Will Bush Strike Out At Iran?

There’s talk all over the place about the very strong possibility that Bush will strike a blow to Iran. Hell, I’ve been saying it for over a year now. The man is itching to start a war with them.

Common Dreams has an article that Bush plans an airstrike on Iran this August. The author is concerned about the effect it would have on the elections. Personally, my fear is that an attack against Iran will help Bush call off the elections and declare martial law. I just can’t shake that feeling and it disturbs me. Bush can deny it until he’s blue in the face, I won’t believe him. He’s just lied too much to us already, and with all sincerity too – which just makes him an even lower life form as far as I’m concerned.

According to the article, there are at least two Senators with enough sense and conscience in them still to be appalled about this and who want to find a way to derail such an action.

Bush ‘Plans Iran Air Strike by August’

by Muhammad Cohen

NEW YORK – The George W Bush administration plans to launc0527 06h an air strike against Iran within the next two months, an informed source tells Asia Times Online, echoing other reports that have surfaced in the media in the United States recently.

Two key US senators briefed on the attack planned to go public with their opposition to the move, according to the source, but their projected New York Times op-ed piece has yet to appear.

The source, a retired US career diplomat and former assistant secretary of state still active in the foreign affairs community, speaking anonymously, said last week that that the US plans an air strike against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). The air strike would target the headquarters of the IRGC’s elite Quds force. With an estimated strength of up to 90,000 fighters, the Quds’ stated mission is to spread Iran’s revolution of 1979 throughout the region.

Targets could include IRGC garrisons in southern and southwestern Iran, near the border with Iraq. US officials have repeatedly claimed Iran is aiding Iraqi insurgents. In January 2007, US forces raided the Iranian consulate general in Erbil, Iraq, arresting five staff members, including two Iranian diplomats it held until November. Last September, the US Senate approved a resolution by a vote of 76-22 urging President George W Bush to declare the IRGC a terrorist organization. Following this non-binding “sense of the senate” resolution, the White House declared sanctions against the Quds Force as a terrorist group in October. The Bush administration has also accused Iran of pursuing a nuclear weapons program, though most intelligence analysts say the program has been abandoned.

An attack on Iraq would fit the Bush administration’s declared policy on Iraq. Administration officials questioned directly about military action against Iran routinely assert that “all options remain on the table”.

Rockin’ and a-reelin’
Senators and the Bush administration denied the resolution and terrorist declaration were preludes to an attack on Iran. However, attacking Iran rarely seems far from some American leaders’ minds. Arizona senator and presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain recast the classic Beach Boys tune Barbara Ann as “Bomb Iran”. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton promised “total obliteration” for Iran if it attacked Israel.

© Copyright 2008 Asia Times Online Ltd.

Read the FULL STORY here.

Make up your own mind, but I’d keep my eyes and ears open and be ready to do your part to stop him. If we don’t at least speak out and try, then we are as guilty as he is for his war crimes and invasions.


~ by swfreedomlover on May 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “Will Bush Strike Out At Iran?”

  1. I so agree with you here! And I echo your warnings to all! Get this bastard out of office NOW! He never deserved it. All his lies, all the times he has broken US laws, what the hell is Congress waiting for? Maybe for us to be so divided we can’t function as a country any more?

  2. So, if Bush takes on Iran next, what’s to stop him from doing the same to Hugo Chaves… I agree with alot of the issues you cover. Do you have any input on “BlackWater” and the things they have been involved with? Some friends and I are trying to get more involved, but most people ignore the truth. We set up a myspace (conspiracy theory), and are getting a webpage ready. Check us out.

  3. I’d agree with you, except for this little piece of information I found recently and posted on: http://www.oas.org/main/english/

    The OAS is the “Organization of American States” which is comprised of the countries of North, South, Central America as well as the islands in the Caribbean. You will note here that Venezuela, as well as the U.S.A. is a member state: http://www.oas.org/documents/eng/memberstates.asp and according to the Charter ( http://www.oas.org/juridico/english/charter.html ) of the OAS Chapter II Article 3 states: g) The American States condemn war of aggression: victory does not give rights;

    h) An act of aggression against one American State is an act of aggression against all the other American States;

    i) Controversies of an international character arising between two or more American States shall be settled by peaceful procedures;

    Chapter IV Article 15 states: The right of each State to protect itself and to live its own life does not authorize it to commit unjust acts against another State.

    Article 21 states: The territory of a State is inviolable; it may not be the object, even temporarily, of military occupation or of other measures of force taken by another State, directly or indirectly, on any grounds whatever. No territorial acquisitions or special advantages obtained either by force or by other means of coercion shall be recognized.

    Technically, bush cannot go after Venezuela. That’s not to say he wouldn’t be arrogant enough or stupid enough to try. I’m simply pointing out that there is in existence an agreement that the US is a part of that forbids it. Unfortunately, this administration doesn’t seem to understand the concept of “honoring contracts”.

  4. “Technically”, the war we are already involved with is totally illegal. War is to be passed by Congress not by Presidents. How did we go from bombing everything in Desert Storm, and know this present war is starting to look more like Vietnam… Somebody is getting rich. You should check out HAARP, they have their own agendas as well. newconspiracytheory@yahoo.com we can’t access the other one anymore. Kind of weird huh….

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