1984 Coming to Life in 2008 Scotland

I posted a story Monday about Australia and it’s obesity claims, based on a Junkfood Science blog posting .

There really are no bounds to the lengths these control freaks will go to try to force everyone into submission. This next piece is about Scotland.

I can tell you, IF I lived in Scotland right now, I’d be selling off what I could, saving what I could and getting the hell out of there within the next year, if not sooner.

Someone needs to tell government and public health officials that they are NOT our mothers, fathers or nannies. Nor do us free thinking, liberty loving independent people want them to be!

Published Date: 22 June 2008

BUSINESSES will be encouraged to monitor the weight of their employees as part of a £56m Government plan to tackle Scotland’s obesity epidemic.

Workers will type in their weight every morning – using Government-provided software – allowing occupational health staff to spot significant weight gain and offer early help, under the scheme unveiled by ministers. The Government also plans to appoint a full-time official charged with liaising with Scottish food firms and encouraging them to make products healthier.

Ministers also want to change the way cooking is taught in the nation’s catering colleges by getting young chefs to rely less on salt, sugar, butter and cream, and more on healthy alternatives.

But the plans have attracted criticism from opposition MSPs, who said promotion of exercise in primary schools was being neglected. One business leader said the scheme seemed “heavy handed”.

Obesity is estimated to cost the NHS in Scotland £170m a year and Scotland is the second-fattest nation in the developed world behind the United States, according to figures published last year. A quarter of Scots adults were classified as obese in 2003.

The Government’s new anti-obesity strategy is being launched today by the public health minister Shona Robison.

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Read the FULL STORY here.

Sandy does yet another wonderful job on this Scottish story.

Knock knock: Diet police

It’s happened. What you eat, cook and feed your children in your own home is now a government matter. Pregnant women and mothers of children under 5 will be getting a knock on the door from a government “health visitor” and given “advice on healthier eating.”


The announcement of the decision of NHS Health Scotland to go forward with its anti-obesity Diet Action Plan came at the same time the World Health Organization issued its report, finding that Scottish youngsters are healthier and leading healthier lifestyles than kids in most of the entire rest of the world! They’re eating the most fruits and vegetables, too.

© 2008 Sandy Szwarc

Read the FULL STORY here.

And in the sense of a “level playing field” (the nannies LOVE that phrase) I came across this story, which I have NO doubt will eventually lead some well-meaning (the road to hell is paved with nothing but good intentions) nosy-body control freak here in the States to start suggesting these very same things, after all the US can’t let the UK beat them. Can they? This is a race to see which country can come up with the most outrageous, liberty stealing stupidity after all…LOL

The Ban on Trans Fats in Restaurants: How About a Ban on SuperSize Portions?

Posted June 21, 2008 | 02:12 PM (EST)

Yesterday the New York Times ran an article about NYC restaurants implementing the new ban on transfats.

Love the fact that we get to eat butter in our food now; much healthier and tastier way to live. I have always believed in eating real food, what you like, to stay healthy, full, and satisfied, which helps you to actually stop eating.

Why however, has the issue of our SuperSized portions of food, served in restaurants, movie theatres, newstands, not been addressed?

Does it take a degree in nutrition, or advanced food additives, for us to finally realize that the amount of food we eat is out of the ordinary?

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Read the FULL STORY here.

Of course this last piece from the Huffington Post is NOT about any government legislation to force a particular lifestyle on us all. BUT the question about portion size here, from someone who should really understand this is a matter of choice, you know….the doggy bag to take home what you don’t finish in. That’s 2 meals for the price of one then for most people! I’ve been to a couple of expensive elite restaurants in my life and left there hungry as the portions were smaller than any “kiddie/senior” sized portion, the taste wasn’t all that great and cost 4 times as much.

The bottom line is that people need to be responsible for themselves and all the nannies and nanny-wannabe’s out there, need to mind their own damned business and stay the hell out of yours, mine and ours!


~ by swfreedomlover on June 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “1984 Coming to Life in 2008 Scotland”

  1. It seems that common sense has gone right out the window. How else to explain these continued attacks on our freedoms of choice? If God/dess gave those choices to us, who the hell are these people to take those choices from us?

    It just begs the question, “What would Jesus say?”

    Laughing all the way to nanny hell!

  2. This makes me laugh…when I am not crying for the poor Scottish people:

    “Workers will type in their weight every morning – using Government-provided software – allowing occupational health staff to spot significant weight gain and offer early help, under the scheme unveiled by ministers.”

    We have a problem…or several:

    Note the source of the software: The Government! You know how well it will work and just how “evidence-based” it is! (Answer: It won’t and it’s not.)

    Also, can you tell me how in the heck that “self-reported” weight will be accurate? Not only does it depend on the record-keeping, but the accuracy of the scale used to take the measurement. It also does not take into consideration that weight fluctuates from day-to-day and might not even be measuring the presence of more fat.

    In other words, the employee can enter whatever they want and technically not lie about it…and they will.

    This “evasion” will happen unless the employer is expected to weigh every employee every day on an officially-calibrated scale. AND the employer takes the entire medical record into consideration to “adjust” the figure to eliminate “artifacts” (such as fluid retention) that are NOT FAT?

    Guess what profit-centered, “time-is-money” employers won’t do?

    Also guess who may well have enough influence to tell the Scottish government to “Bugger Off!” and “GIGO”? (Hint: It’s not the employees.)

    We can hope, anyway.

  3. That really does sound 1984-ish.

  4. Observer, you are right about the lying part. My very first thought was that IF I were there and had to do that, I’d be entering some ridiculous weight every day……like 100 lbs one day, 80 the next, 200 the day after that. Of course then they’d figure out how to make my seat into a scale so that I couldn’t lie….but I’d have fun first just as my way of telling them to “stuff it”.

    I don’t do “taking orders” and “listening to nanny” too well these days……..LOL

  5. Watcher, Nice to see you here. Don’t be a stranger!

  6. JMT, Jesus would say “WHAT THE F*CK?” THIS is what I died on the cross for? Then he’d flip us all the bird and take off……..and I couldn’t blame him one bit.

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