Removing Parental Rights….”For The Children” of course

In my opinion things are pretty bad when government easily intrudes into your private home and start dictating what you can feed your children. Of course, they have no clue as to your budget, nor do they care.

“You vill feed your child vhat ve tell you to; your child belongs to zee homeland!!”

Seriously, while this is happening in the UK, it won’t be long before it starts here. Remember, right now the U.S. and the UK are joined at the hip, what one does, the other follows.

Check out the latest from the Times Online in the UK:

Don’t you wonder how the world managed to survive all this time? I mean using today’s standards, there shouldn’t be a baby boomer alive……….between smoking, sugar, no helmets, no seatbelts……hell, we should all be dead. How did we manage to not only survive but go on to have our own healthy children?

The School Food Trust, the body set up by the Government to turn round school dinners, suggest drawing up a policy for packed lunches – a few basic rules to bring them in line with a healthier school environment – and make sticking to it part of a code that parents have to agree to. Others say it is impossible for schools to police what children bring in to eat. Margaret Morrissey, of the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations, says: “Many parents in this country will feel that it is their decision what they feed their children.”

Joe Harvey, of the Health Education Trust, a charity involved in the Better School Food campaign, agrees. “You can’t search kids for Kit Kats,” he says. So what can schools do about it? “There has to be a process of education and consultation or they’ll get the burgers-through-the-fence brigade. It should be part of a whole school food policy.” He advises schools to build food rules into any contract the school makes with new parents; do everything possible to make sure children know what’s going on in the school kitchen; and make the meal service as attractive as possible.

Meanwhile, the schools below have different ways of giving chocolate and crisps the cold shoulder in packed lunches . . .

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Read the FULL STORY here.

What’s even funnier is that there was NO obesity problem UNTIL they lowered the BMI.

International variations

These recommended distinctions along the linear scale may vary from time to time and country to country, making global, longitudinal surveys problematic. In 1998, the U.S. National Institutes of Health brought U.S. definitions into line with World Health Organization guidelines, lowering the normal/overweight cut-off from BMI 27.8 to BMI 25. This had the effect of redefining approximately 30 million Americans, previously “technically healthy” to “technically overweight”. It also recommends lowering the normal/overweight threshold for South East Asian body types to around BMI 23, and expects further revisions to emerge from clinical studies of different body types.

In Singapore, the BMI cut-off figures were revised in 2005 with an emphasis on health risks instead of weight. Adults whose BMI is between 18.5 and 22.9 have a low risk of developing heart disease and other health problems such as diabetes. Those with a BMI between 23 and 27.4 are at moderate risk while those with a BMI of 27.5 and above are at high risk of heart disease and other health problems.[1]

Note that overnight this change effectively made 30 million people obese without them having to gain a pound. All of a sudden the governments feel this need to “fix” us and take over making our choices for us. Personally, I smell a control freak here.

I’m just so glad my son is an adult now or I’d be considering home schooling him. I also find myself sorry for having brought him into such a pathetic world, because he is so much like me in his thinking, freedom loving and independence that I don’t how he will survive this new world order that I see coming about. I think he’s one of the reasons I do this blog, it’s my first step to trying to maintain the freedom and independence that this country has enjoyed until this point.

How anyone doesn’t see George Orwell’s 1984 coming to life, just amazes me. As far as I’m concerned IF the government wants to choose what I do, what I eat, what I wear, what I think, What I see, what I read, then that same government can pay all my bills, pay for all the food on my table, pay to keep the roof over my head and financially support me for life. Until then, they can KMLWA (kiss my lily white ass)!


~ by swfreedomlover on April 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “Removing Parental Rights….”For The Children” of course”

  1. Damn! I hear you! This is totally pathetic! I’d be withdrawing my kid from those schools! No way is some agency telling me how to feed, clothe or anything else having to do with parenting.

  2. The governemtn is trying to ‘help’ not ‘control’ every apspect of a child’s life. here is an undeniable epidmeic with dietary-related probelms for the youth of today. Society has changed regarding food and food practices, therefore we must adjust accordingly. Research show parents support such moves regarding school food policies. Children go to school to be educated, nutritios fod has been shown to improve this process. Children can eat whatever and do whatever their parents see fit outside of school, however during school they are under the care and supervision of the school and its rules. Something needs to be done, the youth of today are suffering from dietary-related diseases like we haven’t seen before, the governement are simply trying to make a difference – if they don’t who will?

  3. Well, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. However, IF what you say were true, then the schools would be offering CHOICES. Instead they ban all foods they deem inappropriate forcing the children to eat what they say, and THEN force parents to pack the same kind of food in a child’s HOME-packed lunch.

    Yes, something needs to be done, and that something is to stop allowing kids to spend so much time in front of the computer and TV, just for starters. Then you need to STOP putting all the chemicals in the food, soil, water and air. There is little nutrition in our food these days, and the man-made chemicals passing for nutrition are what is causing the bulk of the problems. Technically, everyone to today is MALnourished. And nourishment has nothing to do with the amount of food you eat.

    Get back to basics…..less pre-packaged foods, allow kids to be kids and run around outside for hours on end……it worked before it would work again, only the government doesn’t want it to work because they want to CONTROL you in the end. They want you passive and dependent.

    That MY belief, and if I had a farm, I’d be willing to bet it.

  4. I totally agreee – back to basics is the way forward! Remove artifical and bring back natural! Unfortunately it seems like a long shot, although it shouldn’t. As long as people speak up and are heard things could change …. we just have to be heard by the government to keep active and independent – and that is down to us (Good Luck)

  5. We can only pray and put out the energy that more and more people will wake up and shout out! Unfortunately, the majority seem to have drunk too much Kool-Aid and sheepishly accept all this government intrusion and stipping of our liberties.

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