The Lies The Sheeple Buy Into…

I don’t know what’s happened to the people of this country, but there was a time when they could spot a lie outright. These days, the sheeple are believing every sound byte they are being fed, even though the evidence they see with their own eyes tells them differently.

The battle cries these days is “it’s for the children” or “it’s for your health” or “fit and healthy nation”! The only thing all these new crisis’ are doing is preparing the sheeple to accept total and full micro-management of every aspect of their lives. I’m just waiting to hear the battle cry about how many little square sheets of toilet paper you can use each time……..too bad IF you need more to clean yourself properly.

IF you really listen to these sound bytes you’ll notice that just about everything you like and enjoy is bad for you. Unless of course it’s something that is convenient for the special interest groups.

From Junkfood Science (yes I really love her site), Sandy gives a nice explanation of how this works:

The epidemic that wasn’t?

The latest statistics on childhood overweight from the National Center for Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. They show that since the childhood growth charts were redesigned nearly a decade ago, there have been no statistically significant change in the percentages of young people at or above the 95th percentile (labeled as “overweight” and some are now calling “obese”).

This is significant because prior to 1999, the definition of “overweight” and how it was measured changed, as did surveillance. Even the NHANES surveys were redesigned several times. That makes it especially challenging for the public to readily see what’s happened and exactly how much children have grown. [See Creating an Epidemic.] The last statistical change that helped to accentuate public perceptions of an epidemic was when new child growth charts were issued in 2000, using BMIs rather than heights and weights (instantly placing nearly two-thirds of children in higher percentiles, despite no increase in their actual weights). An epidemic of obesity was declared by Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson on March 9, 2004, launching an aggressive government campaign and massive funding to address a purported crisis. This was followed in 2005 by the Surgeon General Richard Carmona making the epidemic of childhood obesity a national priority and anti-obesity initiatives went into high gear. Claims of an epidemic of childhood obesity continued even while repeated reports were being issued by the National Center for Health Statistics continuing to show no actual increase in children’s sizes since 1999.

© 2008 Sandy Szwarc. All rights reserved.

Photo: Comedian John Park’s Plate Spinning

Read the FULL STORY here.

There was NO ‘obesity epidemic’ prior to the BMI being lowered. How come the average person didn’t notice that? I did and I’m as average as you can get. I don’t understand people hearing this crap and believing it, even when the evidence to the contrary is right in front of them.

How many of our young people will now suffer from eating disorders because of all this hysteria over body image, and that is all it is. Children and teens, in particular, are very vulnerable to societal views and peer pressure. Today’s hysteria over “fat” is creating a climate of INtolerance towards anyone with so much as 2 extra pounds on them. Too bad IF their genetics don’t allow them to look like skin covered skeletons.

A few people just want everyone to look the same because they don’t like anyone or anything to be different, or just because they want everyone to have THEIR ideal body.

How many people listen to Al Gore about the imminent danger of global warming? Do any of them stop and wonder how that man gets around? Well, he uses CARS and PLANES…………….two major contributors to air pollution. I personally call that hypocritical. When he starts living what he preaches MAYBE, just MAYBE I could give some credence to his alarmist words. Until then, he’s just another politician, special interest groupie making a buck off the fears he instills in you. And dare I mention how insulting it is that they obviously think we are all too stupid to see for ourselves and research for ourselves? Obviously they are right, which means I’m totally insulted that I have to be treated like an idiot too just because the majority is too complacent or lazy to think.

Being a groupie is NOT thinking for yourself. Following the latest scare tactic, fear factor, fad is NOT being independent. It is allowing yourself to be herded and controlled. WHEN did the citizens of the United States suddenly become socialists instead of freedom lovers? WHAT have they put in the water to turn normally free thinking people into submissive sheep?

Of course the Pharmaceutical corporations make billions off all this fear mongering. They have a pill to cure *cough and sputter here because all they do is mask what is really wrong* what ails you. Be it normal mood swings – now classified as depression; weight control, cholesterol control, heart control, restless legs that just need a little potassium now classified as a life threatening disease; smoking cessation (when cold turkey is the only proven successful method that works); blood pressure (that all this fear mongering raises); the list is endless. Just turn on the TV to find the latest and greatest drug to tell your doctor to prescribe for you. So what if the list of side effects is a mile long. So what IF the drug companies lied to the FDA about the safety of the drug – because the FDA doesn’t have the resources or manpower to actually do their own testing and are financially tied to the pharmas anyway. Just listen to the ad and run and tell your doctor you have this new deadly disease and need this new wonder-drug.

This country seems to have become a nation of sheep……….and sick sheep at that given the amount of medication so many are on. America IS being drugged into submission to a socialist/fascist/totalitarian/anything but free state.

It’s way past time the majority woke up and shook off the stupor and starting using the brains God gave them!!


~ by swfreedomlover on June 1, 2008.

One Response to “The Lies The Sheeple Buy Into…”

  1. Excellent points! I so totally agree! I’m amazed by the commercials! They boggle the mind when it comes to side effects. How can exchanging one thing for 20 others be a good deal??? But hey, that’s just me I guess.

    As for the rest of the Chicken little geniuses telling us the sky is falling, I quit believing them about 5 years ago when it seemed EVERYTHING was either bad for you or going there. If they wanted to fix things they would, make no mistake.

    Great post!

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