Now THIS is Obscene!

As disgusting and obscene as this is, brace yourselves for IF we don’t stop this trend it will be coming to you!

What’s absolutely amazing about this though, is that the majority don’t even see the link to Hitler’s Nazi Regime. This is the kind of thinking that the Nazi’s employed and used to try to create their “Aryan Nation”.

When healthcare loses the caring

Another simply heart wrenching story appeared in the Australian news today of a man needlessly suffering years of incapacitating pain from osteoarthritis that has left him totally disabled. Doctors are refusing him knee replacement surgery because he’s fat and they say his weight risks higher complications. But they have offered to perform bariatric surgery on him.


Even if one were to accept the hospital’s argument that knee surgery is a higher risk procedure for him than a thinner person, by that line of reasoning then no medical procedure would ever be done on those most in need of them. No woman, for instance, would ever be eligible for a coronary artery bypass — because they have nearly double the rates of infections, longer hospital stays, and are more likely to die after the procedure than men, according to some research. Rather than hospitals and medical professionals working towards bettering treatments to improve outcomes for all patients, have we come to the point of rationalizing to deny care for those who cost more or take more of our effort and resources?

© 2008 Sandy Szwarc

You really have to read the FULL STORY here.

That FREE countries are doing this is appalling. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is also practicing the same thing.

Personally, IF you really want to use this argument, why the hell perform life saving surgeries on anyone over the age of 75? I mean, really, what if they still up and die a month later? Is that surgery then considered a waste? Using this argument, why bother performing any surgery on anyone who needs it? After all, IF they were so fit and healthy, they wouldn’t be needing surgery now would they?

The logic being used of course is about money and putting questions to people about paying for surgery for other people who don’t follow some pristine set of rules and make choices that some don’t like.

It’s obscene and disgusting that this is even happening. This is the 21st Century for heaven’s sake. We are supposed to be more intelligent and enlightened than this reverting back to the dark ages mentality.


~ by swfreedomlover on June 7, 2008.

6 Responses to “Now THIS is Obscene!”

  1. Yes, I agree we are slipping back into an intolerant, dark ages mentality.

    It is disgusting, obscene….and scary.

  2. The reality is that this is merely a tip of the iceberg in the control of the population. After all, if we punish those who do not conform to some arbitrary rules determined by a faceless twit hiding away in a nondescript building somewhere in the worlds bureaucracy, then over a period of several generations they manage to get rid of all the non-conformists and “trouble makers”. Sooner rather than later there will a revolution, similar to the French Revolution where the people took back control of their country and lives from those who were exploiting it. Fear is engendered by the bureaucrats by the use of the word “terrorist”, but they should be more concerned about the word “patriot”.

  3. Tnsmoker, nice to see you again. How are you doing? I haven’t seen you on any of the boards for quite some time now.

    Wellbeing, I hear you loud and clear. The masses have all turned into sheep. It’s disgusting!

  4. I have a few questions:

    If a knee replacement operation is claimed to be “too risky” for an obese person to undergo, then how in the heck is it “safer” for them to undergo WLS (gastric bypass)??

    These idiots who call themselves “medical professionals” are not going to offer the knee replacement because the “fat” makes the patient too high a surgical risk. But yet the same doctors are all too eager to get this “too fat” person on the table for a very expensive abdominal operation to force them to lose weight?

    An operation (WLS) that mutilates the digestive system and can easily KILL them prematurely even with the best of medical care just because the person is not fashionably thin?

    Please explain that to me…

  5. My sentiments exactly, Observer!! Welcome to the club of the mind boggled free thinkers!

  6. Great perspectives here. Tt sounds like it comes down to neccessity of the treatment. A woman who needs a coronary artery bypass probably wouldn’t be recommended to receive open heart surgery if her risk of dying from an infection was greater that her risk of dying from her heart condition. This man didn’t need the surgery to live. He needs to loose weight for the surgery to be successful. Much like you don’t give an alcoholic a new liver

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