the board said it is vital that seminaries create a climate and a culture “conducive to chastity.” So homosexuals can continue to be admitted as long as they don’t engage in homosexuality. But that was expected of them in the past, and they violated the rules. Many in the media ignored the problem, as identified by the board, and then ignored the fact that no real solution was presented.

There is reason to believe, however, that the Pope understands and has faced up to the problem.

In 2005, in what was described as his first major ruling, Benedict reaffirmed that homosexual men should not be ordained to the priesthood. This ruling and other statements earned him the label of “Anti-Gay Person of the Year” by the Washington (Gay) Blade newspaper. This is the paper that ran the ad for a “hot bottom” that enticed Rep. Barney Frank to hire a homosexual prostitute.

© 2008 Cliff Kincaid – All Rights Reserved

Read the FULL STORY here.

<disclosure>Now, before I begin, let me be clear about one thing…..I have NO great love or respect for the Church, any church/temple/mosque for that matter. I consider them to be centers of brainwashing for those who can’t be bothered thinking for themselves, or don’t ‘feel’ that God/Allah/etc is everywhere and can be spoken with at any and all times regardless of setting, without the middle-man putting their personal spin on things. And if it really is anyone’s business….I’m also 100% heterosexual. </disclosure>

I find this piece appalling in the obvious homophobic tone it sets, in the obvious church preachings that homosexuals are an abomination to God, in the obvious labeling of an entire group of people for the actions of a few, to cover their unnaturally chaste asses.

I don’t give a rats ass what the Catholic Review Board claims. The Churches preaches that any sexual conduct outside of procreation between a married male and female is an abomination. Of course they are going to claim it was only homosexuals doing such horrid things. The Church did it’s own review and that’s what is considered Gospel? We wouldn’t believe any report that was done in-house due to obvious biased preference, why would anyone believe this one? Just because it was the Church? Let’s use some common sense here.

Using the argument presented here, it could be said that all heterosexual males are pedophiles also, since a few happen to like and sexually molest and abuse little girls, including married ones with children of their own.

And what about the married men with homosexual tendancies who seek out only males in their extra-marital encounters? Because basically, by blaming the sexual abuse of those boys on “homosexual” priests, you are in fact labeling all homosexual males as pedophiles. I hope GLBT takes them to court for this.

I’m sorry, it was PRIESTS who were the pedophiles in this case, sexual orientation aside (as IF that even matters when it comes to sexually molesting a child). It was PRIESTS abusing their position, and trust, who committed these disgusting crimes.

I know several homosexuals of both genders and I know that none of them think of, or look at, little children in any sexual context at all. And isn’t it amazing it’s only homosexual men abusing little boys?

How come you don’t hear about homosexual females abusing little girls, IF as this piece states it’s the homosexuals abusing these little boys, wouldn’t it carry over that lesbians would be going after little girls?

Girls aren’t allowed to serve at the alter (talk about more discrimination) so it’s the little boys that are more easily accessible to these priests.

Maybe some of those priests were so desperate for any sexual contact they didn’t care (a sign of a sick mind in my opinion). That’s what happens when you deprive people of natural feelings. And sexual urges are natural. That they pick children is disgusting, and is in fact more of the problem than their own sexual preference. Pedophiles are sick and twisted, and I don’t think any normal sane person, no matter how desperate would resort to such an act.

The Church preaches that God-approved sex be only between a man and a woman and they have to be married to each other and sex is only for the purpose of procreation. Given THAT, why don’t they allow priests to marry and ‘procreate’? OH that’s right, sex is the original sin. It’s ok for all us peons to marry and have children but they are above such God-given feelings! *rolling eyes here*

And who says those priests are all homosexual? What if some were bi-sexual? I also notice that wasn’t brought up. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that was all made up in an effort to give the church even more reason to discriminate against gay people.

I’m not condoning the church’s lack of action in these cases, nor am I condoning the actions of the sick individuals cloaked in the church. I’m stating what I see as the obvious. The labeling of an entire group of people just because of a few bad seeds, and because it allows you to justify your stand on homosexuality. THAT is wrong AND it IS discrimination also.

This piece basically labels all homosexuals as predators. BULLSHIT!! Since the Church insists on chastity, and all these men live together, perhaps we should just label all of them homosexuals? I mean what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

People who condemn, or deny, sex are not normal in my opinion to start with. But really, is the labeling of an entire group of people the answer? This piece just promotes more hate and discrimination.

Our sexual orientation, preferences, don’t define who we are as people. Pedophiles are sick animals who harm our children. They come from all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes.

It was PRIESTS who betrayed the trust that was given them. It was PRIESTS who took advantage of little children. It was PRIESTS who harmed those children that trusted them. It was PRIESTS who committed the most heinious of crimes on our young boys, and probably did it under the guise of “God’s Love”. It was the Church that tried to cover it up. It was the Church that removed these “priests” from one parish and stuck them in another.

In other words, it was a few bad apples that the Church tried hiding. I don’t really blame them, it’s just human nature, but since the Church holds itself above all others, by not defrocking them and turning them over to the authorities, the Church appeared to condone their actions.

We have to stop allowing a few bad apples from spoiling the entire barrel. It’s wrong to label anyone.


~ by swfreedomlover on April 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Problem With Labels”

  1. I wrote about this too, but the Pope claimed it was ‘declining American values’ and American television that was causing the problem.

    The fact is, MOST men who practice pedophilia are NOT gay. The assumption is that men who are attracted to little boys are attracted to grown men. Most times it’s a false assumption. I’m not saying gay men don’t do it, there’s probably at least one out there. But the majority of “homosexual” abuse is actually a straight man with a child fixation. Pedophilia is considered a separate sex thing than homosexuality. Pedophiles often have NO attraction to adults at all. Not to mention it’s a crime of opportunity. Ugh, it’s frustrating.

  2. I don’t know how many times I see search engine criteria on my blog for young boys or girls age 11 or so. This makes me sick. Wish I could trace them and turn them over to the cops! I agree with your article 100%. And with the other commenter. The church is a sick and twisted place these days. Did you see how the pope fawned over the UN? One of the most ineffectual bodies out there and he was swooning over them! Sheesh!

  3. I hear you Jalestra! The article I posted though seems fixated on “homosexuals in the priesthood”, and what got me riled up was the way the article comes off as labeling all homosexuals as pedophiles.

    The pope believes our giving homosexuals civil and human rights “declines our values”.

  4. Justmytruth, the church is pathetic and hypocritical. It goes against everything it preaches. The pope was just kissing ass at the UN.

  5. […] So reading this article today in gave me what I needed to get this article out. I’ve been stewing on it for a week now and just couldn’t get my thoughts down enough. Every time I started to I just got mad, and that doesn’t make for good writing at all. So I just kept putting it off. My friend, on the other hand, wrote a great piece and I hope you will check out her blog on this issue: The Problem With Labels […]

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