Al Gore: Promoting Genocide & Received A Nobel Prize?

We hear the calls for help all the time. Our email inboxes are filled with requests to help those in third-world countries (at least they are if you sign up for even one special interest/activist newsletter). It used to focus mostly on Southeast Asia, these days the calls are for African nations as well.

The concentration camps and killing of millions of Jews during the Nazi Regime were horrific and condemned by all. The holocust is still remembered and talked about as the worst act of genocide in history. Not to take away from that, but is it really the worst? Given the numbers of people dying in under-developed countries, under our very watchful eyes, I have to wonder if there isn’t a new genocide underway, in just as deliberate a manner, only this time under the guise of “health issues” and “global warming”.

I know, I know…..that’s crazy, right? Well there really IS enough food in the world to feed everyone, so you have to wonder what is happening to all the aid being sent to these countries that so many people are starving to death. You also have wonder why so many of them are dying of diseases that have all but been eradicated in the rest of the world.

An article in News With Views gives us a little insight into this, and also explains why I personally no longer have much respect or trust in all these special interest groups. It’s hard to know which ones are truly real anymore.

You also have to wonder how someone who helped promote the return of malaria in underdeveloped countries killing millions of innocent people was awarded a Nobel Prize. Especially for something that is not agreed with by any consensus. Since when do we reward junk science by special interests?


by Arthur Robinson

May 9, 2008

And so it has begun. Word is beginning to spill into the news of food riots and starvation in poor countries, as a result of shortages and the resulting high prices for grain. This suffering is a direct result of the unprincipled actions of self-interested people in developed countries who are promulgating the scientifically refuted myth of human-caused global warming.

Frightened by this myth, U. S. federal and state governments have diverted a significant amount of the American grain supply into the production of ethanol — an entirely counterproductive action that has helped to cause these grain shortages.

There is no intrinsic shortage of food. Since, however, food is perishable; the market produces each year an amount of food comparable to that which will be consumed. Stored food — primarily grain — usually suffices to smooth fluctuations due to weather and other factors. Prices fluctuate within a range narrow enough that most of the world’s people have sufficient food at a price they can afford. When, however, a large amount of grain is suddenly withdrawn from the market, severe shortages can result.

This current food shortage is only the beginning.

We have been down this road before. Unprincipled opportunists — falsely claiming that DDT is dangerous to the environment — managed to engineer a world-wide ban of DDT. DDT had eradicated malaria from the developed world and was well on its way to eradicating it from the less developed countries at the time this ban of DDT was instituted. The initiation of DDT use against malaria was rewarded by a Nobel Prize, and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences estimated that DDT had saved hundreds of millions of lives.

One of the principal political figures who worked to ban DDT was none other than Al Gore.

As a result of the DDT ban, more than 30 million children in Africa and Asia have died from DDT-preventable malaria, and an estimated 500 million adults are today chronically ill from this disease. The ban of DDT was the worst act of technological genocide in human history.

Now, Mr. Gore is the recognized leader of an effort to ban at least 90% of world use of hydrocarbon fuels. Once again, his claims are based upon bogus science and are motivated by personal financial and political self interest. Mr. Gore has been joined by the United Nations and its IPCC process. The goal of the United Nations is clear. It wants the power to tax and ration world energy supplies. This would place essentially unlimited power and money in the hands of the United Nations and cooperating world political entities.

As acts of genocide, the potential effects of the human-caused global warming industry are so profound that the DDT genocide is minor in comparison.

© 2008 – Art Robinson – All Rights Reserve

Art Robinson was educated in chemistry at the California Institute of Technology and the University of California at San Diego. Immediately after graduation, he was appointed to the faculty of UCSD and carried out research there and at Stanford University. In 1973, Linus Pauling and Art Robinson founded a research Institute that was known as the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine. Robinson was President and Director of that Institute. In 1980, Art Robinson, his scientist wife Laurelee, and several colleagues founded the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, where he is currently President and Research Professor.


Read the FULL STORY here.

I didn’t realize that Al Gore was behind the DDT ban. I’m no advocate for the promotion or use of chemicals, especially pesticides that can, and does, get into our food and water supply. But you have to wonder what was going through their mind when malaria went on the rise again in these underdeveloped nations after the DDT ban. OH, that’s right……they blamed it on smoking and global warming….we’ll just ignore the fact that it’s the mosquito that spreads malaria. Silly me.

A google search turns up that Al Gore has been working hard to eradicate those he deems “unacceptable” for quite some time. The American Thinker is a good blog site. Here is a clip from one back in October of 2007:

But it’s not just cancer patients that come into Gore’s technological crosshairs. Gore also points out the supposedly dire effect on nature of growing more food to feed the hungry. Ironically, he blasts what is called the “green revolution,” the high-yield farming and plant breeding that has made countries like India and Pakistan self-sustaining in agriculture. Norman Borlaug won the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize for pioneering these techniques and bringing them to the Third World.

