The Puppet Media and Censorship

What ever happened to “Free Press”? Journalists in all forms of media used to actually vette and investigate a story before reporting on it. These days it appears the media just reports what it’s corporate owners tell them to. It’s obvious from the bias you see constantly.

I noticed that everything reported seems to be designed to instill fear in the people. I tried to believe it was just my imagination. Unfortunately it isn’t. You never hear about both sides of the issue anymore, just the side that will make you afraid and scared and willing to turn to the government to “protect” or “save” you.

Junkfood Science reported yesterday on a report issued by one of the agencies, that has always been held as the most reliable source of health information for the medical profession, that the media is ignoring. You have to wonder why.

We’re not eating so badly

The U.S. government just released the latest “What we eat in America” report this week. This is the dietary survey component of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), conducted on a cross section of the population by the Dept. of Health and Human Services and the US Dept. of Agriculture. NHANES is viewed by healthcare professionals as the most accurate data on our diets, lifestyles and health, and the information is supposed to be used to help guide public health policies.

So why was this important report ignored by the media?

Perhaps, because the actual data doesn’t support the doomsday claims or the over-the-top public policies being enacted. In fact, it reveals that the obesity hysteria might be leading to some adverse health effects.

Read the FULL STORY here.

So why wouldn’t the media be all over this and reporting it? Why wouldn’t they be questioning the fear mongering that they continually spout? Because they can’t.

I know they did it deliberately with the smoking issue. And now they are doing it with the obesity issue. I knew when they lowered the BMI guidelines that they’d then start claiming we were all getting too fat. I just didn’t want to believe it was deliberate. As I witness the success of the propoganda machine on the smoking issue (which has turned this smoker into a hard core rebel at this point), I knew they’d start applying the same tactics.

Sure enough, they did. They took the Tobacco Control playbook, changed the cause from smoking and SHS to obesity, and like magic, they had their obesity epidemic; cause, effect, costs and solutions (bans) already plotted out for them. They practically use it word for word and if that doesn’t scare the bejeezes out of you…..then I fear you are forever lost to nannies control over every aspect of your life.

Why anyone becomes a journalist anymore is beyond my guess. I would imagine anyone with a drive to really dig in, investigate and get the truth out would be frustrated to the point of suicide working for mainstream media today.

It’s a sad day indeed when you have to question everything you hear, and sadder still when you can’t even believe those whose profession is supposed to be “do no harm”.

WHEN will the masses wake up? WHEN will the people finally realize they have allowed their government too much power and have turned it into a power hungry machine hell bent on controlling every move and thought we have?

NOT reporting both sides of the issue IS a form of censorship. Controlling what the media reports on IS CENSORSHIP. Our government and the media condemns China for the same thing!!

It’s time to wake up people, before your world is no longer the world our forefathers imagined for this country!!!


~ by swfreedomlover on August 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Puppet Media and Censorship”

  1. Great post. I feel the same way.
    To make it as a journalist, medical or science writer, or media professional today, one has to be either corrupt or stupid. Sorry to be so blunt. Most everyone with ethics, integrity, intelligence, credibility and honesty finds themself out of work and no one will publish their articles on a freelance basis, either. Question the powers that be and you are out. The vast majority of so-called journalists writing on science, medicine, etc. don’t have degrees in science or medicine – for a reason. There was even a discussion on a medical board several months ago about how healthcare companies specifically weed out intelligent, experienced (communication/editorial/research) job applicants because they want yes-men. As far as MSM, ALL editorial content anymore is written to make advertisers and the agenda of the publisher happy. There is no such thing as truth in journalism. But it is not just MSM we need to beware of, but the internet. Over the past few months, there has been an avalanche of bloggers, including well respected doctor sites, that have been flagged as spam and shut down/locked out by Google for writing political ideas it doesn’t agree with. But, most disturbing, Google’s search engines have been bought and the links that pop up first are not the credible ones, but the ones that spin and lead people to what we’re supposed to believe.

    Pretty much all information is propaganda today.

  2. Today I found out that the Wall Street Journal also ran an article saying that fat Real Amurcans won’t vote for Obama because he is a “beanpole.” Somehow that seems related to this.

    At least I don’t feel so bad that I never got into journalism.

  3. I actually heard that on the news a couple of weeks ago. Talk about TELLING people how to vote!!!! I’d never realized just how shallow and pathetic most people in the country were until the past few years when I started noticing the nonsense they consider “breaking” news, and the mindless – almost insulting – junk they pass off as entertainment. More disturbing is that the masses fall for it and believe it. I can’t believe what I’m witnessing happening in this country………I never dreamed it would be possible.

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