The Race Is On!

There seems to be a global race to see who can come up with the most outrageous claim, with Australia joining the UK and USA!

Unfortunately, there is no winner in this race except for those pushing for laws that will force us all into submission to some special interest groups’ ideal world.

From smoking to global warming to fat to alcohol the prohibitionists are all out in force with one goal in mind: CHANGE THE BEHAVIOUR OF PEOPLE WHO MAKE CHOICES WE DON’T LIKE! Of course, the weapon of choice is the same………FEAR. Fear of rising costs, fear of death, fear of terrorists. The tactic of their weapon is always emotional (for the children, for the planet, live longer) and monetary (do you want to pay for someone elses’ health treatment if they choose something you personally dislike?).

Using their logic, then I don’t think they should be allowed to use MY tax dollars to harass me, to ostracize me, to pass laws that remove MY freedom to choose. Using their logic then I don’t want to pay for the joint repair/replacements of health nuts who pounded their joints in some attempt to ‘stay healthy’ since staying healthy is supposed to SAVE money; or for sports related injuries because I hate sports.

Sandy over at the Junkfood Science blog has a great piece today that you should read:

Run! FAT BOMB getting ready to detonate and splat fat everywhere!

The Olympic fat torch has just been passed from “supersized” Americans to the Aussies, according to the international press. In fact, nearly 400 headlining stories this week have reported that Australia has “overtaken the USA as the fattest nation in the world.”

As much as some may have looked forward to a dueling fat-off to see which rival country can assume the heavyweight crown, America never held the prize in the first place. And, sorry mates, but you don’t stand a chance, either. The claim that the USA was the fattest country in the world was a marketing gimmick, bought along with all of those profitable Brooklyn Bridges. But, even according to the International Obesity Task Force, both the USA and Australia have long fallen surprisingly low on the list of “obese” BMI rates among various regions and nations of the world.

© 2008 Sandy Szwarc

The truly amazing thing about all these claims is none of them come from UNbiased sources. IF you follow the money you will see the agenda. And so many of them are funded by the RWJF (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), which appears to be an outfit hell bent on socializing us, changing our behaviors to their own desired standards. Free choice and free thinking don’t appear to be part of their agenda, they demand obedience to their directives.

There are as many ways to be healthy as there are people on the earth. There is NO “one size fits all” when it comes to being healthy. The one major contributing factor being left out of all these so-called health crisis’ is genetics. What’s good for one is not necessarily good for another.

Using myself as an example: fruits and vegetables do NOT sustain me….they actually work to stimulate my appetite. I’ve learned to eat my salads last as it helps to digest my food and take that “I ate too much” feeling away. Water does NOT fill me or supress my appetite. It does just the opposite…it bloats me and stimulates my appetite. AND for me, drinking the “required” 8 glasses a day, actually leaves me feeling nauseous. Carbohydrates don’t hold me after eating them, nor do they burn in my body but seem to be immediately stored as fat cells. Eating more than a small amount of carbs in one sitting actually puts me to sleep. In order for ME to lose weight I have to drastically cut down on ALL carbohydrates and keep them down to or below minimums just to maintain my weight. I spent a year once doing the proper eating, portion size, food denial type diet and I did it faithfully along with a good exercise program 5 days a week. I was always hungry, always tired and after a year lost only 12 pounds, no inches, and had no energy. I cut down on the carbs drastically though and I lose anywhere from 1-3 pounds per week, feel better, have more energy and more strength.

So you see, genes DO play the major role in our health. What works for one, or even for most, does NOT work for ALL!

All these “reports” promise that IF you do as you’re told you will live longer and not get all these “[insert your fear-related] diseases. Really? WHERE is the guarantee? Where is the proof that IF I submit to their standard that I will live any longer than God wants me to? WHERE is their guarantee that I will NEVER succumb to any of these diseases?

I’ll tell you where…………………..IN THEIR OWN IMAGINATIONS! There are NO guarantees about longevity or illness! There are NO lives being saved for we ALL WILL die when we are supposed to, in the manner we are supposed to and to my knowledge not one person on earth has that list………ONLY GOD DOES!

Remember, acceptable cholesterol levels were lowered along with the BMI indexes which created the so-called crisis to start with. With more people at risk of heart disease due to cholesteral the more people are on the pharmaceutical drug of choice. With more people classified overweight and obese, the more the diet industry benefits, along with the pharmaceutical industry with their diabetes drugs, cholesterol drug, diet drugs.

I’m open to listening to advice and opinions, but I draw the line when those opinions and advice are being forced on me against my will. I draw the line when it is demanded that I change my life to satisfy the whims of some control freak, insecure stranger who wants everyone to live as THEY choose to live. In other words, I demand the right to retain MY FREEDOM TO CHOOSE to live my life as I see fit.

While I’m quite willing to argue with God at times, I don’t think I’m as willing to telling Her that I know better than She does.

Go back to listening to your body, it knows best what it needs and if you learn to pay attention to it, you WILL BE healthy, and you will live a happier less stressful life than you will trying to follow the lifestyle someone else has determined for you.


~ by swfreedomlover on June 23, 2008.

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