Are Home Invasions REALLY Next?

A town in the UK has decided that it can conduct “home invasions”. And apparently they don’t need just cause to do so. This is downright frightening!

I can almost hear some control-freak here in the States drooling over the prospect of enacting such a thing here.

Home invasion by the State

HOMEOWNERS must let council inspectors in to check for DANCING BEARS after they were handed 1,043 powers to pry.

Armies of clipboard-touting officials can demand entry to check on everything from pot plants to fridges.

Details of the vast array of laws were quietly slipped out to MPs last Tuesday by the Home Office.

The list includes 430 new powers of entry brought in by Labour ministers – a year after a report said there were only 266.

The checks include whether POT PLANTS have pests or imported “passport” documents, or if HYPNOTISM is being practised illegally.

Inspectors can demand to know if homeowners are keeping RABBITS.

Brits must also reveal if their HEDGE is too high under the AntiSocial Behaviour Act, and whether their FRIDGE has the correct EU energy rating under little-known Energy Information Household Refrigerators and Freezers Regulations 2004.

Bureaucrats can also make a sweep for WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

Additionally, penpushers are embarking on a new council tax regime. It allows them to poke around a home and fine those who refuse access.

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Read the FULL STORY here.

Now in trying to find this AntiSocial Behaviour Act I found some sites mentioning it. Scotland seems to have it’s own also. However, apart from general nusiance and crime, I’m not finding that this “Act” allows for such gross intrusion into anyone’s life without probably cause.

If this is allowed, it WILL spread to other towns feeling they too can do the same thing. Next thing you know, it’s here in the USA…………after all, we can’t have the Brits’ beating us at something can we? hehehehehe

I can’t believe that people are just sitting back and allowing this.


~ by swfreedomlover on July 22, 2008.

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