The Government WILL Control Your Health

I heard some time ago that New York City was seriously considering mandating all laboratories to report all blood work on diabetics, so that they could monitor not only how many diabetics the City had, but how well they managed their blood sugars. If they didn’t manage them properly then the City would step in and “help” them to monitor it. I put the word help in quotes there because the implication I get is that “help” really means dictating to the patients, coercing them into compliance with some numbers they felt were appropriate.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually threatened those receiving any kind of benefits (housing, medical, food stamps) with loss of benefits IF they don’t comply with the City’s instructions on blood sugar management. This is the world we are living it right now. This is where all the fear mongering is taking us.

You just have to know they will extend this to every area of our lives. Obesity is next, I’d bet the farm on that…………..if I had a farm! LOL

The Junkfood Science blog is dedicated strictly to health issues of all kinds and does a nice job breaking down all information into terms us lay people can understand. She wrote a piece earlier this week that mentions this NYC registry, and apparently Vermont is also doing it, that shows how easily this could go out of control nationally.

Government health surveillance — a medical debate you need to know!

Diabetes is a gateway issue… the opening salvo, if you will.

An important debate on the ethical, legal and public health issues surrounding New York City’s creation of a mandatory registry of diabetes patients appears in the current issue of Annals of Internal Medicine. The journal devoted a notable amount of space to this because it is a hugely important issue with enormous, irreversible ramifications for the country.

In the name of public health and allocation of public resources, government agencies are working to seize private medical records on people without their consent to build a database of health indices and behaviors that can be said to “burden employers, insurers and … touch everyone in our society.” More importantly, this information will be used to monitor how citizens conform to tenuous health indices and how physicians comply with government or third party practice guidelines. This may sound melodramatic, but won’t by the time you’ve read the discussion.


I hope Sandy will forgive me for doing this, but I just have to include another paragraph from her posting as I find it to be THAT important and I don’t want it missed.

However, there are very distinct differences between traditional health department disease registries and the radical programs in Vermont and NYC, they stressed. Now, information is being gathered about people without their explicit informed consent, using a passive opt-out procedure, they said. There is no ability for people to opt out of having their personal health information included on the registry. People are “sent a letter that allows them to opt out of being contacted by the Dept of Health,” they explained. If people don’t reply, “they are automatically eligible to be contacted, and in either case their information remains in the registry.” [The opt-out procedure is explained on the NY government website here.] In other words, in order to receive medical care, people are forced to participate.

Anyone still trying to argue that these databases are “good things” is just too blinded with fear or ignorance to understand ramifications or to see the whole picture!! And while I might feel those people deserve what they get, I don’t wish to be dragged into that hellhole with them, and we all will be if we don’t start taking our liberty and freedom back before it is all lost forever.

The other side of this coin is the doctor issue. I read a piece in connection with tobacco control, where a litigation lawyer/professor (whose made millions suing tobacco companies), announced (or should that be “threatened”) that doctors could face lawsuits for not following Federal mandates to inform every smoking patient about the risks and offer cessation aids and help. Seriously, do you want to be nagged by your doctor about something you are not even there to see them about? I sure as hell don’t. Here’s a good blog about this.

What’s going on these days is a deliberate campaign to have us all fearful of everything. If you happen to be an athletically inclined person who is always out doing something, and watch what you eat, you are then fed a diet of “THEY are costing you money”. We’ll totally ignore that the insurance companies are in business to make a profit and don’t give a damn about your health; we’ll totally ignore all the vulture-like litigation lawyers foaming at the mouth to take your case to court and charge McDonald or Krispy Kreme with forcing you to buy their products and get fat. We’ll forget that hospitals are in business to make money and NOT in business to “heal” anyone (given how this superbug MRSA started in hospital settings).

Here’s an interesting piece about who’s judging your doctor’s care of you and why:

From Newsweek:

Greg Friedler for Newsweek
Earl Cartensen, a primary care physician in Aurora, Colorado has disputed insurance company rankings of his practice

Making the Grade

Doctors say insurance company rankings of doctors are based on cost, not quality. Will a new patient charter resolve the debate?

Dr. Earl Carstensen says he has never failed a test in his life. So he was surprised when, in October 2006, one of the insurers he works with informed him that his Colorado-based practice had failed to meet their cost-efficiency standards. They told him he was at risk of losing his contract with them.

The level of care Carstensen provides wasn’t an issue. He ranked in the 80th percentile on the company’s quality-of-care measures. Nonetheless the insurer explained that he would have to make some changes in his practice, like cutting down on the length of patient visits, or finding less expensive emergency rooms, lest he risk being kicked out of the network. “None of the extra things I did, like providing reams of information to my patients or being available to them 24/7 made any difference,” Carstensen says. “They could still yank my contract based on a low efficiency score, and that would hurt my reputation and cost me patients.” (Carstensen asked that the name of the company not be made public.)

