The next week or so

We had a fantastic monsoon storm here in Phoenix Thursday night. I say fantastic because the energy of the storm was exhilerating. The only down side was that the winds were super strong with far too many microbursts and it had my roommate and I scrambling to rescue the canopy over our little above the ground pool. In the course of the rescue part of the metal frame snapped and tried to take my thumb off (thankfully it wasn’t my face). 30 minutes later after holding my hand over my head while applying pressure the bleeding has still refused to stop, I realized this was way beyond my ‘band-aid’ capabilities and I trot off the emergency room where I emerged 2 hours later (which was a miracle in itself that it was ONLY 2 hours) with 6 stitches. The good news is that somehow the tendon was missed so there’s no damage, just a nasty stitched up gash. The so-so news is that typing is more or less a one-handed event for the time being. The bad news is my upper arm is killing me from the damned tetanus shot they insisted upon. THAT is the cause of my pain right now.

So why I am I telling you this? So you’ll understand that for about the next week, when I find some really interesting articles and I’ll just be posting them with little commentary, for the more I use my hand the more it hurts. I’ll basically just be not doing much of anything for a few more days until this is healed. The stitches come out on the 18th.

Having said that, here’s a good example of why we need to start questioning everything, and parents in particular, unless they no longer wish to be the leader in their children’s lives, must insist in knowing every angle of their child’s education and learning to spot the propaganda and attempted brainwashing of the children. From my favorite Junkfood Science blog:

Lessons for the youngest school children — what can make you weak, diseased, fat, and deviant

Between February and May, 2001, an experiment was conducted on nineteen underprivileged minority teen boys incarcerated in a residential school by the Florida court system. They were made to participate in a psychological experiment and without the fully informed consent of their parents. The experiment was not conducted by a medical doctor, nor a licensed practitioner in child development or psychology. For three weeks, the boys were told they had been exposed to poisons and that was why they had aggressive and deviant behavior problems, and that invisible poisons had made them sick, fat, sluggish and dumb.

They were given a special, what we’ll call, potion to take every day, along with 3 quarts of filtered water, and told it would purify their bodies of poisons and make them healthy, get rid of their acne, give them unlimited energy and strength, help them lose weight, and make them feel alert and happy and reduce their feelings of anger.

© 2008 Sandy Szwarc

Read the FULL STORY here.


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4 Responses to “The next week or so”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your ouchie and hope it heals and feels better soon!

    That WAS quite a storm last night! The most amazing, loud and violent thunder I think I’ve ever heard.

  2. I’m sorry about your hand, but so glad it wasn’t worse!

    Hate-hate tetanus shots. I’m so klutzy, and yet still so insistent on doing DIY work and getting my hands dirty with redecorating, that I have taken too damn many myself.

    I am absolutely disgusted at that experiment that was done to those most vulnerable kids. I am disgusted by the racism of the nannyists in general–when was the last time we had “special” experiments done on young minority men and laws forbidding businesses from operating in minority-dominated parts of town? Let’s think a moment…

  3. I loved the energy of the storm, it was exhilarating to be sure! Of course when I got home I had long talk with the universe about how mean that was to try to take my thumb off just because I was trying to rescue the damned canopy to be sure it didn’t get torn up and tossed somewhere causing more damage (or pulling the wires off my house…LOL)!

    Today was the first day I could unwrap it and finally get it wet and cleaned, and that shower was glorious. It is healing beautifully considering how nasty it looked right after they stiched it up! I am a good healer and heal fast, with some added help from some garlic and vitamin E I’m sure it will heal faster. Fortunately there is no real pain associated with it (I’m a pain wuss and they didn’t give me any pain meds so I was worried). As long as I don’t use it too much I’m good.

    The upper arm where I got the tetanus shot is also starting to finally ease up, that has been extremely painful for the past 26 hours. It’s still sore now but not as bad so this is good….of course I’m sure downing 4 ibupropen every 4-5 hours is helping there now too……..LOL

    I figure now my thumbs will match as I have a long scar on my left thumb from a childhood accident falling off a bike with no rubber on the handle bars…….a matched set is always a good thing…ROFLMAO

  4. That experiment sounded interesting and would really like to know the results of the experiment. Would be interesting to know what happened to those nineteen children. Hoping for some positive results .

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