UK Nannies At It Again!

This is truly getting more and more pathetic by the day. The only thing that annoys me more is that the same people calling this ridiculous had/have no problem doing the same thing to smokers. The hypocrisy of those people is disgusting.

At least the Health Nazis are being consistent in their quests, for I’ve said all along it wouldn’t stop with smoking (and people still laugh at me when I say it). I knew alcohol would follow along with sugars and fats.

Don’t you wonder what’s next?

June 18, 2008

Drinkers to face ‘walk of shame’ at supermarket checkouts

Wine being bought in an Oddbins wine store.

Buying drink at the supermarket could involve a walk of shame to an “alcohol-only” checkout counter under new plans to help Scotland curb its binge-drinking culture.

The scheme, announced yesterday by Nationalist ministers in Edinburgh, is designed to deter shoppers from making excessive purchases by placing them under the scrutiny of fellow customers. It is part of a package of radical measures aimed at tackling Scotland’s alcohol problems, which is estimated to cost the country’s economy more than £2 billion a year.

The alcohol-only checkouts would mean that families doing their weekly shop would be faced with queueing twice – using one checkout for their groceries and another for alcohol in the same way as cigarettes are sold separately in supermarkets at present.

The proposal was floated in a pre-legislative consultation document from the Scottish government that aims to put in place a plan to tackle the near-epidemic of alcohol abuse in the country.


“It is only a small minority of Scots who have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Draconian legislation will not change that, but it will penalise the overwhelming majority of customers who consume alcohol perfectly responsibly.”

The initiative was also attacked by politicians. The Scottish Conservatives said that it was a ludicrous initiative. Bill Aitken, the party’s justice spokesman, added: “This will stigmatise reasonable and responsible drinkers by forcing us to line up at a separate checkout, as if we were pariahs of society.”

Source: Scottish government:

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Read the FULL STORY here.

I mean really, this is truly ridiculous. Don’t you just love how everything these days is an epidemic or near epidemic?

But it is a good warning to the masses, if you don’t start standing up and fighting now, you will be targeted next. If not next then soon after that, for they will not rest until all are subjugated properly and controllable. And when they come for you, you better hope there is still someone around to help you fight for your liberty. I will, but I will also be saying “I told you so” at every opportunity.

I never thought I’d live to see the day that FREE societies would forget history and embrace the very things they spent decades fighting against. Poor Winston Churchill must be spinning in his grave watching everyone in the country he protected from Hitler’s Nazi Regime bow down and kow-tow to a bunch of control-freak fascist wannabes.


~ by swfreedomlover on June 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “UK Nannies At It Again!”

  1. Oh, how lovely! NOT!! Not only will this “pariah checkout”…excuse me! “alcohol-only checkout” NOT deter the addicted “binge drinker” [who will simply not be bothered by it], but it gives those same “nannies”–should this actually come to pass– am “in” for other “specialized” checkout lines in the future. Think about it:

    Is the Scottish (and all of our) futures in the supermarket checkout going to be a maze of separate checkout lines for “health-nut-greenie-UNapproved” items? If this nonsense does not stop RIGHT NOW, I hope we will all eventually “enjoy” having to line up time and time again to check out only one order containing items such as:

    1.) Unpolitically-acceptable foods and drink (read as “high-fat, high-calore stuff that tastes good and has more calories than an iceberg lettuce leaf per microscopic test portion…eh…serving”);

    2.) Disposable items (see: Disposable diapers, paper towels, one-use anything);

    3.) Or anything else these Neo-Communists (or worse, “worse” not being mentioned here to avoid invoking Godwin’s Law) don’t like this week??

    In short, this whole idea NEEDS to be “binned” (“thrown in the trash can” for us Americans).


    Before it’s too late.

  2. As I’ve been saying all along about everything else that is happening. There seems to be a global pandemic of nannyism and it is increasing at alarming rates in what used to be FREE SOCIETIES, and the masses have been so dumbed down they don’t even see it. They just repeat the dogma “oh it’s a good idea, it will save the children, the environment” ad nauseum.

    It’s pathetic these few clowns and special interests are getting away with this.

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