Out Of Control Nannyism


Although, since parenting is more and more becoming the domain of government nannies, I think Mother’s Day and Father’s Day will soon be abolished. Unless the only reason to celebrate them is just the fact that daddy was able to plant the seed and mommy was able to grow it.

The world has gone MAD! There is NO other explanation for the extreme nannyism taking place in today’s world. That people are actually calling all this crap a good idea and going along with it just boggles the mind of any person with a room temperature IQ.

Seriously, when did parents become so stupid that they need instructions on raising their children? I mean I know kids don’t come with an “instruction manual” but really, for millenia parents have managed to properly care for their children. So someone needs to explain to me, how and why in the 21st Century, people suddenly need “nannies” to tell them how to eat, what to eat, what kind of exercise to get, how much sleep to get, etc!

Or is it that people just got lazy? They want all the attention of the pregnancy and new baby stuff, but none of the responsibility? I don’t get it.

Sandy over at the Junkfood Science blog has done it again, and put together a list of some of the most pathetic and ridiculous “helpful programs” I’ve ever seen. Seeing them in a list this way (and it’s just a small sampling mind you) scares me to death and makes me so grateful that I’m not a parent with a young child.

It’s official: the world has gone nuts 🙂

There is simply no other explanation. In no particular order, I present as evidence:

Personal trainers and mini-exercise treadmills, child-size stair steppers, rowers and spinning bikes are now offered for children 3+ years of age: The Oxy-Kids classes in Sydney are already booked. Parents work out in an adjoining gym. The mother of a 4-year old said her son’s trainer told him fruit was a healthy food to eat before going to the gym.

The first ever fat camp for toddlers under age 5: A professor from Leeds Metropolitan University has launched a fat camp for toddlers called Too Fat to Toddle.

You will need click here for the Rest of this List.

If this doesn’t have you rolling your eyes, you are a lost cause and deserve the new world that you are allowing to happen. In case you haven’t noticed, that new world allows for NO FREE CHOICE!

My son once told me, unapologetically, that he had no intention of having children and I would never be a grandmother. I told him then “Thank you” and “you’d better make damned sure YOU don’t impregnate anyone even by accident. YOU don’t want children then birth control is YOUR responsibility solely”. I have no great desire to be a grandmother anyway, but seeing how things are going today, I think it’s almost criminal to bring a child into this world and I’m grateful my son won’t be!

If this new world of “nannying everyone” and not thinking for yourself is the world you want then go for it, just please, stop the world a moment and let those of us who aren’t afraid to live freely get off!


~ by swfreedomlover on May 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Out Of Control Nannyism”

  1. Once again, you have provided a much needed touchstone of sanity for me today. Thank you so much!

  2. I’m glad you found a little sanity in my post. I’m so frustrated and fed-up with the direction the world is heading. I’m a 55 year old woman, I sure as hell don’t need a nanny telling me how to live!

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