This is an example of how Gore alarms and misleads at the same time. Yes, any agricultural improvement may have negative side effects that need to be fixed. But India’s “temporary” conquering of hunger has lasted 40 years, and the nation is now a net grain exporter. Borlaug has also been honored by politicians of both parties, as he is a senior consultant to the Carter Center and was surrounded by President Bush and the House and Senate leaders Pelosi and Reid when he received the Congressional Gold Medal this July. Gore’s disparaging of Borlaug’s prize-winning achievement shows how far out of the scientific mainstream Gore is on this and other issues.

Unfortunately, Gore still has plenty of influence as an ambassador of science to the media and lay public, and a Nobel Peace Prize may magnify this even more. The results of honoring Gore’s dishonoring of human progress could be tragic and devastating. Look no further than Gore’s tirades against another Nobel-winning achievement: the life-saving insecticide DDT.

Even after the turnabout by the World Health Organization, the New York Times and other establishment venues, Gore has never once said that Rachel Carson was wrong. As late as 1996, he called DDT a “notorious compound” that “presented serious human health risks.” The tragedy is that on this issue, Gore could have used his tremendous political capital to make a difference in reducing malaria deaths.

And Gore is still hindering anti-malaria efforts by spreading misinformation about its main causes. In his movie and book An Inconvenient Truth, Gore blames global warming for recent outbreaks of malaria in the cooler regions of Kenya. But as I have reported in my book Eco-Freaks and elsewhere, the World Health Organization had documented epidemics in those very regions in the 1940s, long before global warming was on the radar screen. The malaria was wiped out there, as elsewhere, by DDT, and unfortunately, as elsewhere, has now returned in the absence of DDT’s use.
Read the FULL STORY here.
And speaking of global warming and Al Gore, do he and his cronies drive vehicles that add NO pollution to air? Even IF they do, how to they get to their speaking engagements around the world? OH, that’s right they take the JET…….you know one of those flying contraptions that spews tons of pollutants into the air each time they use it, and that they claim are part of the cause the global warming crisis. So unless they are flying under their own power like Superman, they are a bunch of hypocrites.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for respecting and caring for the environment, but I’ve never bought into Al’s view of it. There are ways to clean up our environment and do our part to take care of it, however, I don’t believe for one minute that we need to stop living in order to do it.

Michael Crichton gave a great speech back in 2003. I urge you to read the whole thing, I don’t have permission to use any of it yet (still waiting to hear on that) but there are about 3 or 4 paragraphs about 2/3 of the way into it that everyone needs to read and pay attention to. Here is the link for the speech entitled (click on the title):

Environmentalism As Religion

Commonwealth Club
San Francisco, CA
September 15, 2003

The majority of the people today need to pull their heads out of the sand! We are being overrun and overruled by “special interest” groups who don’t give a damn about you, they only care about their personal agenda which they want you to submit to. They are willing to use UN-democratic force via laws to make you submit.

Time to shake off the apathy and complacency we’ve fallen into, and start demanding the Constitution be adhered to once again! It is well past time we made these people using our tax dollars, or our donated dollars, accountable to WE THE PEOPLE!


~ by swfreedomlover on May 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Al Gore: Promoting Genocide & Received A Nobel Prize?”

  1. Put simply, the DDT argument employed by Robinson is sheer nonsense, full of lies and half truths.

    DDT wasn’t banned for the use of combating malaria in the countries that suffered from it. Even in the US it isn’t banned for this purpose. The majority of its use wasn’t even ever to fight malaria in the first place. It was a cheap pesticide for agriculture: that is what gets the think-tanks (Phillip Morris, in fact, being one of the chief funders of this agitprop) that push this myth all worked up, not any actual concern about malaria.

    Many of the countries that did stop using DDT stopped using it not because of any sort of “ban” but because mosquitoes were developing a resistance to it: a VERY key factor in the chemical fight against malaria that Robinson quite suspiciously never mentions in the midst of his rant. Actual experts in the combat of malaria, as opposed to paid spokespeople for this campaign, know this and say this.

    The fight against malaria has not gone poorly because of a lack of DDT. It’s gone poorly because the infrastructure and money for the sorts of comprehensive public health programs (of which DDT use is only one part, not the magical cure its claimed here) don’t exist in much of the developed world: heck most of these places don’t even have access to medicine, much less money for preventative treatment regimens.

    As for ethanol, it certainly is a waste, in my opinion (but far from an environmental-only cause: it’s strongly backed by the Republican party, for instance, because the chief beneficiary is ADM, a powerful agriculture company). But it is not what’s starving anyone: it’s still a very tiny percentage of the picture. Far far more of an effect is had by the huge subsidies, tarrifs and “pay me to not grow crops” plans that American and European countries give to their farming industries that end up driving up farmers in developing countries out of business.

  2. Try John Quiggin’s more accurate take on the history of the DDT ban.

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