Shock Tactics Used on High School Students

Bet they’ll wonder why these kids won’t trust anyone in authority anymore. Well I can tell them…..because they pretty much just destroyed any trust those kids had in them by LYING to them.

I don’t give a rats ass what their reasoning was, as far as I’m concerned this is just TOO OVER THE TOP.

Teens aren’t crazy enough with raging hormones and emotions; anxiety about tests and graduation as it is? Supposedly intelligent adults felt the need to traumatize them? This goes so far beyond scare tactics to make a point, that it’s almost criminal.

Aren’t there laws about yelling fire when there isn’t one? Well THIS is pretty much the same thing. That the school officials and police department set this up and carried it out is disgusting!

Calif. school defends DWI shock tactics

Students were told classmates had died in car wrecks — they hadn’t

El Camino High School junior Michelle Molin, left, listens as school guidance counselor Lori Tauber talks on Wednesday about a program designed to scare high school students into not driving drunk.

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Denis Poroy / AP file

updated 2:51 p.m. MT, Thurs., June. 12, 2008

OCEANSIDE, Calif. – On a Monday morning last month, highway patrol officers visited 20 classrooms at El Camino High School to announce some horrible news: Several students had been killed in car wrecks over the weekend.

Classmates wept. Some became hysterical.

A few hours and many tears later, though, the pain turned to fury when the teenagers learned that it was all a hoax — a scared-straight exercise designed by school officials to dramatize the consequences of drinking and driving.

As seniors prepare for graduation parties Friday, school officials in the largely prosperous San Diego suburb are defending themselves against allegations they went too far.

At school assemblies, some students held up posters that read: “Death is real. Don’t play with our emotions.”

‘They got the shock they wanted’
Michelle de Gracia, 16, was in physics class when an officer announced that her missing classmate David, a popular basketball player, had died instantly after being rear-ended by a drunken driver. She said she felt nauseated but was too stunned to cry.

“They got the shock they wanted,” she said.

Read the FULL STORY here.

There’s a poll on the story site also. If I were one of those parents and this scared my child that way, I’d be preparing to sue the school AND the police department………..not for money, just for principle.


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