The Healthist Blitzkrieg

OR……..the Nannies are now out of control!

Monday, I came across 3 separate articles all along the same lines of changing the behavior of the people to bring them into conformity with some control-freaks ideology.

What’s worse is these methods of coercion are being quietly accepted by the majority who are buying into all the hysteria and paying the emotional blackmail with their liberties, in supposedly FREE countries!

The first story comes to us from the National Motorists Association. There has been talk about making anyone charged with a DUI install (at their own expense) a breathalyzer on their car to prevent them from drinking and driving. Rather intrusive if you ask me, BUT, if someone does drink and drive and get caught, then this is better than wasting taxpayer dollars putting a first offender in jail. Unfortunately, at the same time, most cities/states are also lowering the acceptable blood alcohol content (BAC) which would pretty much guarantee kissing that glass of wine or beer with dinner goodbye.

What makes this story fall into this category is the article is talking about this device (that you will still pay for on your own) mandatory on all new cars in a few years………… even IF you never drink, you can’t get in your car and go without first having this device test you for alcohol for it is really an ignition lock. Kind of puts a real kink in “innocent until proven guilty” doesn’t it? These days apparently we are all guilty now until proven innocent.

Mandatory In-Car Breathalyzers Coming?

June 23rd, 2008 Posted in DUI/DWI By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist

Benjamin Franklin Quote If you’re not a convicted drunk driver, should you still be required to have an in-car breathalyzer fitted (at your expense, ‘natch) to your next new vehicle?

Apparently, some automakers — including GM and Toyota — think so. They and a few others are working together under the auspices of something called the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety, which is a $10 million federal “research program” that is trying to develop just such technology for mass introduction a few years from now.

At the moment, the only people who have to deal with (and pay for) in-car Breathalyzers are convicted drunks; the devices are basically ignition locks that prevent the vehicle’s engine from being started until the would-be driver blows into the tube and the system determines he’s not liquored up.

But by 2012 or so, in-car breath sniffers could be standard equipment in every new vehicle sold, force-fed to you by the tag team of Washington, Detroit and, of course, the ever-busy Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

No conviction necessary.

Read the FULL STORY here.

Tell me, WHY do the majority who do NOT drink and drive have to be subjected to this kind of intrusion? Why is it always the law-abiding innocent people who have to pay the price for a few law-breakers? Personally, I’m sick and tired of it. Just as I’m fed up with seat belt laws just because a few idiots refuse to drive according to the rules.

I’m tired of being punished just because they can’t enforce existing laws properly. I’m tired of being treated like a criminal until they prove I’m not. And every law abiding person out there should be equally appalled and angry about it too! So where’s the outrage? Why are so many acting like passive sheep?


While this next story hails from across the pond, don’t think for one moment that some nosy-body, do-gooder, control freak here in the States won’t want this here too.

Here’s a piece of advice for you………..or a hint if you like………….start collecting salt shakers and bulk buy your salt (for I’m sure salt allocations will follow this lovely idiocy).

Condiment nazis? Send them to the salt mines!

Last updated at 10:30 PM on 30th June 2008

The Government yesterday announced what it described as a ‘comprehensive shakeup’ of local government priorities for the next three years.

At least one council has decided to take the guidance literally. Officials in Gateshead have been touring chip shops confiscating salt shakers with more than five holes in them.

They have spent £2,000 on replacements, which are being given away free.


Middlesborough council have issued fish & chip shops 5 hole salt shakers instead of the normal 17 holed ones to try and get people to use less salt on their meals

According to a spokesman: ‘Research carried out by us discovered customers were often receiving huge quantities of salt with their fish and chips – up to half their daily allowance.

‘The council was so disturbed it decided to commission a manufacturer to produce a salt shaker with fewer holes, which it distributed free to every fish and chip shop and hot food takeaway in Gateshead. We believe the cost to be a small price to pay for potentially saving lives.’

Officials claim that cutting the number of holes from the traditional 17 to just five reduces by up to 60 per cent the amount of salt shaken onto a fish supper.

They carried out 15 days of research, obtaining samples of fish and chips, measuring salt content and conducting experiments ‘to determine how the problem of excessive salt being dispensed could be overcome by design’ while still ensuring a ‘visibly attractive sprinkle’.

What they haven’t factored in is the ingenuity of chip shop customers, who will sprinkle on however much salt they fancy. Fewer holes simply means they shake for longer.

In some cases, chippie owners report punters unscrewing the caps of the shakers to save time, smothering their food with salt.

People will always find a way of beating the system. But even that’s not the point.

Read the FULL STORY here.