Scoring systems like the one used to rate Carstensen have touched off a contentious battle between doctors and insurance companies, two groups whose relationship was already strained. Insurers say the ratings are intended to help patients get the right care at the best price. But being graded by insurers makes doctors uneasy. A growing number of physicians have accused giants like Cigna and United Healthcare of using dubious and secretive ranking systems to steer patients to the cheapest doctors, by claiming those are the best doctors. “There is a huge conflict of interest for the insurer,” says Nancy Nielsen, president-elect of the American Medical Association (AMA). “Their primary objective is to keep cost low.”

Insurance companies point out that the impetus for cost-based ratings and networks comes not from insurers, but from their customers. Bill Taylor, the regional medical director for Blue Cross Blue Shield in midwest Texas explains that “for small employers, the alternative to a low-cost network is no network at all.”

One thing is sure, evaluating the roughly 800,000 doctors in the United States on both efficiency and quality is no small feat. Insurance companies began the task about eight years ago in an attempt to address both the needs of employers looking to curb health-care costs and patients who were demanding more information about their doctors and the services they provide.

Under the existing physician-ranking programs, insurers rate doctors in their networks on quality, cost, or some combination of the two. One plan might offer lower co-pays and deductibles for patients who use high-ranking doctors; another might devise an entire network that consists only of these “preferred doctors”; a third might threaten to cancel the contracts of individual physicians who fall below a certain threshold, removing them from the consumer’s list of choices. While doctors complain that the bases for the rankings are secretive, insurance companies maintain that the calculus used is proprietary. Neither patients nor doctors are given a detailed explanation of the basis for the ratings.

Read the FULL STORY here.

I signed up with an HMO once on a job, only because the monthly premiums were the lowest. I changed doctors several times the first year. I couldn’t believe the lack of cleanliness of their offices alone. And I told them just that also. I finally switched over so I’d be free to choose my own doctor (this was before your “free choice” was being pushed to stay in-network). When looking for doctor’s I couldn’t believe the number of doctors with names I couldn’t begin pronounce, let alone spell. So many were also NOT board certified. WHAT? I’m sorry, why would I trust the opinion of someone who isn’t certified properly? Why would anyone put their lives in such a persons hands? Color me silly, but I that not being board certified to be a tad more important and serious than the insurance company wanted me to believe.

So between insurance companies, cities, states and feds being all concerned about money and lowering costs (to themselves – not you)…….exactly how good and/or accurate do you think your care will really be?

It’s just easier to force everyone to submit to the ideal of the power elite. Well, I have news for them…….I don’t submit! I’m trusting the forces of the universe more and more every day. I’ll take my chances, because they are MINE to take.


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4 Responses to “The Government WILL Control Your Health”

  1. Here in NZ the Government has just announced that girls from 11 – 18 years will be given Gardacil – cervix cancer vaccine (?) as part of the NZ mandatory immunisation program. It looks as though it is time for Guy Fawkes to rise from the dead!

  2. UNBEELIEVABLE!!!! Gardisil is responsible for the deaths of about a dozen teenage girls here. The few places that tried making it mandatory have backed off because of the outrage over the deaths of these girls. We are all being poisoned in one way or another. My friend has a blog and just did a huge piece on this that she titled “The Kool Aid” you might want to read it:

    I’ve joked about something being in the water for a long time now, apparently the joke isn’t a joke after all.

  3. When I was growing up in London after the war, there was a standing joke that bromide was being added to the water to keep the population explosion under control. It looks as though Fluoride has been substituted for Bromide (same chemical family after all).

    Controlling society in one form of another has been the aim of Governments around the world since the 1st World War. Now that fear has become the currency of the day and the Governments can get all of us paranoid about our neighbours then we have the classic case of divide and conquer. After all this was how the Nazi’s managed to get and keep power in Germany. It is (Has) now happened in most of the Westernised countries in the last 60 years or so. The Asian countries have been controlled for millenia already.

    Makes a sad view of the future for our kids and grandkids, doesn’t it!

  4. In the U.S. it’s even more despicable because this country has always, and still does, condemn other countries for controlling the people. Our Constitution was designed to LIMIT government power. I’m not exactly sure when the people stopped being diligent in this, but most of the population are now sheeple. I never considered myself a rebel……………and here I find myself on the other side of 50 becoming more and more rebellious by the day!

    I’ve actually apologized to my son for having brought him into such a pathetic world. That’s pretty sad.

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