The CDC and The EPA CANNOT Be Trusted!

You really can’t trust any government agency anymore. Just to add insult to injury, OUR tax dollars support and pay for these agencies. These agencies that we are supposed to trust to have OUR best interests at heart, to protect US from the unseen dangers.

My trust of the government is now gone completely. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is at least one agency I’ve always trusted. Over the past few years I have wondered given some of the claims I’ve heard come out of it, but trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, I still held out hope that there was at least one government agency I could still have some faith in.

Well, silly me! Apparently you can’t even trust the CDC. Check out this article from the NewsWithViews site:


By Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
April 23, 2008

Last week, the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform held a hearing on whether the federal government is doing enough to prevent hospital infections. The answer the committee came up with was a resounding no.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consistently understate the size of the problem, and their lax guidelines give hospitals an excuse to do too little,” says Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D., Chairman of the national Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths.

How many hospital infections? “The CDC claims that 1.7 million people contract infections in U.S. hospitals each year. The truth is many times that number. The proof is in the data,” explains McCaughey. 2.4% of all patients have MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) hospital infections. That means 880,000 victims a year from one superbug!

Furthermore, MRSA infections account for only 8% of hospital infections. “Imagine the numbers from bacteria of all kinds,” says McCaughey.

These new facts discredit the CDC’s official number. “It’s an irresponsible guesstimate based on a sliver of data from 2002. You can’t responsibly deal with a health threat based on six-year-old data,” McCaughey told

The CDC is failing to set high standards for cleaning and screening – the two methods required to stop the rapid spread of germs from patient to patient.

CDC fails to set cleanliness standards. Hospitals used to routinely test equipment and surfaces for bacterial contamination. The CDC (and the American Hospital Association) advised them to stop, saying it wasn’t necessary. The infection toll proves that advice was wrong.

© 2008 NWV – All Rights Reserved

Read the FULL STORY here.

If the CDC can’t handle something as important and simple as setting proper standards for hospitals to ensure the health and safety of the citizens of this country who turn to them for healthcare………………then how the hell can they be trusted with more serious health issues like highly contagious diseases, epidemics, etc?

Personally, I find it pathetic, not to mention downright mind-boggling, that hospitals actually have to be TOLD to maintain HIGH CLEANLINESS standards!! I mean they are all so concerned about health they ban smoking anywhere within a mile of their “sterile” buildings………………..and they can’t figure out how to keep germs from spreading? The average person on the street even knows how to do that.

I think the point of this story should really be that if you want to be healthy and STAY healthy, then don’t go to the hospital.

About MRSA from the Mayo Clinic

None of this should surprise us though, at least not if you read more than the main stream media who just parrot what their corporate masters tell them to say.

There’s another article I read regarding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and how an independent survey revealed that many scientists within the EPA have felt pressured to manipulate data to produce a pre-determined result and some who have just outright quit because they wouldn’t lie about their findings.

From Common Dreams:

EPA Scientists Complain About Political Pressure

By H. Josef Hebert

WASHINGTON – Hundreds of Environmental Protection Agency scientists say they have been pressured by superiors to skew their findings, according to a survey released Wednesday by an advocacy group.0424 02 1

The Union of Concerned Scientists said more than half of the nearly 1,600 EPA staff scientists who responded online to a detailed questionnaire reported they had experienced incidents of political interference in their work.

EPA spokesman Jonathan Shradar attributed some of the discontent to the “passion” scientists have toward their work. He said EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson, as a longtime career scientist at the EPA himself, “weighs heavily the science given to him by the staff in making policy decisions.”

But Francesca Grifo, director of the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Scientific Integrity Program, said the survey results revealed “an agency in crisis” and “under siege from political pressures” especially among scientists involved in risk assessment and crafting regulations.

“The investigation shows researchers are generally continuing to do their work, but their scientific findings are tossed aside when it comes time to write regulations,” said Grifo.

Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., in a letter sent Wednesday to Johnson, called the survey results disturbing and said they “suggest a pattern of ignoring and manipulating science.” He said he planned to pursue the issue at an upcoming hearing by his Oversight and Government Reform Committee where Johnson is scheduled to testify.

The group sent an online questionnaire to 5,500 EPA scientists and received 1,586 responses, a majority of them senior scientists who have worked for the agency for 10 years or more. The survey included chemists, toxicologists, engineers, geologists and experts in the life and environmental sciences.

The report said 60 percent of those responding, or 889 scientists, reported personally experiencing what they viewed as political interference in their work over the last five years. Four in 10 scientists who have worked at the agency for more than a decade said they believe such interference has been more prevalent in the last five years than in the previous five years.

© 2008 Associated Press

Read the FULL STORY here.

So the next time some well known, <sarc>highly respected</sarc> so-called public health/government agency issues the latest and greatest health scare, you might want to stop and do a little digging on your own before you start to panic.

Fear is the order of the day since bush stole the white house and that is just the way they want it. A people afraid are a people who will quietly and willingly relinquish their freedom and liberty and submit to the elite few who wish to control all.

Are you really willing to continue to lie down covering your head while they trample all over you?

It’s time to get back to the basics. Time to get back to the Constitution, and well past time that We The People stood up and demanded that those WE pay answer to US and not to the major corporations who line their pockets.


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