As IF putting less holes in the salt shaker will actually fool me? Puhleeeeze! How insulting! The average person is smarter than that! Aren’t they? I know I am!

I’m the type who automatically salts all my food before tasting it. No one ever uses enough salt for me. I also have perfect blood pressure 120/80, and I smoke and drink coffee too. Oh the horrors!!! Drives my doctor crazy also! She only sees me once a year too!

They can have my salt, and cigarettes, and sugar, and coffee when they pry them all from my cold, dead fingers……until then……………KMFLWA!!!!!!


Back in the States, we now have employers feeling the need to try to coerce you into living and eating according to standards set up by people who think that being fit and healthy is a ‘one size fits all’ solution. All under the guise of caring for your well-being of course……………….oh and yes costs too. I notice when they speak of the costs of healthcare, they never ever mention children, who are the biggest users.

Again, who gets punished? The innocent single or older person who is already healthy but not falling into someone else’s neat little box (how dare they!), while women can work and get pregnant to their hearts’ content and then run to the doctor with the kids constantly (after costing a fortune in pre-natal care and delivery – and that is for a baby born with NO birth defects or deformities either). And before you attack me for being a child hater……….I happen to be a mother myself, so I know what I say here on this particular topic. And if the child has problems or is sickly………….we are now talking about through the roof expenses. But no, it’s the 55 year old with a few extra pounds who smokes and is never sick that they want to force into compliance.

updated 9:24 a.m. EDT, Tue July 1, 2008

Can your company force you to be healthy?

By Maya Dollarhide

(LifeWire) — Three years ago, Danilo Reyes, a test engineer for Intel, received a $50 gift card from his employer to take a health-assessment test. Reyes figured that he’d pass the test with flying colors — he doesn’t smoke or drink — and Intel made it easy by offering the free test at his office in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Rising health care costs are prompting firms to offer wellness programs for employees.

Rising health care costs are prompting firms to offer wellness programs for employees.

But when Reyes received the results, the diagnosis was a complete shock: His cholesterol and blood-sugar levels were abnormally high.

“It turned out I was a borderline diabetic and at high risk for a heart attack,” says Reyes, 41. “I was terrified.”

Motivated by his diagnosis, Reyes consulted his family doctor, who put him on medicine to lower his cholesterol. A health coach at Intel, part of the company’s wellness program, helped by advising Reyes on joining a gym and eating better. Over time, Reyes says, he’s seen tangible benefits and shed some excess pounds.

“Getting healthy even inspired me to start up a hobby,” he says. “I take karate now, as well as going to the gym. I’m happy and healthy.”

Steps toward wellness

Almost a third of companies offering health insurance benefits to their employees also provide a wellness program of some sort. Fitness, smoking cessation and weight-loss programs are provided most frequently, according to 2006 employer health benefits survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The telephone survey contacted 2,122 randomly selected public and private employers.

Read the FULL STORY here.

I’m all for health and well-being, don’t get me wrong……….but do NOT try to force me into someone else’s idea of “fit and healthy”. Do NOT try to punish me for NOT wanting to be just like everyone else (I like my uniqueness). One size does NOT fit all. What works for one may not work for another. Everyone is different, their body types are different, their metabolisms are different, their DNA is different.

Maybe I’m perfectly happy as I am, and since I’m healthy on top of it………why mess with that? I firmly believe in the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Well, I ain’t broke and I don’t need fixing.

We all know stress is a major contributing factor to illness, especially heart attacks, etc. So with all this “healthy living” being forced on us, how much more stress will we be adding to everyone, especially those who may not be able to meet the goals set by this “one size fits all” program.

This gives new meaning to keeping up with the Jones’ and if you can’t, it’ll probably kill you just trying to (and then they’ll blame your death on your lifestyle choices and not the stress THEY CAUSED).

Gee…………..maybe that is the goal after all? Weed out the weak? Cleanse the race?

As disgusting as it is, the term Nazi is definitely a fitting name for these people pushing this shit.

~ by swfreedomlover on July 2, 2008.

8 Responses to “The Healthist Blitzkrieg”

  1. I am willing to bet that his cholesterol and blood sugars were within normal range. And there’s no such thing as borderline diabetes. THIS is why people are being sucked into filling out these stupid health assessments, so the companies can put them on mandatory interventions, screenings, monitoring and case management, and prescription meds. The insurers would pay thousands to coerce people to take these assessments if they had to because they’ll still see huge profits. It’s a scam and I cannot believe people are just blindly being taken in by these programs… like sheep. Ugh.

  2. My first thought as I read that was “I’ll bet there was nothing wrong with him and they just told him there was to put him on drugs”. Great minds think alike as always………hehehehe

    It’s pretty sad when you reach a point where you no longer trust what the professional is telling you. As for me, I’ll take my chances and let my body tell me what it needs and when.

