Tyranny of the Majority IS UNconstitutional!!!

Our constitution guarantees each and every citizen the right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality. The constitution does NOT specify any conditions for this, other than the unspoken, universal law of “harm none”.

Our founding fathers had the insight to understand that there will always be people who will do what they can to trample on the rights of a minority of people for any reason. They created us as a Republic, a Constitutional Democracy. The reason for this being that in a Pure Democracy the majority does and usually will trample on the basic rights of the minority.

I fail to understand people’s obsessions, ok Christians’ obsession, with the private lives of their neighbors. I don’t understand why they so obsessed with who their neighbor happens to fall in love with, have sex with and want to marry. I take that back….they don’t care at all as long as those two people consist of one male and one female.

If God created us all, and created us all equal why are the Christians so hell bent on condemning what God created? God made us all……sexuality included. Who are we to say who another can love or marry or even have sex with?

Well California is about to TRY to get the mob to rule over the gay people and overturn that State’s Supreme Court decision that says gay people CAN marry. They are actually going to put it to a vote to actually ALLOW DISCRIMINATION against a group of people. We can only hope and pray that the true majority of Californians are actually intelligent people capable of tolerance and understanding.

Initiative To Discriminate Against Gays Gets Place on California Ballot

by John Wildermuth

Sacramento – A constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in California was placed on the Nov. 4 ballot Monday, kick-starting an election struggle that will have repercussions across the nation.0603 02

Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s certification of the initiative, which would amend the state Constitution to limit marriage to a union between a man and a woman, comes as no surprise to either side of the same-sex marriage issue.

When backers of the initiative, who needed 694,354 valid signatures to make the ballot, turned in more than 1.1 million signatures, the only question was when the certification would come.

“We’re not surprised by this at all and have been getting ready to run a very aggressive campaign,” said Steve Smith, a senior campaign consultant to the Equality for All effort, which will try to defeat the initiative. “This (initiative) asks California voters to take away a fundamental right from same-sex couples, and we don’t believe they are willing to do that.”

Signatures for the proposed amendment were filed with county clerks across the state in late April, weeks before the state Supreme Court overturned Proposition 22, a ballot measure that also banned same-sex marriage and passed with 61 percent of the vote in 2000. If the new amendment is passed, it will overturn the state court’s ruling.

© 2008 The San Francisco Chronicle

Read the FULL STORY here.

How is this discrimination? Easy! When you make a law that denies a group of people, usually numbering in the minority, some of the basic rights and privileges enjoyed by the majority, just because you don’t like that group or how they live, THAT IS DISCRIMINATION!!!



2.treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit: racial and religious intolerance and discrimination.

Worse, that is mob rule also known as tyranny of the majority!

What the hell is it with Christians? They are the first to bitch and moan about their rights and their right to practice their religion without having other religions forced on them; yet they have NO problem forcing their religious beliefs on everyone else AND wanting laws to make sure everyone else lives according to their religious beliefs!!! Even more stupid is that they actually believe that allowing gays to marry is somehow forcing the rights of gays on them!

Allowing gays to marry does NOT affect them at all. BUT denying gays the same rights they enjoy DOES affect the gay population. Somehow these religious idiots just don’t get that.

They talk about God and love and tolerance and acceptance and they wouldn’t know God if She came down and gave them all blow jobs; and the words tolerance, love and acceptance don’t exist in their belief UNLESS it conforms to THEIR WAY! Can we say hypocritical here? I can!

I personally would love to see a ban on all organized religion because I believe nothing has damaged civility more than religion. More blood has been spilled in the “name of God” than all the wars put together.

OH, but our Constitution guarantees us the right of “freedom of religion”. Well someone better tell these good God-fearing (and how can you worship something you fear?) folks that “freedom OF religion” just means you are free to practice whatever religion your choose. It DOES NOT MEAN that you get to force YOUR beliefs on me or anyone else!!!

In other words, other people are guaranteed the right to be free from YOUR religious influence; more importantly, they have the right to not have to live their lives according to YOUR personal religious beliefs.

Given the number of men who can’t control themselves, by raping women and children (boys and girls alike), priests included; given the number of men who just up and walk away from their families I personally don’t see what is so bloody sacred about marriage that Christians should be so afraid of two men or two women wanting to share a loving life together, and raising children in the process.

These days, it’s not like the male has to actually participate physically with a female for her to get pregnant either (think artificial insemination here), or do they want that banned also?

If religions have a problem with gays marrying, fine, don’t perform their marriages in your churches, temples, mosques, whatever. But you don’t have a right to deny them being married by the state; nor do you have the right to deny them the same benefits and privileges that male/female loving couples enjoy!

And you especially don’t have the right to force YOUR religious belief on them!

This ballot initiative IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!


~ by swfreedomlover on June 5, 2008.

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