Do You Want to be Forced to Drink Tap Water?

I understand about waste and recycling, but it’s pretty pathetic when government tries to dictate WHAT kind of water you drink.

I grew up in NYC and admit that back then the tap water was wonderful. After living in other states with undrinkable tap water, I returned in 1991 to find that NYC tap water was almost as nasty tasting as every other place. Even filtered water (purified drinking water) had a nasty taste. I ONLY drink spring water and carry my own now.

From the New York Times:

City Council Shuns Bottles in Favor of Water From Tap

Published: June 17, 2008

The City Council has become the latest government agency to take a stand against bottled water.

Last week, the speaker’s office announced that it would stop buying bottled water for the Council’s downtown offices, which went through at least 6,000 single-serving bottles last year. As a result, bottled water will no longer be available at City Council events or official functions.

“We are obviously going to make paper cups available,” said Christine C. Quinn, the Council speaker. “We are going to urge people to bring in their own reusable water bottles.”

In addition, the city has started a pilot program with water coolers that use filtered tap water. Nine of the coolers have been installed in the last six months at City Hall and in the Municipal Building.

“It is a bit hypocritical for the city to be buying bottled water for city buildings while it is encouraging New Yorkers to drink city tap water,” said Simcha Felder, a Brooklyn councilman who pressed the cooler issue at budget hearings.

These small shifts come as the United States Conference of Mayors, meeting this weekend in Miami, plans to debate a resolution urging city governments across the country to do the same.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, a co-sponsor of the resolution, is a self-professed consumer of New York City tap water.

“Not only at home, but at every restaurant. Every time they say, ‘Would you like tap or still?’ I say, ‘New York City,’ ” Mr. Bloomberg said on Monday. “This is the best water in the world. Restaurants like to sell bottles of water, I understand, but I always drink tap water.”

Read the FULL STORY here.

How nice for the mayor, but what gives him the right to dictate the tastes and preferences of everyone else? The man is egomaniacal!! If I was still there and worked in any city office, or attended any city run function, I’d be bringing my own bottled spring water with me and telling bloomy-idiot he can KMFLWA.

Given all the junk being found in tap waters across the country, not to mention how much politicians and public health officials enjoy lying and deceiving us these days, is there some reason I should be forced to drink a beverage I dislike or don’t feel safe about? I’m so glad I left that pathetic nanny city/state.

Unfortunately the entire world is doing the same thing…………..there’s nowhere to run anymore and the only choice left is rebellion, at least until you die.


~ by swfreedomlover on June 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “Do You Want to be Forced to Drink Tap Water?”

  1. I used to work for a state agency that regulates public water systems (PWS), and I appreciate and support the need for maintaining an infrastructure that provides our citizens with safe drinking water. But I abhor activists who turn bottled water into a tabloid issue with nonfactual information and sensationalized frenzies. Where do these folks shop for bottled water? Anyone can buy a case of 24 0.5 L bottles for the equivalent of $1.58 per gallon or less–one third the price of gasoline. NRDC and other groups are incorrect about FDA jurisdiction. The bottle of water is a unit, and the entire unit is regulated. So, unless the container, closure, label, and the water itself all come from the same state, it is regulated by the FDA. Regarding filtration, NYC and many other cities are not required to filter their municipal water. Bottled water uses a multi-barrier process that ensures proper filtration and disinfection. Should we talk about the bottle? OK, the bottle keeps the outside environment out of the product, protecting it from contamination and preserving the clean room conditions it was bottled in. Try ensuring a clean room quality product with any PWS distribution system, old or new. OK, next, bottle disposal. Recycling is a necessity, and it’s readily available in most parts of the country. Consumers need more education. But bottled water containers constitute 0.3% of the municipal waste stream in the U.S. Have these activists looked in their refrigerators, pantries, bathrooms, and laundry rooms lately? How many food and consumer products are packaged in something other than plastic? Plastic recycling is much bigger than bottled water can ever be primarily responsible for. And finally, I’m a free citizen of this country, and I maintain a good diet by choice. And I have the freedom to choose what I will ingest into my body. Perhaps these folks would like a ride to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, or Montgomery County, Md., to fill their stainless steel canteens. Guess what they’re drinking? Uh-huh, bottled water. That’s right, without availability of bottled water, people in disaster areas have few or no options for clean, safe drinking water.

    Let’s get off the bottle and move on to the real issues: an improved PWS infrastructure and consumer education about recycling that involves all consumer products manufacturers. Equally important, let’s get off the idea that groups of activists can work behind the public’s backs and lobby for legislation that aims to tell us what we can and cannot do with our lives. Wake up America! I’m an independent voter, but this is all enough to make me vote for McCain!

  2. BW, Welcome. Loved your comment here, thank you. That is until I read the last sentence. Total let down to see you would actually consider voting for the mcbush. IF all voters, or the majority at the least, wrote in “none of the above” we might actually succeed in forcing a new election with REAL candidates and not the end up with one of the puppets the power elite WANT, under the illusion that we really did freely choose the president.

    But I’ve gone totally off topic here. I did love your comment and thank you to visiting. Hope you’ll come back again soon.

  3. I think you misread this thing. They’re saying the City shouldn’t pay for bottled water for City employees. I don’t want tax money paying for other people’s bottled water. They can drink tap water or buy their own bottled water.

  4. I really didn’t misread it. I know what it said. San Francisco is doing the same thing as are other cities. Then they turn around and start adding taxes/surcharges to any purchase of bottled water; then ban restaurants from offering bottled water. It’s being done, google it.

    It was bloomy stating that NYC is the best that hinted to me where he is going to go with this eventually. And don’t think for one moment that he won’t.

    This is just first step. Sort of like when tobacco control said they ONLY wanted domestic flights of 2 hours or less to be smoke free; then ONLY wanted smoke-free flights of less than 4 hours; then ONLY wanted smoke-free movie theaters; then ONLY wanted non-smoking sections in restaurants.

    The template is to start small with baby steps to get the masses to accept it easier, get them used to it, so when they take the next step it’s easier to swallow until eventually they reach their goal and the masses are so brainwashed they don’t see that they just lost another choice or liberty.

    Look around, it’s happening all over the place.

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