  3. “[W]hen Reyes received the results, the diagnosis was a complete shock: His cholesterol and blood-sugar levels were abnormally high.

    “It turned out I was a borderline diabetic and at high risk for a heart attack,” says Reyes, 41. “I was terrified.””

    That’s why they do this: To scare people into compliance. A better move for Mr. Reyes would have been to look for another job and tell the doctor and the other health “busybodies” to put it where the sun never shines. He would likely have been just as healthy in the long run by doing what he was doing already. Some reasons why:

    1.) “Borderline” hyperglycemia is an artifact of artificial cutoff standards for LAB TESTS designed to pick up SIGNS and SYMPTOMS of disease and are not diseases in themselves. Hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia (high blood sugar and blood lipids [cholesterol]) diagnoses are based on measurements that can change dramatically from hour to hour, never mind day to day. Such testing supposed to be done on several occasions to confirm the diagnosis; this treatment program apparently was triggered by a “one-off” test that in itself should then bring up questions of unlicensed practice or medicine and/or medical malpractice because an initial treatment decision was made in violation of good medical practice.

    2.) Neither should he fear heart attack, really, even if he really IS diabetic (he may not be): The risk appears to be not as high as is commonly put forth for heart attacks in diabetics. Yes, it does happen more often, (particularly in older diabetics who have been diabetic for decades) but it could well be debated that treatment protocols for diabetes may actually bring on the very co-morbidities they are intended to prevent. In short, high blood sugar (or high “cholesterol”) is probably not the real reason(s) the heart goes “stop”. (Keep in mind that starvation, over medication and overwork never does a body any good).

    3.) Heart disease is the major killer of the aged period and appears to occur in roughly the same proportion in those who are not diabetic and those who are; the diabetics just get it a few years earlier…if they do.

    4.) Any illness he does get can be worsened by stress that “lifestyle changes” more fit for a 20-something college student than a middle-aged man:

    “Motivated by his diagnosis, Reyes consulted his family doctor, who put him on medicine to lower his cholesterol. A health coach at Intel, part of the company’s wellness program, helped by advising Reyes on joining a gym and eating better. Over time, Reyes says, he’s seen tangible benefits and shed some excess pounds.

    “Getting healthy even inspired me to start up a hobby,” he says. “I take karate now, as well as going to the gym. I’m happy and healthy.”

    He was almost certainly healthy before…now he’s stressed, distracted…and showing more than one sign of “Stockholm Syndrome” as adapted to “public health”: Believing everything he’s told by those in power and therefore convincing himself he’s doing better even if he’s not.

  4. Absolutely!

    These wellness programs are completely nuts and turning everyone into anxious, obsessed hypochondriacs ready to believe and take anything their insurer and employer tells them. But they can’t even get water right, why do people believe they know anything about real medicine? LOL!

  5. Ironically enough, these stories, taken together, raise my blood pressure!

    I live in NYC, with Nanny Bloomberg. I didn’t realize how bad it was getting all over.

    (Came via FundieWatch)

  6. Unfortunately we usually only focus on the areas we live in. I know I did all my life, until the smoking crap started full force and then my eyes were opened to what was happening all over. Then I realized it wasn’t just smoking that would be targeted. I realized the smokers were the minority therefore we were an easy target. Get the masses to go along with the game plan and then use the same tactics and reasoning for targeting others………..drinkers, over-eaters, etc. It’s what’s coming after the alcohol and food nazis that is truly troubling unless everyone starts coming out of their dumbed-down stupor.

  7. If your blood sugar is above ~150 mg/dl at anytime during the day, even during a glucose tolerance test you are a borderline diabetic, above 180 you are full-blown diabetic. They are not some arbitrary number, it’s the levels at which parts of the body are damaged due to significant variance from homeostasis and metabolic stress. From the sound of it you can look forward to some nasty type II diabetes.

  8. Michael, thank you for your concern. My blood sugar is perfectly normal, as is my blood pressure, etc. In fact, my doctor hates how healthy I am, after all, I’m a disgusting smoker who should be ill all the time.

    You have totally missed the point of the post. You might be right on the blood sugar, but cholesterol levels were lowered back in the 90’s creating millions more people to be put on drugs overnight; same with the BMI………..suddenly there was an obesity epidemic because they lowered the “good range”.

    The medical profession is nothing more than the street corner pill pusher for the drug cartels today. THAT is the point.

    Changing your eating habits could and would control and maintain most of these things without big pharma shoving its newest miracle pill in your face causing several other problems from its side effects.

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